Keeper of Day and Night (WIP - Updated 3/26/20, Post 1358)

I get the same bug when trying to tell everyone to stay calm.

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Thank you very much for all of the feedback!!

Re: feigning obedience; because there aren’t imports yet from book 1, the choice MC made in the epilogue can’t be accurately reflected yet. If MC chose “I can pretend” in the epilogue of book 1, they will continue to work with him; this is implemented in the code.

@Fay @Demigod_Knight
Thanks for the catch! I believe I’ve fixed the bug and played through myself without any problems. WARNING: The fix will break all saves that are after Chapter 3 (sorry!)


I enjoyed the update and have a few suggestions for the next update.

  1. In the press conference, I also wished for a diplomatic option even though I was not in support of the SAVIOR act.

Something like what @augustus27 suggested above.

  1. In the physiotherapist section, when she asks about why the MC took it upon himself to go after Reyna, a sarcastic response along the line of “and you will be seating here if I hadn’t” will be nice.

  2. When asked about my opinion of the MC and his dad living together, I got this option “It’s nice that I’ll get to see her more often.” Which has a her instead of him.

  3. I think since Aunt Dru was in on Henrik being who he was and given her personality, it would be nice if she said something like “am going to love this” when the MC is about to see him

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Yeah that’s what I figured, I was just confused because there seems to be a continuity error in book 2 in that case? Because there’s a part where it says Cressida invites you to some formal Nephilim event (the one where the scene is still in progress) it seems that no matter what you choose about your relationship with Secretary Monroe in the “set stats directly menu” it always tells you that you removed yourself from Nephilim intrigue and cut yourself off from the Sectretary.

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Not sure if this is an error or not and if someone else already pointed this out I’m sorry. When your taking the test for Kerr in chapter 6 even if you’re successful in taking an object from whatever animal you find it tells you that you return to Kerr empty-handed and there is no in between scene that would indicate that you would lose your item.


@Amanda you beat me to it.

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Um…the only option to be skeptical about Isa returning to NMC seems to imply the mc has a tense relationship with her, I would want one that focuses on her safety, having her that close and in the magical world again will just make her a target, which is the absolute last thing my mc wants.

Also can we have an option to just facepalm when she mentions Xander and Percy, I mean my mc loves her but she has the worst taste in guys. :sweat_smile:
I mean we know Xander but the other guy is a presumably a Trump appointee which doesn’t usually bode well as ambassadors tend to be huge Republican donors, unless this is an alternate universe where everything is still “normal” as in boring and neoliberal and Hillary won in 2016. :sweat_smile:

I was also hoping to have some actual time with the RO during thanksgiving break in the human world as it would be fun to take Alty and Cy out in a human town and also be the first date where the shoe is on the other foot and the mc is not the stranger in the strange land for once. But most of all because I think Alty and Cy reacting to some of the human world would be incredibly fun.

Lastly did bringing Alty for thanksgiving mean he automatically knows who the mc’s sperm donor is? As that was the one secret my mc was trying to keep from him and he’s not looking forward to having that conversation with Alty and Sera.

Perhaps the choice to let the player input their own color?

More… panicking options? Like, we’re seeing the girl that summoned a demon and had a life-and-death battle with us. Seeing how MC gets triggered by any memory of Reyna would make one think if we saw her again we’d scream. Loudly. We get the option to complain about our hand (which is fair, we just got stabbed), but other than that MC is pretty chill about it.

It went like: “Oh, right, Reyna, what are you doing here? Let’s fight.”

“You’re not supposed to be alive” and “What the hell are you doing here?” doesn’t capture the chaotic energy of seeing your worst nightmare face to face. Could we get more disbelieving options like when we saw Reyna on the news? Or more options with yelling and shouting. Maybe an option where MC is doubting their own sanity, thinking “This isn’t real this isn’t real this isn’t—“ and then have them fight Reyna once they realize she’s real.

Basically, options where MC wants to curl into a ball and disappear. We still kick monster ass, but we’re also just… tired college students trying to go through life?? So any panicky, shouty, and screamy options would be nice.

Perhaps add an option where MC is just straight up tired and scared, like “Nononono, this can’t happen!” or “Please, no, this can’t be happening!” and any other variants of that.

Or maybe add a simple option without dialouge that just says: “SCREAM.”

Alternatively: “What the fuck!?”

Honorable mentions: “Shit!”, “Oh my god!”, “What the hell!?”

A knife stuck in our hand plus a possessed/runaway Reyna trying to kill us. Surely that’s gotta mess up MC’s rationality in some way. Also thank you for letting me see protective Leon, love that guy, love all the guys and gals in kotsam :two_hearts:

Ahahah I also see you trying to smuggle in Fallout Boy and Cards of Humanity (aw Katia is so sweet and innocent). I’m still laughing over Fly Me To The Sun. Best update so far :laughing:


got this during the start of chapter 5

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Did you reload an old save before the update? I did and I got the bug. I had to delete the save and start all over for it to work again.

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The aunt and uncle variables seems to be broken still/again (not sure which, never checked till after the update to see if you actually fixed them), and whether or not I succeed in gathering an item from a magical creature during our exam. I always return “empty handed”, tried all three animals in multiple ways some passed some failed, always returned the same.

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Thank you for the suggestions!

Oh, gotcha! Added an extra choice in the set stats menu, so should be fixed for next update, thanks!

@Amanda @lokidemon007
Thanks for the catch!

Thanks for the suggestions!


