Keeper of Life and Death (WIP, updated 9/17 post 680)

@Sujan_Dhakal @Zeom @Kxng Just be patient. The book is not even close to being complete. It seems like the author is more focused on getting the main plot laid out first. I have found two points where it mentions that a scene is in development, so I’m sure the author will flesh things out once its close to release.


@daydreamsincolor There is a point where the MC can ask their roommates “Did they turn on her like you’ll turn on me one day” Its a statement not even a question. Each time I try it is always greyed out. Is there a way to select it or is it one of those options that’s there to show the various inner thoughts the MC is having?? Yes, I am trying to push my MC over the edge…dont judge me lol


Not rushing anything just making suggestions, but yeah I like how dark and unstable mc is but still…


Is it possible to play a semi stable MC? I haven’t tried yet, its too much fun going slowly insane on my way to world domination simply so I can protect Cressida.

Nah I think every mc is crazy rn


Yep, good thing my mc does not have to go to bullshit court or political hearings right now because that would be a moment like this waiting to happen:


@daydreamsincolor I’m loving Keeper of Life and Death so far! The Keeper games are my Hosted Games favourites, so when I finished Chapter 7, I just knew I had to break my lurker status to make an account to comment on the thread. :sweat_smile:

General Feedback
  • Stylistically speaking, I enjoy Book 3’s writing style the most of all the KOTSAM games. It’s really cool to see how far the series has come since the first book! Most characterisation is solid and carries interesting implications for each character’s dynamic with MC and ending.
  • In my opinion, the current demo for Book 3 has pacing issues, especially with transitions and moves too quickly, especially during or after scenes which should be emotionally devastating for MC. It would be nice for bigger events like fighting Frostbite in Norway and Julian kidnapping the player character’s family to get spaced out a bit more from each other to allow for more introspection on MC’s part. Downtime between major events could be used for more political stuff such as the twins of legend subplot and political interactions with MC’s faction, (If they have one, that is! If not, I could see this being used as an exploration of how MC adheres to the neutrality expectation set for keepers.) and staff, seeing as right now the bulk of the plot seems to be geared towards countering Frostbite. I think it’d also continue the trend of the KOTSAM universe being morally grey. Frostbite is clearly set up as an antagonist, and politics in NMC allows for more moral ambiguity. Besides politics, downtime could also include more school, friend, and specific special ability training scenes (possession with Ebner, mind magic, etc).
  • On a similar note, I think Chapter 6 could definitely get split into two chapters, with a first part tackling the repercussions of MC’s actions in Norway and the second dealing with the Julian plotline. It’s the last book, and I wouldn’t mind if the chapters exceeded the original planned ones in number by a bit. However, given that Book 3 is still in demo form and there are many more scenes to come, it isn’t a really big deal for me though! Take your time, I’m looking forward to it! :smile:
  • I think some scenes could be fleshed out a bit more emotionally and have long-term consequences. Ex: Sera and Katia could have an undercurrent of mistrust for an MC who poisons Celosia for them after MC nearly lashes out; Cyrus and Cressida could be conflicted over a vengeful MC set on ruining Blaine Castella.
  • Maybe give players the opportunity to apologise to Marcela in Chapter 2 for siding against her in the previous game? For those who flirted with her in Book 2, it would be nice to see some options in the code that acknowledge their mutual interest, even if MC doesn’t flirt in that scene, which would feel kind of inappropriate considering Marcela’s current situation. An extended scene with her when they run into each other would also be nice!
  • More content about what MC has researched into Frostbite! Their head, Kingsley, is kind of a big question mark right now to the players, so it would be interesting to learn what MC knows about him based on what they’ve read.
  • The opportunity to try to pit Dominic (if he’s still alive) and Nessa against each other in Chapter 7. (In general, though, it’d be great to have options to be more cutting towards Frostbite agents, especially for a high-cunning MC!) If he’s dead, maybe we could tell her something around the lines of “ok and what did i do to the last frostbite keeper :innocent:”. Nessa has decades of political experience over MC, so it’d be nice to see the player character butt heads with a more politically-savvy keeper who isn’t as easily provoked as Book 2 Dominic and Marcela are if MC has a high cunning stat. In a future chapter where he’s captured, MC could tell him he’s been replaced by Nessa.
  • Between finding the sun and moon artifacts, I think it would be cool for MC to go on a mission, unauthorised or otherwise (Who am I kidding? Most likely unauthorised :smile:) to infiltrate Frostbite HQ in London. I loved the Nova Labs break-in in Book 1, and after Frostbite infiltrating NMC many times over, it’d be fun to see MC turn the tables on them outside of Yakov’s Book 2 route. MC can be developing a skillset good for sneaking around (possession, intangibility, illusions, cunning, etc). Plus, it’d be a good way to add variety to the stretch between getting artifacts, incorporate multiple members of the cast into the plot (you could have your suite, the anti-Frostbite group, the nymphs, and/or Marcela help with a potential situation, either for better or worse), and allow MC to figure out the dynamics between the plot-relevant members of Frostbite by overhearing secret conversations (As someone who played through nearly every option possible in Book 2, I’m still so curious about the relationship between Kingsley and Dominic.) or something fun.
  • I think the scene where Astrid leaves could be a bit more emotional. You could have an MC who’s her best friend/roommate/RO be more openly torn about it. An MC who calls her a coward could tell her that they don’t stand a chance against wraiths without hellfire. Same thoughts on the coded Lillian reveal.
  • Lastly, it would be cool for MC to be able to play up their newfound eerieness as a keeper to the public, or avoid this entirely, either by leaning into being a celebrity figure (popular or politically powerful, but not holy) or rejecting public attention entirely. I think it’d be kind of funny and interesting if this translated into their physical appearance as well. An MC who rejects their status as divine could wear sunglasses a la Jaime to cover up their eyes if the glowing gets to an uncontrollable point!

