Keeper of Life and Death (WIP, updated 8/31)

Everyone be talking about how Seraphina has a contingency plan against the MC but I never found a way to trigger her saying that? I have a run through where I RO Seraphina and that never happened? Either way, the greatest irony about what Seraphina says (although I’ve never seen it myself), is that that’s the natural tradeoff with friends, loved ones, and people close to you: you know them to an extent or know them very well, giving you the power to use that knowledge against them if necessary. If Seraphina did say what everyone is saying she did say (because once again I’ve never seen it in a Seraphina RO playthrough myself), it sounds like she’s just being truthful/blunt ole Seraphina. Anyways- all that aside, I do hope that the MC eventually gets to remove Seraphina’s mind control knife thingy that Celosia uses from the equation. Astrid had her share of mine control trauma too but at least you can help her find closure on her RO path. But Seraphina won’t ever truly be free of anything until her knife blade thing gets destroyed.


Allright, the curiosity finally get the better of me and I’ve tried the demo against my initial intention. The demo is great, btw, there’s no denying that. Is great how much chaos can fit into just one chapter XD.

However, I have question which is bothering me a lot. I know is a very early draft and things can change, but I’m worried because while in Book 1 you can state that you want Reyna to win and even if you have to beat her you can set her free at the end, and in Book 2 you can tell Dominic that you want to honestly join Frostbite and end the story thinking that you are going to take over, in the demo all the opinions of the MC are anti-frostbite or at much you can say that you have change your mind because it’s personal now. Is not going to be a Frostbite route then in the last game, then?

I really love the saga and while I have a lot of playtrhoughs, one of my favourites is with a pro-Frostbite MC. I understand that the “evil” routes are not that much popular and including it might be more trouble than it’s worth it, but because there has been (or I find that there was) kind of a possible build-up for that I would be pretty disappointed if there is no option for that at the end.

I’ll be eagerly waiting for the release of this third book anyway, but could it be confirmed if making an aliance with Frostbite is possible or no? I would really like to know that in order to manage my expectations.

Aside for that, great work!!!


I think there is going to be a frostbite route in the third game, it probably just hasn’t been implemented in the demo yet, since it’s only one chapter.


Eh, my mc kinda understands, though as usual it sucks, but apart from Alty, Cy and the rest of his new friends that is par for course for the magical world for him.
I expect Jakov has one too (though he and possibly Alty are much more socially adept and won’t voice it out loud to the intended target as Sera does. Really it is in this case Sera’s autism that makes it acutely unpleasant for the mc here.) and in addition I also suspect Alty has at least a half formed one too, though his one is likely to be non-lethal in intention.

Again I get that the mc can be dangerous too much raw power. mot enough training or knowledge of the magical world and also under a lot of pressure.
If one of the mc’s old friends back in his old life had been anything close to that, say a shell shocked veteran then my mc would have made some contingency plans too.


That first section also switches tenses twice in the same paragraph. From present tense, to past and then back to the present tense again…

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None of those are particularly ‘masculine’ though. They’re more the type of outfits that girls want boys to wear. Which is fine… they’re just not what spring to mind when you think ‘masculine’. :slight_smile:


So, what are you accusing me of, being a girl?
Not all guys are alike, but if your definition of “masculine” is ratty sneakers, a t-shirt and “jeans”, yeah, sure go ahead but that is already in-game. Just make sure they are awfully expensive and add some “bling” to it then for a celebrity.

Or, I suppose the mc could dress like a 30+ year old businessman and we should discuss suit brands, slight differences in suit cuts and different tie knots…or whether the mc is enough of a “maverick” to be bold and ditch the tie altogether. Oh, and of course the overpriced dress shoes versus extremely overpriced sneakers discussion that is currently setting high end law firms abuzz. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Except not even that is an option as the only suit option that is available is a plain and boring tuxedo that, imho, makes the mc look like one of the staff.

Again, personally I wouldn’t want to force somebody who is barely out of teenage into that quite yet as there is plenty of time after their hair goes or goes grey to get into that.

Me, I’m glad that before the pandemic at least in the cities more and more young guys were exiting that extremely narrow and extremely boring definition of masculine clothing.

But, eh what do I know as a geriatric millennial fairy, right?
Or for that matter around 25% of pre-pandemic Amsterdam (by my casual observation)…only the most boring part of mainstream can ever be right, never mind that in this game the mc is forced to be a “celebrity”. And I really do not want my mc to be one known for his dreadful fashion choices, which between the monsters and the awfully limited choices in more formal affairs we have at present is our only option whether we want to or not.

Now it is true the pandemic has regrettably regressed male fashion in the US and Western Europe, but curiously from what I can gather not so much in places like Japan, Korea and Singapore…but the Keeper Universe is explicitly one without Covid.

