Keeper of Life and Death (WIP, updated 8/31)

You know, it’s probably not just Sera that has plans for if her friends go rogue. Gisela one-hundred percent has plans in place for disabling Katia and taking out anyone else, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Yakov had also thought about it. Honestly, not having such plans might make MC the weird one in Sera’s social circle.



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Thanks, everyone!! :smiley:

Happy to add more masculine fashion choices! I know very little about men’s fashion though—are there specific articles of clothing that you would want added?

TBD, probably for practical reasons yes, since many fight scenes are indoors or in crowded areas

This was a placeholder, has been rewritten!

This scene ended up being more controversial than I predicted. I’ve rewritten the current scene by omitting MC’s line, but will probably come back to the topic later on in the book if/when it becomes relevant and extend it/give more MC responses. There’s a scene in Chapter 2 where MC/Sera is forced to take out another one of the main characters, which could preface the discussion nicely.


Just to let you know, the page right after selecting “Create New Character” has redundant text.

I haven’t gotten past that, but I’ll let you know if I find anything else.

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Wait a sec, take out like… killing them? Or just incapacitate them?


Thank you so much for ytouw wonderful work. And for the soooo early demo :smiley: So do you have an estimated date for the official release?

I’m so excited for this! I can’t wait! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Well this is the desert right? Unless magical Egypt has a different climate than our Egypt you can’t go wrong with white in the desert. Also a jacket as the desert cools rapidly in the evening and always feels cold at night.
This is also Leon’s fancy grandma, but it is not a fancy state banquet, just an informal dinner so a tuxedo or formal black suit would be both uncomfortable and uncalled for. Still I’d lean more towards the preppy side, so maybe something like:


Or this:

Or simply what I imagine borrowing stuff from Leon and combining it better than he does could look like:

In which case my mc would prefer the rightmost combo of fancy jeans and a far too expensive belt with the polo and loafers.

For those wanting to remain more gothic as surely the mc can afford the high end collection of Kerse or nebula instead of the ultra cheap pleather by now, there is micro perforated leather (or for the vegans the really expensive faux stuff) today that is as comfortable as anything else in hot climates and it is…

*always* in style.

Or for those really wanting to annoy Sera, Leon (though Khaki’s really Leo, I expected better of you :disappointed: ) or Astrid (over facetime) you could try to combine the two current male options and mix the tuxedo with non-ripped jeans, a few accessories and a hot bod and maybe male mc could even pull it off.

only attempt this if you're young, hot and foolish

Sure, you can wear what the mc always wears. In fact I would suggest to make the current cheap jeans, ratty old sneakers and t-shirt option simply say that you wear you generic NMC clothes, that way it works for all styles and is more inclusive while still allowing those not wanting to bother with fashion choices to easily do so.
But between the monsters destroying everything, the mc’s relative poverty in the first and first half of the second game and dealing with regular injuries my poor mc looks like crap, compared to most of the other students, most of the time and has very few opportunities to dress more fancy, or in the case of my mc more what he truly wants for himself. So I would like to be able for my mc to, just once, not look like crap compared to the others or a charity case.

NMC reality and the monsters will force him back into the cheap sweatpants and baggy jeans/trousers soon enough I think. But this impromptu trip would be the first time my mc could have actually used his own money from his relatively generous new salary (plus diplomatic expenses) to buy some things he truly wants to wear and that reflect his own style, as opposed to the things he strictly needs to merely get by in daily NMC monster fighting without being naked.


or just a hoodie with sweatpants, I would definitely wear that to go to a political meeting between two nations that is supposed to exist to prevent the apocalypse.


Hey um are there peripheral elements for light and darkness manipulation?

I think Seraphina having a plan if the mc or any of her friends goes nuts is in character, given her life and how she was raised. Though I think her coldness though towards the mc throughout the conversation seemed more like book 1 Sera than book 2 Sera. She went through a lot of growth in book 2 and her disregard for mc’s feelings, I think, is a step back. There should maybe be more added to the scene than just the “I love you” line.


I think it’s supposed to say “grandson’s friends”?


That cliffhanger?! Oh my LORD. I love how high-stakes it is from the very beginning, and all that my Keeper wants is a normal life. Anyway, great job as usual!

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From the previous titles the author of have used I almost thought this one will be keeper of equinox

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The Keeper of Anxiety and Depression :rofl:


here we can see the keeper investigating the frostbite while seraphina watches him with fear


Is it really in the demo now I can’t stop laughing from nostalgia


Do we get to know about sera’s contingency plans in the Astrid LI route.

There’s a word/name missing here, maybe “Seraphina”?

It was mentioned in the second book that Leon’s grandma had brown eyes, I’m aware it was probably intentionally changed but I don’t know if book two has her eyes changed to blue too instead of brown.


Just a minor observation, but thinking of how many times my Keeper went to the hospital…I could see my Keeper shaking her head realizing that her wisdom teeth were back, especially after magical healing, etc…and needing pulled again.