Keeper of Life and Death (WIP, updated 2/28 post 782)

Probably should have picked, memory serving here… choice 2 I believe and you would have good.

I just cant wait to continue my character just mentally snaping. MC didnt ask to be taken to the school ((I mean you can, but some of us dont choose that.)) They were just a “normal” kid. Y’know? They didnt ask to be geneticly altered to be a keeper and the responsibilities that comes with. They didnt ask to have multiple factions wanting to make a pawn out of them, or to be killed almost every other week. Or to have to potential fate of the WORLD on their shoulders.

If anything, i almost see mentally snapping as the more normal reaction. :rofl: my main MC is borderlining “I dont want to be here, i dont want any of this.” And “I’m just going to burn it all down.” Its too much stress, honestly its heartbreaking in a way.


Same. At this point, the snap better happen sooner rather than later.

My MC is literally at the point of ‘I just want to be left the fuck alone’/‘where is the nearest stripclub?’


Can anyone tell me the options you need to basically lower the willpower as much as you can to make the pc snap.
I cant seem to do it as the options(that will you betrayed me like her friends betrayed asteria) is always non selectable for me.

Pretty sure those option, much like the ‘nothing to see here’ choice if your parent(s) died, are locked for now. So the whole snapping is just use talking about it, even though it’s yet to happen

It’s literally worst if we point blank refuse magic as human. There’s like no point being here once we figured out control magic which everyone was against but now it’s trending lol. I’m gonna snap whenever I can since the mc just wanted to be normal instead of having keeper drama.

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Soul crushing heartbreak aside, I really think MC might be out of their depth here.

End of chapter we’re out here talking mad shit about taking down Nessa, but she’s got decades of experience as a keeper. We’ve got, what, a couple years? Plus she already put us out of commission for a week, barely even trying. Kinda feeling that a veteran keeper for Frostbite is gonna be a game changer.


We done a better job than most keepers considering how much experience they had and they still died or messed up. Don’t sell the mc short. Nessa have the advantage for now but she is not unbeatable. She probably doesn’t know how easily we escaped the dream so we have a chance to do something


Yeah, in a direct confrontation with her, I would still give her the upper hand, and I get the feeling that unlike our previous enemies, she’s not going to underestimate us. And also unlike our previous enemies, she has absolutely nothing to lose.


Well I’m not sure about her not losing anything since a keeper wouldn’t just work with frostbite unless forced or threatened. She’s too smart to be brainwashed like guy they send to spy on us as a student

It’s strongly implied that her family is already dead, and they seem to be all she cares about


And people like Jullian had decades to practice magic and we still buried him.

You got a point though this will be the keeper strongest enemy to date, i still think our keeper got the upper hand we just have far more battlefield experince than most plus the power boost from the sun artifact.


Exactly I said before. There’s probably a way since the game will obviously have a ending beating frostbite. Maybe we could use the sun from earlier to gain an edge if we could use it properly instead of nuking the area

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Oh you’re right that we did mop the floor with Julian, but I feel like it’s already been established in-universe that keepers are on a completely different level of danger than any other kind of magic. There’s a reason why they’re practically revered, while Julian is just a nuisance.

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What? Are you saying that’s NOT how it’s supposed to be used?

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No I’m saying we can probably beat Nessa later after powering up a bit and have a plan despite lots of people saying she’s unbeatable

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