Keeper of Day and Night (WIP - Updated 9/21/19, Post 1077)

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Thanks! All known bugs should be fixed, although I didn’t have time to get the Lex’s Hexes typo yet


I live with a writer. At this point I’m just dead inside. Angst can’t hurt me anymore.


Must be a blessing and a curse to have immunity


What’s the difference between telekinesis and control magic?

I think telekinesis manipulates inanimate objects and control magic manipulates a person/animal/sentient being?

@Fay is right, but to put it in simpler terms…

  1. Control Magic is illegal for a reason. You take control of the targets mind and make them do something.
  2. Telekinesis is “ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or other nonphysical means.” (Telepathy is talking to others using your mind, think Prof. X, he uses this power a lot in the movies.)

Asking about the first book, did anyone manage to get sera not push you away before the winter solstice ceremony? I’ve tried interacting with her at every stage, not sure how to do it

There is a guide on the tumblr, here’s a link.

Thank you!

If you get compelled at the end of game 1 means Reyna controlled you and escaped prison right?


Telekinesis is moving things around with your mind; control magic is mind control


I hope I don’t suffer some unforeseen accident before this story comes out (knocks on wood)


I feel it is kinda weird for you to be known to have insane control powers as a keeper even though you have low willpower and fail checks when using compulsion .-.


Yep, my mc isn’t a very good keeper, I only get his willpower up to 21 by the end of the game, in the meantime he’s still compelled by the creepy Nephilim on orders of Cy’s dad.

Yeah, my mc has a guardian demon (Alty) and he may even have a guardian angel too (Cy) but I very much don’t. :worried:

We all wanna be there when book 2 and 3 comes out. Would suck if anything happened to us before then :laughing:


Yes exactly, knowing my bad luck I’ll end getting impaled by a magical unicorn because I crossed the road without looking both ways :thinking::joy:

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Looking forward to seeing what happens with the pets!


The first part of Chapter 4 should be up on schedule this Sunday night! For now, here’s a Renatus short below for those who aren’t on Tumblr :sunflower:

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Renatus doesn’t think anything about the sunflower delivery he’s tasked with. He doesn’t know the name on the door, or the face of the patient.

All he knows is that it’s probably someone his sister hurt.

(Reyna had hurt so many people—)

There are burns across his arms and chest and face.

Definitely someone Reyna had hurt.

Bright yellow flowers gleam mockingly back at Renatus as he arranges them on the bedside table.


The sunflowers show up the next week. And again the next.

A fellow volunteer stares. “Who keeps sending flowers to this kid?” he asks a nearby nurse.

He doesn’t ask Renatus. The other interns had learned to steer clear of shy, quiet Renatus as soon as his surname had gotten out.

Couldn’t have grown up normal in a house like that—

Bastard came to finish off what his sister started—

Crazy bitch Elodia should never have been trusted—

All he sees is yellow.


Sometimes he thinks of his sister. Not Reyna.

She died before he had too many memories, but he thinks sometimes he can remember her. Remember her laugh.

Did Reyna think of their sister’s laugh before she fell from the sky—

He imagines Danae’s hands covering his own, arranging Kol Foster’s flowers.


Spring fades to summer. Sometimes people visit Kol Foster.

The black haired woman with the bloody eyes visits a lot. She talks to him like he’s awake, doesn’t spare a glance at Renatus as he’s changing the bandages.

If Kol were awake, she complains, she wouldn’t have to trek around the city alone while Jarrod is off killing monsters.

Wouldn’t have to be alone in a strange city that smells like death more than her home ever had—

Wouldn’t have to be alone with blood all around her when all she wants to do is rip and tear and—

Renatus had never met a siren before the blood stained woman. He’s glad for it.

She stains everything she touches red, even the sunflowers.


He talks to Kol Foster on his next delivery. The blood stained woman must have gotten something out of it, to come so often.

“Hi,” he says, because coma patients can hear people around them, right? But Kol’s on so many numbing potions he doesn’t have dreams, let alone thoughts.

“I’m Renatus. I’m the one who brings the sunflowers every week.”

Kol doesn’t respond, not that Renatus expected him to.

“Someone must really love you to send so many flowers.” He’s rambling now. “Is it the siren?”

Maybe it is, but probably not. She hardly notices them when she’s in the room, eyes too focused on the hollow of Kol Foster’s throat.

“I’ve always liked sunflowers. They seem happy,” Renatus rambles. “Do they make you happier?”


The siren visits in the evening on Tuesdays and Fridays. A blonde woman shows up a few times in June with daisies. A bronze haired man visits every couple of weeks.

Every week, Renatus brings his flowers. Every day, he makes his rounds.

He doesn’t talk to Kol’s visitors, but he feels as if he knows Kol Foster from them.

The blonde woman is distraught, wants to know what she could have done differently.

Could have should have would have never be enough—

The bronze haired man is guilty, even though he curses Reyna’s name every time he paces across the hospital room.

If it weren’t for that—

The siren is angry, wants to make someone pay for what Reyna had done.

Wants to tear into Reyna’s chest and dig out whatever malformed thing she called a heart—

Yellow petals crumple in her fists.


Blood is blood, and he offers the siren his after three months.

She slams him to the ground before he can blink, and he’s pathetic enough to hope it will be quick, like he doesn’t deserve anything he gets.

She is about to tear into his throat when she pulls back and spits in his face instead.

“Get out. You’re not fucking worth it.”

He’d expected hoped for dreamed of red, but all there is is yellow.


Yes, I’m so excited! Well, I’m always excited when a new update drops. Looking forward to it though :two_hearts: :sparkles:

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