Keeper of Day and Night (WIP - Updated 3/15/19)



I am awake at 3 am just to play it.


Yes, especially since one of the available names for your companion is “Fox-Fire” in that game, I’m sure that author was inspired by those legends, although they combined two of those legends by making the will o the wisp type spirit a fox spirit.


Yeah, I get it now. Although the fox-fire is more like a pet/companion in FoS. We already get to pick pets in Keeper Of Day And Night.


The update will be up at around 7 PM EST. Thanks everyone for your support!

Thank you for the clarification! No, probably not.


So around at midnight for me. Yesss, looking forward to the update! :sparkles: :partying_face:


hell yeah 8 PM for me


4 PM for me.


Update 3/15: The first half of Chapter 2 is now up and can be played at
Please clear your browser cache before playing!

Any and all feedback is appreciated, but if you can speak to whether the pacing/scene transitions were okay that would be especially helpful!

Currently on my to do list is adding a news articles section to the stat screen.

One small note for Yakov’s route: a minor detail of his epilogue is retconned in the demo; he no longer mentions his uncle when attacked. This change will be reflected in book one in the next update to it, but is a low priority at the moment.


Awww yes! Finally! So excited to play the new update :grin:

Edit: I found something

Is the [/spoiler] supposed to be there?

There should be a period and apostrophes at the end because his dialogue doesn’t continue.


This cliffhanger though :sob:

Some minor stuff I found



I think that’s missing a word ?


I know :cry:

But all we got to do is wait for the next update and support the author in the meantine!


I took Ritual Magic, Potions, Sigil & Runes, and Basic Healing Potions in the first game. Looking at the code, I think I should be taking Modern Magic Tech instead, for both RM and Healing Majors. Would be good to be able to set what courses we took in Book 1.

I think we need the raisehand variable created. Otherwise we keep getting the latter response.

RO variables should be for Cressy and Cy respectively.


-Are we still able to keep our old jobs? If so, we might need to input our jobs in the CC.

-Could you add in Jaime and Davina’s character descriptions in the stat page? Might be helpful in the future, since people may forget about them in the time between book releases.

-Looks like Yakov is staying true to form-- once again, he managed to worm his way out of a proper explanation, even when that was the point of the whole conversation :upside_down_face: Is it possible to have this conversation expanded a bit more? His scene feels kinda lackluster.


Why are we being moved to Lunar hall, is it standard procedure or something nefarious to do with the mc possibly being a keeper and/or Leon’s security with his dad becoming even more prominent and/or something to do with Sera and Briseis or all of those?

Also with the election story in chapter2, no chance to vote for an independent or minor party underdog? Are there no equivalents of the Greens or Libertarians or any of the 100’s of colorful independents real America has in the elections, even if it would be perceived as a “wasted” vote.
Unlike with both major parties, both of whom my mc has issues with due to both Monroe and Patil he might be willing to appear in the campaign material of the right sort of plucky independent or minor candidate, pro-bono even. :thinking:

Special Topics in Control Magic: Compulsion meets first thing next morning. Leon is none to happy to be woken up by your alarm, grousing about why he had gotten stuck rooming with the only person with early morning classes.

Trust me little kitty cat, my mc ain’t none to happy about having to wake at ungodly hours either! :angry:

Altair had been interning with Practical Magic Innovations throughout his sophomore year, and although he’d been happy to go on excitedly about what he was working on, about half of it had gone completely over your head.

Considering this is the text that appears for an INT 30+ mc, is this another one of Alty’s secrets, or at least yet another thing he downplays, that he secretly smarter than my mc and Sera combined? :thinking:
Fortunately Alty is on my mc’s side, even more fortunately his low self-esteem doesn’t seem to make him realize or care a boy like him would ordinarily have been way out my mc’s league. :grin:

He pouts. “Oh, don’t look at me like that! I’m only doing the theory part—Doctor Sterling may or may not have specifically told me that I’m not allowed to touch any of the materials myself.”

This is probably my fave bit of the new chapter and classic (unintentionally) funny Alty! :rofl:


Hey, so I found a couple of spelling errors and for the record I am not very good at screenshoting or I would’ve this is the first “Secretary Patil’s performance as Cambion Secretary has also been a campaign issue—particularly regarding hid niece’s involvement in the artifact thefts this year.” This second one I am not sure about I am pretty it’s a mistake, but I could be wrong either way here it is: Celestial magic is incredibly powerful, and also calls with horrible consequences. The first one I am pretty sure you meant his not hid and the second while it still works as it is comes works better than calls.


I’m back, and I’ve arrived at the sequel party in a fashionably late manner. Admittedly, I had lost interest in the series until I started to make MC’s based off of Dark Souls (already made a drakina named Priscilla and a fire elemental named Quelaag), so here I am.

And I am here to point out an error of sorts:

*if element = “fire”
*set firemanip true
*if elemental >= 30
set lavamanip true
*if element = “lightning”
*set lightningmanip true
*if elemental >= 30
set stormmanip true
*if element = “ice”
*set icemanip true
*if elemental >= 30
set snowmanip true

For the peripheral elements check, I realized that the game doesn’t check if your species is an elemental or not. Quite odd, since, according to the first game elementals are the only ones who can use them (I’m pretty sure it’s the main unique aspect they have) and if every other species can use them as well, then elementals are pretty much nothing more than glorified Benders.


The pacing and scenes transitions fine to me (though for the latter, I might need to replay it).

The scenes that seems shorter are Leon and Seraphina scene at cafe, because other ROs have more variation of text than them from what I look in code.

Something I'd found related to their scenes (sorry if these already pointed out!):

Also that probably should be “…as well as your boyfriend.”

It took me longer than it should to figured that Seraphina the one that speaking here. It would be nice if you can make it clearer who spoke here.

Also, new favorite part:


I only found this one:


Probably because the last class haven’t written yet, but I just thought to point this out.

Just cosmetic one. Since MC can change their clothes style, can they also change their hairstyle?


By the way, when we get to choose who we would vote on could you add an option that says something like “I don’t know who to vote on. I never cared much about politics.” Or something similar like that?

And when our roommate suggested that we should get a sleep potion, could you add a snarky option like “I don’t need your help.” or “It won’t help me anyway.”?


Seconded, although for the snarky option I’d prefer something along the lines of: “Then why don’t you sing me a lullaby, little kitty cat!”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Come to think of it a song and being held while he sleeps might help some, but probably only if it were Alty doing it, which isn’t really an option, unfortunately. :disappointed:


All the MCs who have Astrid as a roommate:


It’s not as if this author never writes any minor scene and dialogue variations, right? :roll_eyes:

As far as little kitty cat goes I was surprised that his choice of major is the same as my mc’s (although I am now doubting between that and theoretical magic as the mc in this game could certainly do with a better understanding of the underlying fundamentals of magic) considering how Leon apparently caused a kitchen explosion, unless the mc chooses to intervene.

I mean he may gripe about poor Alty’s dismal potions record, but little kitty cat hasn’t exactly proven himself to be a much better cook or potion crafter.

I also just thought up a more elaborate sarcastic option that would be right up my mc’s alley, so to speak. Don’t reply to Leon directly but buy/craft him a pair of sound magical sound dampening ear muffs with cat ears, like this:

I mean if our nightmares bother poor Leon that much we should help him deal with it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hope they get some, but I got the impression the author hadn’t yet finished all the variation text in that scene yet.