Again, these are all just suggestions, so please take them with a grain of salt. I know that there’s still a bunch more content to come! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Things I Really Like
  • The dynamics between the keepers didn’t have to go so hard but they DID :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: I really like how they’re all either contrasts to each other or foils!
  • The scene in the museum slaps. I always enjoy introspection in the KOTSAM universe, and this was no exception.
  • MC as a character gets even better and more interesting with each book!
  • As usual, I’m in love with all the ROs and their individual arcs, especially how their current subplot are a natural continuation of their Book 2 storylines, rather than being a rehash! Katia’s, my gosh.
  • The Thanksgiving scenes were super cool. In my opinion, they combined humour and a sense of unease in varying degrees really well depending on which one MC attends. I can’t wait to see how the foreshadowing there will come into play in the future.

That’s all! Looking forward to the final game :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Good luck!


Hum… Is it still possible to remain “good” in this Book? or…
I’m not against deranged MC (my favorit MC is Sakura, my Ronin from S. of Hyuga), but Reading comments here it seem WE go on a murder Spring.

Nah, no murder spree. MC is coming apart at the seams, and you can choose to be contemplating a spree or two, but nothing saying the impending breakdown has to go in that direction.


You know the choice to run away are there any long team consequences to you doing it?

And does it matter if you bring the gift or not?

Also, I don’t know if this is something you would do or not but could our friends also say something to us about what they think/feel about us running away? because it’s odd to me that no one but our RO and Katia says anything to us about it especially if your MC is close with everyone.

And if we don’t choose to run away can we bring it up later to our RO or to the therapist?

I love that we have a spymaster because it just makes us sound so cool. :laughing:

I really want to know what the hell we saw in the shadow realm for it to have messed us up that badly.


Oh, I know that.

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Run away and they’ll just hunt you down and send you to Hyperborria anyway. As for long-term consequences, nothing so far.

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Fr the running away choice kinda made me cry :sob: Also Yakovs reaction did as well

You don’t get to specialize in a skill/magic type.

Well the mc haven’t gone Captain Walker level of insane yet so there is still hope

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I really want to be able to have a serious romance with Gisela.

I doubt it’s ever going to happen, the series is almost over at this point And it already has 10 characters to romance


It’ll probably never happen in a million years. They even admitted they only view us as a weapon instead of a person. So it’s definitely not happening

I don’t know, she’s not that bad. After what she and the rest of the other nymphs had to go through, there’s a reason she has such a pragmatic mindset