Thanks for the suggestions!!


Thank you! Unfortunately, a recent update broke all saves from after Chapter 3, which is what seems to be causing this issue. Sorry :sweat_smile:

Are you using an old save? (The fix for aunt and uncle broke any old saves, sorry :sweat_smile:) If not, which option did you check at the beginning of the game (premade character, set stats directly, etc.)? Is chapter one also broken for aunt/uncle for you?

Thanks, should be fixed!

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Well dang, I was using and old save to skip the character creation part.

Side note: for Astrid’s blog name, I always type in Astopolitian, don’t know if you want to add that to the suggestion options.

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One more thing to consider for some mc’s upon learning their parent(s) are moving to NMC is that this is in very real terms the loss of their last sanctuary, their refuge in the “normal”, human, world away from the craziness of NMC. That all gets taken away now, along with possibly the mc’s childhood home. So I’m guessing this is going to be yet another thing that’s bad for my poor mc’s already suffering sanity stat, which is why I’d like him to try and talk his mom out of moving to NMC, along with the already mentioned concerns for her safety.

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@daydreamsincolor on tumblr you said that the ROs reactions to Kol betraying us would be included in the newest update. Is there something specific you have to do to trigger that or did I just miss the scene?

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I chose Astrid’s Corner back when I had to come up with my own suggestion.

Anyway, back to playtesting…

“It’s nice that I’ll get to see her more often.” because my father is moving, so wrong pronoun here.

Hmm, it seems a bit premature to have to choose who you will support before meeting them and hearing what they have to say.

Increasing human-supernatural relations, for example, sounds all fine and dandy, but that doesn’t mean that the MC might not decide to touch the American Embassy with a ten foot pole after meeting with Liu, for example.

So I would prefer the option to hear all the pitches and then choose.

I think the meeting the Aunt over Thanksgiving needs a bit more fleshing out.

Is she cool with the MC being a Nephilim, or if the MC brings home a Nephilim to meet the family, or is it just something she puts up with for the sake of family? Does the MC bringing home a Nymph make her happy, or does it give her Roxanna flashbacks?

Oh, and why exactly didn’t they just make dear old dad a magician if having a muggle family member was that big of a deal?


I would love to see more Yakov content and elaborating on the wraith class and ability. I also think the game would be much more interesting with more options to use your peripheral elements. For Cambions I was thinking intangibility would be an awesome add in and would be great to use that during an escape or to disappear into darkness like Reyna does. Also I noticed that in setting courses taken in the advanced player stats psychic does not appear but it does in the demo. I do feel like the powers of the main character could be leveled up a tad more in this storyline and it would be incredible if we could combine our abilities with other species like Light and darkness working together or even channeling another’s spell or even two people working together to compel Reyna. I would love more use of psychic abilities and even seeing if that can block compulsion. I also wonder branching off the pocket rituals idea could we see any traditional spells cast by a magician maybe a freeze spell, boundary spell, levitation, divination,duplication,teleport or anything of that nature.

I am a huge fan of the story by the way and appreciate all you’ve put into it thus far.


Pretty late on this but could you give the player the option to not give a fuck about kol? He did hand you over and naively believed that THAT would go down without issue, so yeah… My only issue pretty much.

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Just a few more suggestions/thoughts.

  1. Original: “There are too many liability issues,” says Director Chang. " Fuck liability issues," snaps Thalia, lunging forward abruptly. She shoves Director Chang into the wall, knocking over a chair in the process. “Why aren’t you helping him?”

Suggestion: Put a space after the first Chang since Thalia is now speaking.

  1. Original: You make your way to the door with the others.

You make your way to the door.

Suggestion: This is repetitive.

  1. Original: Your mother hugs you as soon as you walk in the door. Her hair still smells like jasmine. “It’s so good to see you again, Alice.”

as her own phantom cat, Vashti, slinks in to rub at her ankles and inspect the new arrivals.

Suggestion: The second part is a bit of a sentence fragment. Maybe it happens if you have no pet.

  1. If the player goes the non-Kol fan route, you might allow an option to remain silent while Thalia gushes over him when he wakes up.

  2. Will Jarrod and Professor Darzi react when they find out the player is a keeper? (Assuming Darzi didn’t already know). For that matter, maybe the player could wonder whether they might be an unidentified hunter (illegal), etc.

  3. If dating Astrid, she leaves the restaurant if you indulge all the fans. Is part of it jealousy from her? I could sort of see her doing that…

  4. I know it isn’t in the cards, but it is a shame one can’t do ‘human’ things with their romance option during the Thanksgiving break.

  5. I like the idea of the Delacroix Corner. I can see some posts (anonymous of course) making fun of the Keeper’s clothing choice, or critique on who they are dating. Perhaps there could be a betting pool for the keeper’s next injury…

  6. I really hope a nephilim character gets a chance to get a little back with Secretary Monroe, especially when he threatened to break the player’s wings in the first game (if you were rebellious)

  7. If you take one of the NPCs as a friend for Thanksgiving, you may wish to change the use of ‘suitor’ to friend or something. After all, parents can be just as disapproving of friends as well as closer people.

  8. If you’re playing as a human, when Reyna shows up, there is an option that says: Use Unknown magic against her. This does come across as a little off.


If I recall correctly there’s already choices where MC is callous and uncaring towards Kol. We could tell the suitemates the truth about the betrayal or be quiet about it. If you sabotage his potion MC won’t usually mention his name in a good light, or not mention him at all.