Keeper of Life and Death (WIP, updated 9/28 post 1278)

Destroy? How did this conclusion come about?


My god, this is so heartbreaking.
I don’t know what to say, except wow.
Thanks for this book.


Asking the right questions, I’m fully down in watching the world burn if Sera is safe.



So beautifully written. Heart-rendingly so

I can’t help but feel a lot of the MC’s characterization is being taken away from the player. I kept my Keeper rather stoic as much as I could for both the previous two games and this one, but for this it seems we’re eventually hyperemotional/hysterical no matter what.

Also, what happens in chapter 8 if you aren’t romancing anyone and somehow all the ROs hate you?


Can we do both or have time for only one?

To be fair, most of the initial breaking down is almost entirely internal, but I do think that there is a point, with all the pressure that the MC has gone through, where you finally just do have to snap no matter how your built up, if only because nobody is that strong


But exactly how much pressure you’re under is not the same for every player, and I still feel like my Keeper still wouldn’t turn into the hysterical, barely functional mess that we automatically are now.

The hallucinations in particular are a bit much since you have them even for characters your Keeper may have largely disregarded while they were alive.

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Hmm perhaps its based off your choices? I dont recall playing the latest update yet but i do remeber certain choices from the first games raise the insanity stat a hidden check if you will. That may well play a part the rest well thats from the magics of a keeper and a few other things that i cant quite recall enough to put to words now lol

Bug I think?

In the dream world, I picked the choice that I and Davina had together but the game is acting as I picked for Leon instead also Davina’s pronouns keep changing from she/her to he/him in the dream world


I can take a screenshot of the pronouns being wrong but it’s like 5+ pages before it actually has anything to do with relationships shows up and what I mean is when you wake up and get upset about seeing Loen there it plays out the same way even as friends so it’s not til later that you as the player realize oh what we’re together.

So I’ve tried to get the screenshot and the choice to get with her isn’t there anymore and I feel like I’ve lost my mind and just imagined it… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Davina is fluid through space and time. A liquid even.



But why would someone who simply doesn’t care snap? Sure if you try to take everyone’s problems as your own and are an overemotional overempathetic wreck then you’re basically guaranteed to snap but that’s just one extreme. As I said a couple hundred posts earlier, from what I’ve read of the demo this is where it drops the ball the most compared to the previous games, although hints of railroading were there earlier with the nightmare for killing Reyna still happening no matter your stated reaction to her and the “intervention” by your friends being scripted and not referring to the sanity stat.

Is Gisela an RO?


They were planned to be one, but the scope was too large, so her RO scenes had to be cut.

Gisela would have been an awesome romance. Imagine the whole dommy mommy vibes she puts out.


She loves Katia, Whether it’s platonic or more than that is never revealed, so it makes sense that she wouldn’t really be interested to begin with anyway

Stop blowing holes in my fantasy ideal of the Ice Queen!!!

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