Maybe not when you think “masculine”. I beg to differ a lot of my male friends and some colleagues would beg to differ too.

At the moment the choices are such that my mc would rather just wear his underwear or nothing at all than the choices provided as they are either your ratty everyday college wear, in our mc’s case probably, complete with monster blood, rips and tears or the most boring tuxedo imaginable that really makes you look like the hired help as the mc lacks rich boy accessories for it. :unamused:
Or to outright cross-dress and borrow from Sera.


I made it clear that I had no problems with the styles you posted. :slight_smile: You appear to have made a lot of unfounded assumptions about what I meant and created a host of straw men to attack. Some outfits are clearly more masculine than others. A dress for instance is not masculine attire. Saying that doesn’t mean that I think that a male wearing a dress is wrong, nor do I think it makes them any less a man, nor does it necessarily make them unfashionable. That depends on the particular dress and whether or not they can pull it off. :wink: Nor do I believe that what is ‘seen’ as either masculine or feminine attire will not change. It almost definitely will, as it has throughout history. Basically, there are degrees of masculinity in outfits and looks, ranging from the overtly macho and stereotypically male at one end and the stereotypically feminine and androgynous at the other. None are wrong but the scale definitely exists. I’d place the outfits you chose as somewhere in the middle of that scale, rather than near the masculine end. Of course, you may believe that the mere fact that someone male is wearing an outfit, automatically makes it masculine. It would be an interesting change to the definition but would open up a whole new can of worms. For me, whether an outfit is viewed as masculine or feminine, is nothing to do with the person wearing it. Men, women, non binary people and gender fluid people can all wear masculine attire, or feminine attire, or attire that is neither. My point is not about people but rather about clothing. Whether we like it or not, some syles are considered more masculine, some more feminine and some as androgynous.

I’m not sure why this was flagged. I apologise if I’ve caused anyone any offence. That was definitely not my intention. I was merely replying to a post and certain unfounded assumptions that were made about what I meant. I’m a gay man in my fifties, who spent half his life campaigning for equality. Mostly in decidely less enlightened times. I’ve known and been friends with people of all sexes and genders, with trans people and with both drag queens and kings. I repeat that I have no problem with any of the outfits you highlighted. I just don’t see them as overtly masculine. I agree that the syles are predominantly, though not exclusively, worn by males but that is not the same as saying that the outfits are masculine. Basically, you disagreed with what I said and I disagreed with what you said in reply. Hopefully that is ok. Nothing I said was meant personally and if I have unintentionally caused offence in any way, I can only repeat my apology. Sorry. :slight_smile:


…this got awkward


Was waiting for someone to say it


“There has been much talk and I have listened. Through rock, and metal, and time. Now I shall talk and you shall listen.” Everyone has a different definition on what ‘masculine’ clothing looks like. Instead of arguing just agree to disagree.


Great game


I agree with you


Tbh, I think disagreement has a bad press. No two people have identical beliefs and thoughts, making disagreement pretty much an integral part of the human condition. It isn’t necessarily a negative thing. In fact it’s one of the main routes to learning, understanding and self-awarenes. Not to mention to human progress itself. It’s at the core of the scientific method, for instance. As long as we don’t take everything as a personal attack. It shouldn’t be a problem. Shutting down discourse, or self censoring, is counter productive and self-defeating in the long term. It’s definitely best to avoid personal attacks, for much the same reason.As well as out of politeness and we always need to be open to the fact that we may have misunderstood what was meant but disagreement, in and of itself, is not necessarily a bad thing.

Btw, are you aware that you were disagreeing about us disagreeing? :slight_smile:

Once again, I have no idea why this was flagged. I’d appreciate letting me know what the problem is here, because I honestly can’t see one…


No I was not aware of that.


I fully agree with you, brother.


This is getting off-topic. Can we please return to talking about the game for the author’s sake?


Please do not rehash finished conversations and keep the posts directed at the topic at hand.


I know these are questions that are forgotten and don’t matter in this topic but just bear with me I am still curious about somethings

  1. Is there a way to find out what Seraphina told our parents, mom or dad

  2. Are we gonna see our family magic in this one and will the Anderson’s and Castella’s family magic make a different family magic for the mc

  3. Is it possible to find out why kol parents were murdered and to stop or kill the rogue hunter that did it

  4. does anyone by any chance know why kol was targeted by the wraith


No clue on 1 and 2, but…
3. We don’t why, but you can learn who did it on the Hunter route in Day and Night with sufficient Cunning, don’t recall the exact number.
4. Frostbite tried to recruit him prior to the first game and does not take rejection well. Plus, people coming back from the brink of death is the opposite of the usual wraith MO.