Keeper of Life and Death (WIP, updated 9/28 post 1278)

So, correct me if I’m mistaken, but non-magi MCs don’t have to worry about MOS - they get told that they have to worry about it but they don’t actually get pre-MOS and their “MagicUse” counter doesn’t go up. Plus they get incredible Fighting buffs and, eventually, a elemental weapon that more or less allows the non-magi to duplicate an elemental technique (I always imagine it in the style of Demon Slayer.)

So, with the ramification-free ability to always use Fighting and devote extra resources to Willpower, you can basically build a dominant Fighting/Willpower build that will never fail a stat check along those lines, giving you more or less a clean sail. OP.

Honestly I have a hard time thinking that a perfectly regular human could keep up with magically enhanced, flamethrowing magic users, so I usually headcanon that the MC’s unnatural keeper magic manifests in a ridiculously enhanced physique and unbreakable will like Jujutsu Kaisen’s Toji Fushiguro.

That build is mechanically and narratively convenient so there’s no resisting it, even though I like to play as a cambion for flight purposes.


Yup. I love the irony of human hunter being one of the best builds you can make.
Demon with fire magic? Angel with wings? Dragon? Kitsune? Nah bro, Pure human. Fuck it, we ballin’.


Funny thing is that everyone made out we’re useless as one but we kick but even if we are not a hunter.

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Kitsune is probably the best if you’re talking story wise and extra content, but human Hunter is easily the most powerful, because by the beginning of book 3, your stats are so high that you legit cannot fail anything


As long no one thinks u are sus as a hunter. But the kitsune race gave us extra stuff that we would of missed like the forest guardian quest line and how we got in the accident in book 1 with the Monster at the start. I still haven’t figured out who staged it

Human Master Race Gang:


Seriously though. I tried playinh as a non-human with Magic and the stats were so lowly distrubuted by the end of my playthrough it turned me off the Hunter Quest Line.

Thank God for my resent towards magic. It really is more trouble than its worth. Well besides Control Magic. Thats OP as fuck.


Oh hell where did i see the anwser for who staged it its been quite a while now… lol but im reasonably certain that you can find the anwser in game but i requires a certain path to come across.

One of the endings better end up just like the dream. I want nothing left out, even if the exact dream is copy and pasted. I don’t think my heart will be able to take it otherwise. A long happy ending with Seraphina is all I need to heal myself after all the angst, and I’ll destroy whoever tries to use her against us with her knife :smiling_face_with_tear:.

On a side note, the dream was really well-done. While it’s the ending I want with my RO, it felt unsettling the entire time because it was too perfect.


Best ending: Everyone in maid outfits.


I don’t see a good ending for MC period.

1: All that trauma won’t be easy to deal with. Imagine if you had a whole terrorist organization gunning for you and your friends and family by association, going through multiple near death experiences, being kidnapped, sleep deprived, being made into a political pawn, mind controlled and being powerless all the way through it despite almost everyone voicing the contrary ( because of that every time I failed I blamed myself even if the failure was scripted). Plus you’ll have to deal with an impending apocalypse.:sob:

2: You’re a Keeper. Their lives don’t usually have happy endings (which probably why your mom/dad/parents all had negative reactions to you being one). Think of all recent ones Brant, Nessa etcetera. Even if you help everyone dear to you and the city it’s very likely that kind of ending would require some significant work /self sacrifice on your part.

3: The road you have been through has most likely done erepairable mental damage to you. (even Thalia is worried for you). And by you I mean YOU. I went from near absolute pacifist to having a no mercy policy and by the look of this thread I am not the only one.

A good ending is not impossible but also not likely


Not with that attitude. Let my Hunter gets his hands on a gun again and me and my good friend 12.7 mm will have my good ending by the end of the day.


I feel so bad for my MC. I inserted the same MC I had in in both books and after all of the trauma the last two years had given her she somehow came out… not okay exactly. Those looks Seraphina gave her isn’t for nothing. But stableish, and then this happens. Do you know how hard it was to date Yakov? Do you know how that relationship grew from freshman year to now? The stability and foundation it gave her? The happiness? Two people who kept secrets and told each other nothing getting over their issues and sharing. Do you know how hard that was? And then NESSA, dared to traumatize my baby who wasn’t doing too hot in this book anyway. My baby who couldn’t even allow herself to look as if there was anything wrong as she broke into tiny pieces becase she knew if she did they would lock her up and sedate her to high heavens only ever letting her out when they needed her to be a weapon again. Worst part of it… she’d be right. When the therapist said the world doesn’t revolve around her I was right there rolling my eyes. She was holding on by a thread and then her mom died and that thread collapsed and burnt itself to the ground leaving her at the bottom of a volcano to burn. But this is fine. It’s fine. Because she could look like she was holding it together. And then… and then this b*tch has the audacity to go there.

