Keeper of Life and Death (WIP, updated 4/9 post 403)

Indeed. I think with the right training and choices you could easily have a MC with 70+ in some skill. Loaded one save in DnN and I had already 40+ in one area.


It’d be dope if we could I get the option to pick the color for my pet dragon and aura again. It just doesn’t feel right to be walking around with golden aura. Mine needs to be as black as night, like god intended.

But I’ll admit, the Keeper series is one of my favorite :dragon_face: :zap::black_heart::sun_with_face::new_moon_with_face:

Think you’ll have to run back a save to do that.

was replaying the second book and remembered that you can be pro frosbite and i wanted to ask if there are any specifications that i need to meet for it? do i need to be a hunter? a human with elemental powers? does any of my stats need to be at a certain point for it? do i need to investigate stuff and all that?

Don’t attack Dominic during the fight scene at the end of the second game and with at least 60 cruel, ask to join Frostbite

Frostbite crossed the line when they tried to kidnap me in book 2 and make my life annoying with monster attacks

Monster attacks are not masterminded by frostbite. It’s one of your supporters: Celosia is behind them


Ok but the timing is suspicious since frostbite attacked at the same when the wards were down. And u forced to run away to save your friends from them

They must have their own motives and goals by endangering everyone like that

Dominic infiltrated order of Asteria or some-shady-name-of-organizationcult. He had the authority to do that shit.

Yes, they want to tear down the veil. To release all fullborn demons (dunno about angels) onto the Earth

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Yeah but do they really expect that them to listen to them. Probably not since they are powerful beings that could wipe out everything. So good luck with that.

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Will Kitsune players be able to develop 9 tails in LaD? I’d love to be able to do that.

And to add to that, I’d love to be able to bring out 9 tails without fully shifting in a non-combat situation, because I’d show off like that.

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That is my favourite race for this game series. If I remember correctly u can get an insight of the past and why u were even in the accident with car or truck in the first game if u pick that race. I won’t say anymore to spoil it.


Really? I didn’t know. Now I want to play as that to experience it.

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Don’t really have a favorite race perse.

Love being a human hunter/magician (would be OP if we got a combo of that as a hunter) and being the underdog amongst all my friends and the magical realm. Gonna love it when the news truly pops that I was a lowly human and I truly yell at the idiocy of the Magicial Government.

Though I do very much enjoy being a Drakania, because dragons are cool, and reminds me of Flemeth/Morrigan from DA.