Keeper of Life and Death (WIP, updated 9/28 post 1278)

A cambion majoring battle magic. Katherine Walker, Kitty for her friends, is the child of Julian and these days that fact has haunted her. She welcomed the supernatural aspects of her life with open arms, absolutely enraptured by magic and her fame as a Keeper, but now she’s seeing that her ultimate wish is fulfilling itself in the worst ways imaginable. All Kitty wanted was to be special, and as Frostbite continues to tear everything in her life apart in their efforts to kill her, she’s finally understanding that there will be no reconciliation. It’s her or them, and even she loses her mind along the way, she chooses herself.

Basically, Kitty’s a magical girl and magical girls exist to suffer.


Hunter and magic tech.

I want to be the guy to make morph metal guns.

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Nephilim because I love winged characters and Kitsune, I have a soft spot for them. Foxes are cute.

College major… I don’t even remember what I chose. I haven’t played this series in a long time. Hm, alchemy (or something like that, I don’t know what it was called?) or medicine.

Human Hunter - Political Science.

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As someone who likes to read the full story, I’ve picked pretty much all of them. I don’t really have a favorite.

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As mentioned in my earlier post, my PC is basically a less pacifistic version of- you guessed it- Mega Man X. Since we are basically X, we have to find someone equivalent to Zero. Astrid and Sera (and to a lesser extent Katia) are the best examples. So, this version of X is a cambion (Astrid) and he studies magic theory (Sera) while trying to fulfill Dr Thomas Light’s last wish (and by extension, his uncle and aunt’s) : to be a bridge between humans and supernaturals. X is generally kind, lawful and logical, with he viewing his magical capabilities as an asset of the Light bloodline (the Anderson bloodline is generally evil, and X does not want to associate himself with them). However, he can get emotional when Maverick monsters strike. X’s reputation as a serious person-next-door type makes him more easily relatable, so public relations aren’t a problem. X always stands up for his teammates. X’s pacifism goes out of the window, however, when he sees the Maverick leaders.

X is a kind soul who wishes for nothing more than peace between humans and supernaturals, whatever faction they are aligned to. However, he holds no tolerance for injustice and takes his quest for peace very seriously. In times of conflict, he is a hot-blooded warrior who is compelled by his emotions over logic. He always stands up for what he believes is right and fights to protect the innocent. Even so, X remains sympathetic for the Mavericks he fights and often tries to reason with them before it comes to violence, in particular when he helped Sera and Astrid with Davina. He did ask her why she would do what she did, and even said “Do you regret what you have done?”. Unfortunately, X’s emotional commitment also makes him easily frustrated when things go awry, and he rarely understands the extreme motives of his Maverick opponents.

Though X fights with all his might against Mavericks such as Reyna, the Frostbite trio of X-Agents, he is a pacifist at heart, echoing the wishes of Dr. Light. Many battles end with X pontificating on the paradox of achieving peace through violence (or as vera puts it, killing and saving). Despite this inner conflict, X always come to terms with the reality of the situation and understands that he must indeed fight in order for the peace he desires to become a reality. Sometimes he requires the influence of friends such as Astrid or Sera to keep his motivation going.

drakaina cause dragons are cool, and i chose nattle magic for my main playthrough, but it was definitely a toss up between that and magical technology

Are you still a pacifist after the events of chapter 8?
ngl I was as well until the end of book 2.
Any threat after chapter 8 for me will be dead on site.


You better believe at least with Nessa will be on sight


Nessa betrayed Team X. Unlike Dominic, it’s more explicit- she’s outright a Frostbite agent, and she said so herself. Having been attracted to the power that she will gain upon being infected with the maverick (Sigma?) virus, she now plans to go full-on destruction. Kind of like Magma Dragoon? So X has no choice but to retire her outright. And we have yet to know who’s behind Frostbite- the “Sigma” of this organization.


Kitsune - focused on Elemental Magic and Ritual Magic.

Nephilim and battle magic. Kitsune is a close second though.

Oh absolutely.


You know. Its interesting to play as a Resentful MC who just wants to live a normal life without magic and genuiely is someone who despises Young Adult Fantasy conventions. Because fuck getting into trouble or wanting to save the world. You just wanna live.

From my Playthrough, Jack Wilson is a Hunter who hates absolutely everyone besides Thalia, Marcela, and Jarrod. Plus magical animals who are not killing him. Refused to learn how to use any sort of magic due to hating it and spent his time either studying, Training, or hunting due to always getting into fights and not wanting to die.

His resentment towards the magical world made him openly align with Pro-Human policies and Hunters in general as a way to get back at the world.

His character arc is basically him slowly going insane from all the stress from the Incompetence of the Government to Frostbite attacks to the point he slowly becomes crueler and more chaotic. Hell the only reason he fights is just to survive. The Frostbite attacks just made it personal.

From killing Reyna, to poisoning Celosia, to being ruthless in general in Book 3.

Its quite interesting to the point that all of my repeat playthroughs in both books and the demo were always the same and yet never gets bored.

Honestly cannot see my MCs being diffrent or non-Human at all.


It’s not like we needed to stay after we got our power under control but I guess the high powers said otherwise even if magic class is rejected by Mc. The accident in book 1 was planned by someone to force us into unnatural world to do something. I don’t see a good ending for a mc outright killing without some punishment since u poisoned someone important and Katia will rat us out for it probably


Oh yeah. The route would probally end up as a dark ending.

Esepcially since I chose to kill both Dominic and that Frostbite Agent along wkth Juilian.

Probally a MC who sucummbs to he who fights monsters.

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Frostbite agents are understandable but targeting specific people in charge will probably backlash. To be fair about Dominic no one seems to really care even Frostbite ignore it which says something.

For my playthroughs I done similar things to your but instead of killing everyone I only kill specific people since sometimes letting them live is a better punishment

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Basically, still a maverick. Keepers are supposed to be politically neutral, to support neither pro-human legislation nor pro-supernatural legislation. The nymphs are supposed to do that, but Commander Celosia being MIA and what she did to Katia + Sera = nymphs are not doing their job well → we will have to be the bridge. We basically have no choice.

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Hell. With how much my MC resents the Supernatural World and his status as keeper to the point of murdering Celosia and actually wishing to destroy the world only being held back by wanting to live.

Its safe to say that if any other MC from other players’s playthroughs of the game saw him. They would honestly avoid him or even fight him due to how unhinged and broken he is.

Man mine just say sarcastic things and kills every person that squares up


Mine honestly is just exhaused and while he might say some sarcastic quips. He would just kill the bastards facing him.

Hell he even went as far as regretting saving Kol and mindwiped his memory of the MC’s declaration of wanting to kill him