Keeper of Life and Death (WIP, updated 11/12)

The update is vewy nice! :blush: thanks. I got Lots of catching up to do and issues to address, but before I lay them I’ll have to do a few playthroughs cos I’m pretty sure that in book two I had saved the Nymph secretary and now she is dead? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: How now?
Then the discovery that I have like a chief of staff, head of National security and other guys under my employ only to be told that my role is that of a pretty face & nothing more by nymph Chava?? :joy: Comeon!! I might just as well as fire everyone and step down.

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Evil :joy:

But I’m very interested in how the traitor’s path will go :thinking: :eyes:


I’m pretty sure we get controlled to see if we are working for frostbite. But I wonder what happens if u get caught

It’s actually even worse. They just want to attach the mc’s name to it. No pretty face, photoshoot or actual wardrobe budget involved there. :unamused:

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I’m glad to see that the third installment is now a WIP, and, because of my experience with Book 2, I cannot begin to state how much I appreciate that you can now start a new romance with your dormmates in Book 3.

For clarity, the RO choices in Book 2 technically occur during Book 1, and I learned the hard way that choosing the “single” option didn’t just mean you were single in Book 1. It also permanently locked you out of romance in Book 2. So, I spent the entirety of Book 2 thinking I was on a “friends to lovers” route with Astrid only to get blindsided by Astrid/Leon. :open_mouth:

As a result, it does make me curious how Book 3 will ultimately handle Book 2 developments like previous break-ups, Astrid/Leon, and the Book 2 love interests of our ROs in light of the ability to start a brand new relationship.

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