Keeper of Life and Death (WIP, updated 9/28 post 1278)

Bro the dream sequence was so cruel to read. Like I totally get why MC wants to go Terminator on her ass. I would be royally pissed too, aside from the trauma.


:sob::sob: that scene had me in tears, and after you wake up from the dream too :sob:


The dream sequence is tragic. You are fighting for something that cannot realistically be attained. Especially if your RO is Seraphina. Sera and to a lesser extent, Astrid, is basically Zero. The scene where Sera says she has all the necessary tools needed to stop you, knowing you and the immense power you have, similar to X’s infinite potential, even though she says in episode 2 that she will never let this happen is a clear parallel to the ending of Mega Man X4, where X expresses concern over his possibility of him going Maverick, and asks Zero to take care of him should this happen. Zero also says this wouldn’t happen. This is ironic since the ending of X3 has that “to save mankind, X must destroy Zero” and similar in this story as well. Could this foreshadow an X5 like X vs Zerofight in the finale? If so, Brynn’s approach will be very Inafune-like. Mind you, my PC just wants everyone (humans, nephilim, cambion, nymph, etc) to get along well, is generally kind, logical and lawful, but is less of a pacifist than the original X.
Edit: Katia’s backstory is also very much like Zero’s.


Maybe it won’t happen if we convince everyone we won’t go berserk and lose control of our power again. If I’m being killed cos everyone fears me I won’t go quietly. It’s going to be a shame for the series to end like that which is why I’m befriending everyone to avoid an ending like that


This is something that can be attained, even with Seraphina lol. Just don’t go evil and and you and Seraphina won’t have any problem. Y’all forget not everyone’s playing a going insane murder everyone playthrough.


To be fair most of the people we murder is usually in self defence. In fact most of them either kidnap, kill or put you in comas.

Honestly i cant even call it murder anymore they come after you.


Ok just butchering anything that comes our way. But there are ways to deal with it. Killing everything will probably get back at us later since we are out of control. I spare some since leaving them alive might be useful later and better punishment for murder attempt sometimes.

What stark contrast.
Nessa has nothing left while you have everything and everyone to protect.
High stakes and even higher tensions.
THIS IS AWSOME… to watch.
To play is torture and right after finishing I went right to Spotify typed in ‘I chose violence’ (by iamjakehill) and blast it on near full volume for an hour.

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Nessa went Maverick and is siding with that terrorist organization in Frostbite. Taken over by the “Frostbite Virus”, she has nothing left- only to destroy human-supernatural relationships. We are pretty much the best keeper to deal with the issue at hand. Limitless potential, remember?

Earlier Sera said about us taking care of her if at anytime she went Maverick. Now, she wants to prevent us from going Maverick, but we have decided to protect everyone, especially our friends- we won’t want to destroy Sera’s freewill. If ever we break our promise, we could well destroy the world many times over. We tend to view fighting as a necessary evil in order to maintain the peace.


I am happy to have discovered that this thread exists. I have enjoyed the first two books considerably and I have enjoyed playing around in this demo, having a few laughs and watching my character’s slide into madness continue (Katia’s route is particularly excellent with that so far).

Though, question, near the end of the current demo when you can choose to be devastated, wistful, determined, or furious, anybody have any advice on how to unlock the determined choice? Been trying a few different combos of choices but had no luck so far.


Sanity higher than 60

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I am really excited for the entire thing! I love all the keeper books so far and loved the demo sadly didn’t keep my sanity above sixty so my demo play was a very sad Nephilim.

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Thank you.

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Man, what a blast. Just finished the demo. I’m detecting some subtle greek tragedy vibes or it’s just me? In the last chapter i was literally begging for the choice to gouge mc eyes. I mean, that would have been too much, but at the same time it would have been peak greek tragedy. Imagine the scene narrated from the pov of your ro.


So to change the subject for a minute. What’s everyone favorite species and what college major did you choice?


Nephilim and Medicine.

Info dump

I’m a wings freak and practically rush head in to choose Nephilim whenever I can, same as in Disenchanted. Being the only competent Keeper currently, the healing major and the warm and kind disposition from my MC make him the perfect Keeper in the public eye. You add that with the stereotypes about Nephilims and Cambions, which adds an exquisite amount of pressure on MC. It’s a delight to roleplay.

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Kitsune and battle magic


Drakaina and Political science


Oliver Belanger

okay I actually have 3 “oc’s” for this game, this is the first and basically my main character, it is the first character I created and the most important, the second coming of brant delacroix, charismatic and chaotic as well as very sarcastic and sometimes cruel, he is a partner of seraphina (kill the boss) and his mother is roxana (like mother like son) he tries not to go crazy and do good to the city… in his own way

(I don’t know anything about Canada but the joke is that if the mc knows French and he was offended by the comment about Canada then I made him Canadian even if it doesn’t make sense)

Hunter and Magic technology


Samuel Velázquez

Hunter son of an idiot known as Julian, he hates magic and the supernatural in general but with some exceptions, including his girlfriend Thalia apart from his sisters and the occasional friend he has, but everything else he would burn if he could

(Latino porque… no se, supongo que porque puedo nomas y me da risa, que pena no poder hablarle en español a kol eso si jajaja)

Cambion and Battle magic


Matthew Becker

He is Cambion with a serious personality and a taste for fighting and physical prowess, his boyfriend is Yakov with whom they do strange things like learning to occupy the darkness to go to a dimension that wants you to commit suicide… boyfriend things, and his poor mother is isabella

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My default character is a kitsune magic technology major.

But I kept with the playtesting habit of playing all the possibilities

My character is a human hunter with medicine major. I believe he’s chosen it because he yearns for a more peaceful calling or wants to know how to both kill and save.