I’m so scared. Because the sad thing is… I can tell my MC killed Yakov in the dream to get out. It’s so obvious. And she keeps having to sacrifice the parts of herself for the world just for them to treat her like a show pony. To call for her when they want to be saved and blame her when she wasn’t there to save them. And don’t forget all the times they blame her just because it’s a Tuesday. Just because she’s there. She finally doesn’t have to fear for her life but now she fears for her mind. And she can’t go to anyone about it because they will attack her if she shows weakness.

In the last book she and Sera’s relationship ended on a ‘She understands now what it’s like to love someone and hate them in turn’ note. She was her best friend(I’m not including Yakov because he was her SO). Now every time she looks at her all she’ll think of is the rumor that the Nymphs were the ones who betrayed Asteria and wonder when she’ll wake to find the knife in her back and the magic canceling cuff around her arm. She’s… not okay. And it seems the world and her flagrant trust issues used the demo to rip away the few connections she still had.

And then the dream happened. That was so not okay. My MC went from being able to pretend to waking up and screaming for Yakov to get away because she’d killed him. She killed him and she can’t take it. She can’t talk to him. She doesn’t want to look at him if she can help it. On every choice when it was between seeing him or not she chose not. I just know this is going to end with a breakup. She can’t do this. Look at him and pretend she’s not remembering a life in which she was happy. And when she finally takes out Nessa(because it’s all that has her going). It’ll just be her left in the world. Because she’ll have driven away everyone else on the real fear they would be taken from her. Just her and her loneliness. That’s so messed up. Why did Nessa do that? This made her more messed up than anything else and for all Nessa is claiming Keepers is sacrifice… why are you making my MC more messed up than years of fighting for her life? I can’t forgive this and I DON’T WANT TO. My MC has killed many over this playthrought but Nessa… Nessa she will take pleasure in. No quick death for her. That was just cruel.


Basically the mc has permanent mental damage done to them and Frostbite made it personal so any chance of recovery is gone.

Nessa is done for and most of us want her to pay for that dream of a life that could never happen since the mc still has paranoia of being betrayed like other keepers have.

My guess is even if we beat Frostbite we will probably be killed since everyone is scared of how strong we are especially when we almost destroyed the world having a meltdown after mc parent is killed. I don’t see a good ending having for the mc being killed by Frostbite, our friends or the government especially considering how corrupt it is.


That why the mc needs to take over. Everyone else in power is corrupt, incompetent or both. We literally cannot be worst the the current government of nmc. After frostbit and Nessa of course. I might have to channel my inner Roxanne to deal with Nessa after that stunt she pulled.


Same. I don’t care how powerful she is and how highly she thinks of herself. We are not being just physically attacked anymore and that dream hurt more than anything. Guess it’s time to build mental barriers so it can’t happen again. Without that power we are on even footing maybe better considering our growth compared to other keepers. Question is do I end her quickly or slowly?


Just played the WIP for the first time in quite a while. I think it was really early last time.

My character hates his mother Roxana and has more less become her. Killed Celosia for Sera’s sake, compels everyone he needs to without a second thought. After all, as I told the therapist, I am the main character. Which is completely not something a sociopath would say. Circumstances brought them to this but honestly I am not sure a person this unhinged deserves happiness. Ill still try for it, of course. But only because it’s what they would do.


It scary that more and more that any child of roxanna is slowly becoming more like her in book 3. We have more choices to at like a slightly less extreme her. I wonder how the people who knew roxanna and the mc actions are reacting in book 3 to all of this?


I would disagree with that notion, as it would more so be under the player’s choice to follow in Roxanna’s footsteps (as some murder fiends out there seem to be).

Simply put, we have the options to kill Cleo, under the same notions with Roxana with killing someone who hurt others yet we don’t have too. It all more so goes to choice.

I meant in the roleplay since. In that some of use see the the choices we can make parallels to stuff the roxanne has done and cannot help that to think that a little.