Keeper of Life and Death (WIP, updated 8/31)

Probably not

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One of our sperm donor’s more thoughtless moments that really does hammer it in that whatever he did he did so for Isabella’s benefit alone and all of his interactions with the mc are probably solely to try and get back into Isa’s panties. He doesn’t give a shit about his kid as an individual in their own right, instead of something he might be able to use as leverage to get closer to Isa again and that will seems to confirm it. Forever too cowardly to acknowledge his little mistake, even post-mortem it seems.
Note my mc would have disclaimed any inheritance from him in any case but it would have been the thought that would have counted here and apparently his own kid doesn’t even merit a tiny mention in his will.
But then Xander never fails to disappoint as a “father”, doesn’t he, eh? :disappointed:

The most rotten thing about it for my mc though is that his super awesome incubus boyfriend seems to idolise the one guy who, without fail, has never failed to disappoint him.


Having just played through the first and second book several times, here’s a suggestion for the third book: In Seraphina and Katia’s routes, why can’t we simply ask the Nymph secretary for their knife? We have lots of leverage in the fact alone that we know the secret - imagine the outrage if we revealed it to the public. I could imagine some of my characters saying something long the lines of, “I don’t really care what you do with the others, but there’s no way I can leave you with an object that holds absolute power over my girlfriend. Give me her knife, and you can rest assured that your secret is safe with me. Our cooperative relationship could only be strengthened by such a valuable gift. Refuse, and I assure you that I’ll make your life a living hell. Since I don’t really have any grudge against you, I’d prefer to resolve this matter peacefully, but I’m not afraid to start a war if you insist on making things difficult.” Or, you know, we could also have the option to just compel her. At this point, it’s about time we stop walking on eggshells when dealing with the secretaries. We’re no longer insignificant students, we’re experienced Keepers with power and authority.

Oh, and a separate matter: When playing nephilim, give us a chance to punch Monroe once. I’m still pissed about getting compelled in the first book and having to just let him off the hook. (I haven’t played the second book as a nephilim yet, so if the chance to get even comes in the second book, ignore this.)

Edit: Oh, and regarding Marcela’s condition: allow us to confront Dominic if we managed to capture him, and if necessary, compel him to reveal what he did to her. If the authorities don’t want to let you meet him, I think dropping the line “a Keeper’s life depends on this” should work.

Basically, I’m tired of looking for complicated solutions when simple ones are available.

Oh, and less railroading, please. I did NOT enjoy being forced to waste my time learning physical combat with characters that initially had <5 Fighting stat.

I can’t imagine any of the nymphs, Sera and Katia included, would want the public to know that there are artifacts out there that could be used to control them. Revealing to Celosia that MC knows about the knives also sounds like a good way to get one used against whichever of the nymph ROs leaked it, and every other nymph lined up to deny the whole thing if MC goes public.

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And doing that would be a good way for Celosia to become mortal enemies with a Keeper who’s capable of fighting Frostbite on even ground while everyone else, the secretaries included, are completely powerless against them. To me, it doesn’t sound like a good plan on her part. Much more comfortable to just let go of a single nymph and remain on good terms with the Keeper. Also, it’s not like we can’t just follow her right then and there to get the knife, and if she tries anything funny, just compel/fight her. Once the knife is in our hands, she holds no cards against us. Basically, I just want a diplomatic way to handle this instead of being forced to choose poisoning her at the end of the second book while she’s in coma (which could easily be traced back to us). The idea of leaving her with the power over my girlfriend’s life on routes where I’m romancing Sera or Katia is completely intolerable. Just like the MC at the end of the second book, I’m tired of feeling powerless. This is the last book in the series, it’s about time we’re given the option of acting with the decisiveness and authority that belongs to fully trained Keepers. It’s not like I expect to be able to act like a tyrant, but at least I should be able to act forcefully when it comes to the safety of those closest to me.

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I’ve personally never had a problem with that, mainly because I just kill her outright, although I have heard of other people who said essentially the same thing that you’re saying and you do have a point

As for Monroe, in the second game if you ally with his faction and have 30 cunning, you can dose him with truth potion, find out more details on the mind control thing, and you can spill it to the public if you’re not romancing one of the twins; although his reasons aren’t as bad as you would think and of the three secretaries, he’s probably the least worst

Really? I always assumed that you’d get arrested on suspicion of murder for doing that, so I just leave her in coma.

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MC is able to make it look like an accident and even as chapter 2 of the third game begins, no one is suspicious

Oh, I forgot everyone except the MC and his friends is incompetent. Or, I don’t know, maybe I’m stupid, but I just can’t figure out how you could possibly avoid suspicion when someone dies after given a potion you provided (or provided the recipe for). Unless you manage to administer it without anyone else knowing, in which case, might as well go with something simpler (doesn’t matter even if they discover it in autopsy, since nobody knows you did it anyway). Well, another way is that you make someone else a scapegoat: give them the potion to be given to the doctors, then compel them to forget you gave it to them…

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Specifically, you remove one innocuous ingredient from the recipe that prevents poisoning from a substance the hospital has a long history of being negligent with, and it’s gradual enough that she doesn’t die until several months later. It’s not a foolproof plan, but pretty good as far as assassinations carried out by college students go.


You’re not even the one who administers it, you give the actual potion recipe that can heal her to the hospital And tell them that it works, and it would, if you hadn’t removed that one ingredient that would cause her to die of something that the hospital has been negligent with before; not absolutely perfect, but who in their right mind would accuse the keeper of murdering the name for secretary, especially NMC is at war with Frostbite and they need everyone to contribute? Assuming anyone even jumps to murder at all which is unlikely

Something else to remember about the potion is that it was already experimental; the player had to jump through hoops, aided by lawyers from Cressie/Cyrus…so it wasn’t expected to work. If nothing else, perhaps the hospital also chalks it up to biology/genetics. Kol is a shifter while Celosia isn’t which could also explain why it worked once, but not the other.

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And on top of all of that, if you did the nymph political route, found out about the werewolves, and spilled that little secret about Who sent them, the game literally says her popularity plummets and there’s a decent chance that nobody would even care if she does die