Keeper of Life and Death (WIP, updated 9/28 post 1278)

Personally, Im going hard into the “No gods, no kings, only man” but without the horrific hypocrisy from Bioshock


Everytime a new update comes out and I read it…I feel so satisfied with what I read. it’s really obvious @daydreamsincolor really put effort in this.


Wow… I really don’t know what to say… This slow descent into despair because of the choices I made… It’s beautifully written.

And every time I replay the dreamworld sequence… It destroy me. It make me think… And it’s perfect.


In the scene where MC ask the spymaster about info on every Keepers. The MC’s info says that there’s nothing special in the magical development of the MC, and it’s quite ordinary for a Keeper.

Why is that? When the MC quite literally grew to a powerful force even for a Keeper standard within less than 2 years of knowing about magic. A level where they can stand toe-to-toe with two other keeper of the same age who has known about magic their whole lives(Marcela and Dominic), and the other one’s have been training his skills the past years to reach that level(Dominic). In both experience and knowledge, the two have seniority and was ahead by a lifetime, and in Dominic’s case, is ahead in both experience and training in all his skills by several years, since we now know that he had known that he is a keeper way before meeting the MC, and being a part of a territorist group, and quite important agent enough to know they have been training him as well.

Of course, it is also basing on the gameplay whether the MC won and lost to both of them.
It also has been implied several times, that the MC is different even to previous (non-artificial) Keepers. The MC is already being compared to Asteria, while as far as the story and lore goes, no one have had that honor yet, aside from the MC. Even Nessa have also compared the MC and Asteria when first meeting.

In my game play, my MC beaten both Dominic and Marcela, and that’s him being poisoned and injured already by the stab with a depowering poison. It just doesn’t make sense for the player characters that is stronger in a certain playthrough to be considered average for a keeper a standard.


So true. She has taken a lot punishment throughout the series for us and now the mc has given mental punishment to the mix. Please stop hurting her.


Even with high resistance for that path? A shame but I’ll accept it. I guess just explore routes later


Jesus, i just countine the demo and i never cried so much over a book/game like that
Yakov teared me apart, step by step and it cut so deep. I thought i gonna drown in my tears


It would be nice one day, to have a little Yakov running around. But you have all the time in the world.

The day your daughter is born is the happiest day of your life. She’s tiny and perfect and wonderful and so very fragile.

You guide Yakov’s hands so she can hold her, but he shakes his head quickly. You recognize the look in his eyes from long ago—he’s terrified.

“I—No, I’ll break her,” he says, voice edging higher. “I don’t have any idea how to be a father—mine tried to kill me repeatedly—”

“Then assuming you don’t try to murder our daughter, you’re off to a solid start,” you point out, which breaks him out of his state. “Besides, it’s not like I know how to be a mother either. We’ll figure it out, though, together.”

Yakov’s tone is urgent, too. “When you and Marcela took on Frostbite—”


“—Was when she sent me a dream ten years ago,” you say. Yakov falls silent.

“…It never ended, did it?” you ask slowly.

“Because this isn’t real,” you say, shaking your head, “because you’re not real, because I care about the real you—”

He makes an awful sort of noise in his throat, before asking quietly, “Are we not enough for you then? Is that it?”


Yakov’s looking at you like he doesn’t even recognize you. “Am I not enough for you? Is our daughter not enough for you?” Each question comes sharper than the last.

You know that Yakov is sending her away so she doesn’t see you fight, even though this isn’t real, even though she isn’t real—

It hurts, even though it shouldn’t. You want to call for her to come back, even though you should know better.

—You need to get out of here.

Your dreams had lied to you so sweetly—had given you years of happiness with Yakov as your husband, had given you a little girl with Yakov’s hair and your eyes.

Yakov, bless him, was understanding. “It’s fine, I know you have a lot on your plate…We can try another time–”

“—Is that why you’re dating me? So I can use my powers to save your siblings?”

Yakov looked at you like you slapped him, and you wanted to take it back, but it was too late for that. You have your hand on the self-destruct button with no inclination to let up.

Kol had taken care of him while you were in a coma and had cut his claws to manageable lengths—deadly for your enemies but not for your rug. You’d returned on the day Kol must have bathed him, since the first time you saw Cerberus was with fluffy, blow-dried hair and a size XXXL bandana around his neck.

Your parents exchange a look. “Why didn’t you let him?” your mother asks.

“Didn’t want him to see me like this.”

Your father looks at you softly. “Oh, Yuki…Yakov loves you. It’s okay to let him in. He won’t hurt you.”

“I’ll hurt him.”

Celosia’s eyes glow a brilliant gold, her golden aura crackles, and ambient magic starts to crackle in the air.

“We remember those we have lost. We remember those who have fallen. We remember the forgotten.”

The magic grows stronger as she continues,

“We take their magic as our own. We take their memories as our own. We take their places as our own.”

The magic in the air is almost tangible, as if you could just reach out and touch it, take it in as your own just as you did the sun.

“We remember.”

Yakov’s eyes search your face, and you try to keep your voice level as you continue, “She gave me everything I ever wanted. We got married, and we had a daughter, and we were so, so happy…It took ten years for me to realize it wasn’t real.”

Your voice catches here, but you force yourself to continue, “To get out, I had to kill the person I loved the most. You.”


Expose Patil, send Celosia to sleep with the fishes.


absolutely agree haha :clap: :clap:

I like the Harry Potter-esque construction that each game is an academic year. Of course, that means there’s still another game to go after this one, but that’s a good thing! I’m fond of the setting.

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Author said this is the last game

Ack. Really??? Was that always the case or has this changed? A tad disappointed.

Nope, it was always going to be just these three


My dossier lists telekinesis as a skill. My rating in TK is 3.

It seems to me that the dossiers would be more helpful if they gave the estimation of the skills. Just listing TK with the skills I’ve developed makes it sound like I’m Carrie at the prom, and not more like someone who can do minor magic tricks at children’s parties.

So if the dossier did that with my stats, they must be doing the same with the other dossiers.


:rofl: :rofl: I’m sorry, I was NOT expecting that so early in the morning.

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2 things

  1. “All for Isa, All for Sera”. Going by Sera’s route, can we talk about the absolute chaos might ensue if everything comes out in the open? Mc’s mom (Roxana Castella) was responsible for the dearh of the Delacroix family and the Nymph Secretary because of Isabella. Mc kills Secretary Celosia, current nymph Secretary, because of Seraphina Delacroix.

  2. Will the secrets come out (rhetorical question that i can’t wait to see for myself)? Will Seraphina find out MC’s mom is the reason for the biggest tragedy in her life? Will NMC find out that Mc killed Celosia? Will it be discovered that MC compelled a lot of people including Chava???

  3. The Castella family might be the most inherently evil and powerful nephilim family, even the good ones take drastic means to achieve good. And the more evil ones like Roxana and her child (MC) dgaf and have the power to back it up.





I mean in all likelyhood? It’s bound to happen, and likely have Sera break up with you entirely if on a relationship path/friend path. Too which I will say, reap what you sow by killing Celosia.

As for our Mom’s involvement… I doubt she would hold it against us.

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To save mankind, you must destroy Sera…

But what if you become one of the Mavericks…

She can find out about Celosia already, argument but no breakup


She’s not breaking up with us over it~