Keeper of Day and Night (WIP - Updated 4/22/19)


A field trip to hell? Sign me up! :stuck_out_tongue: If I can survive Adam’s route and the love triangle in Wayhaven, I’m sure I can get through this.

He likes you way more than he expected he would.

Ahh Alty is such a sweetheart :heart_eyes: Alas, Yakov got to my MC first.


Can anyone tell me how to read the code ?

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For this WIP, it’s possible to read the code by typing ‘scenes/’ at the end of the demo’s url


Turns into


Now I feel bad for not romancing Katia in first game :frowning_face:

Katia: *if katiarelationship >= 80
She’d worship the ground you walk on if you’d let her.
*if (katiarelationship < 80) and (katiarelationship >= 70)
She would give anything to support your vision of the world.


Thanks !


Honestly when the next update drops i’m gonna set every character’s relationship to 80% and see what their description says. And Cyrus’ description is kind of similiar to Leon’s :thinking: I mean, those two are best bros so are we surprised

If cats could talk this is what they’d say after getting fed

Oh WOW her description… Kinda dramatic.

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They all are, but in my experience college relationships can indeed get intense, and fast. Though, this is…beyond that, even. Like, wow. Yakov’s feelings towards the MC, for example, can evidently go from “I tolerate your presence” to “I will die for you” in the course of a year. Like, whoa there, pal, you might wanna slow down.


Cats vs Dogs basically

Is it because college students are emotionally starved and crave affection? bc relateable

Tbh im kind of okay with leon doing anything MC told him to. Like, his 80% relationship description literally said he’d do anything for MC if they told him to do it. I wonder if we can ask him to eat pineapple pizza. Would he do it??


Yep, my mc doesn’t really need Alty to follow him to the ends of the Earth, but “retiring” to that human town, as mentioned on the blog, sounds lovely.


Yeah but Katia is really “sheltered” so to speak add her bubbly personality and she’s the most gullible person in game haha.


She’s so lonely too… I think the author pointed it out on the blog. I feel bad for her, so I raised her relationship stats to 70% bc my homegirl needs a friend


Here’s the blog post



Thanks for the catch!

He’s a junior now.

That was my plan for the next update, yes.


Anyway, not a sophomore, like the screen indicates. :sweat_smile:


I still don’t get what that means. What year is the MC in right now? Are the ROs 19 years old in the sequel? Sorry, I don’t know much about the education system in America :confused:


MC is a sophomore during Keeper of Day and Night. Astrid, Kol, Leon, Sera, and Yakov are also sophomores. Sophomores are generally 19-20.

Altair, Cressida, Cyrus, and Katia are juniors (a year above sophomores, generally 20-21).


Thanks for the explanation! :blush:

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Generally college in America (for an undergraduate degree) goes like this:
Freshman (18-19 years old, just graduated high school)
Sophomore (19-20)
Junior (20-21)
Senior (21-22)

Obviously, you can start college at a later age, and I think the author mentioned that Kol was actually 17 and turned 18 early on. And if you take a lot of credit hours (classes), then you can progress through quicker, but that’s the general rule of thumb.

Edit: @daydreamsincolor beat me to it.


Since there will only be three books and we were a freshman in the first book (i think), we’ll never gonna play as a senior? So the keeper series will end while the MC is still in college?


I think I understand the meaning behind Brants warning.

Of course it’s wise to wear a coat or jacket durning winter…After all, you might end up with Frostbite. Frostbite is an anti Nymph cabal, which has been a threat even durning the Caged period, with links to the numerous (3-4) previous massacres. Moreover, its suggested that if Reyna is alive and on the run, that she is looking for the group.


Freshman, Sophmore, Junior, Senior.

Of course you can get weird college year by finishing early or later and whatnot.

I might do that now. But I can’t think of anything I’d want out of him. Besides typical “shine my shoes mongrel” stuff.