Keeper of Day and Night (WIP - Updated 3/15/19)



Yeah. But I do wonder if illusions can be severe enough to harm someone permanently. It also seems like compulsion can take a toll on someone’s mental health. Because after Davina broke free from Reyna’s compulsion she was pretty much unconscious and when she woke up she started screaming.


They probably can but the person has to have impeccable will power to create those illusions.


Strong enough to break someone’s sanity?


But aren’t they basically the same thing?


Probably, like schizophrenia or delusions if they know about the target’s past


Mind control = taking over one’s mind and force them to do or say certain things

Illusions = trick someone with false imagery

(i think???)


That may have more to do with watching her friend (Jaime) be murdered and all the other horrible things she had to do while under compulsion. If Monroe successfully compels you, you don’t seem to suffer any negative effects beyond being very confused.


yup, in a nutshell


Yea but…aren’t both messing with ur mind?


Was MC controlled by Monroe for a long period of time? It was mentioned that Reyna had Davina under her thumb for a long period of time. And I’m still sad over Jaime’s death. He just wanted some pizza :frowning:

Yes they are, but in different ways.


Just like Fire manipulation and Lightning manipulation are different Mind Control and illusions are different


Ok :+1:


As far as we know anyway. If his goons implanted a Trojan horse or altered or implanted certain ideas and perceptions in our mind we’d be the last ones to be told literally.

True though I still believe Davina is not as “innocent” as she claims to be and the magi legal system is eager to make her out to be. I also think she’s a natural sadist and the compulsions at their soonest only started after she revealed the info she stole on the mc to Reyna. That act of information theft is essentially how the mc ends up in the whole “keeper” mess, without that we’d have been like any other regular old magi (if we chose our mc’s to have powers) or just a regular human and would likely have remained blissfully unaware of the whole keeper thing.


More likely, it would have been figured out anyway, but you wouldn’t have had to, y’know, summon a demon to do so.

I personally have sympathy for Davina and even Reyna. As far as we know, Davina might have been compelled the entire time. There just isn’t enough information to know yet—that’s something I hope this game will address. As for Reyna…nothing excuses her actions, but assuming the demon appeared immediately after her sister’s death, then she’s been groomed since she was 3-4 by a being far more powerful than herself. It’s pitiable, and again, something I hope this game addresses. I would love the option to befriend her brother (my main MC didn’t kill Reyna, so it should be a touch easier). If that thing is still out there, he may be vulnerable to it, and I’m not having any of that.

I’m sorry, but agreeing to destroy the world for pizza is genuinely funny.

And I hadn’t thought of the length of time under compulsion being an issue, but yeah, I see it.


I doubt that though and I don’t think she was compelled when she and Reyna tormented Astrid the year before. I really believe that when she stole our info Davina was not yet being compelled so I think that came later, the question is how much later. In any case my mc doesn’t buy her whole innocent victim spiel. Like I’ve said before it really rubs my mc the wrong way that she is regarded to be the innocent victim here and gets to walk away from it all without much further consequences, when Reyna and Jaime are dead, Kol is in a Coma and the mc is left to deal with the keeper mess as well as their part in the whole affair, which included summoning the demon and in my case butchering Reyna.

You’re probably right but there are apparently dozens of open “keeper” investigations running concurrently at any time, so if we’d have been lucky ours would not have concluded until we graduated and would have been at least a bit more prepared and familiar with the magical world. Not to mention hopefully being able to provide for ourselves.


Ajskdmgorjdfkak I was talking about Jaime. Honestly, out of the three I think I pity him the most. He tried to be a good bro — ended up getting killed

I mean, the whole scene was dramatic because the artifact thieves were just revealed and then here comes dorky little Jaime and he’s like “man i just wanted some pizza, idk how i ended up here.”


It’ll probably be a choice for MC if Celosia says they were involved in taking down Reyna or not.

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand this term. Could you explain it?

The ones that are planned for next game are lava and combustion for fire, snow and water for ice, and storms and energy for lightning.

Seraphina’s route will heavily involve Davina. (It’s one of the routes I’m most excited to write!)


Who will be the central character’s in Alty’s subplot, besides Alty and the mc?


You’ve heard of Will o the wisps, right?

Well in Japan, the equivalent phenomena is foxfire, supposedly made by kitsunes.

So basically the question is “Will Kitsunes get to make ghostly balls of fire to befuddle and distract?”


That’s so cool, looking forward to it :smile:

Also, it’s march 15th where I live, and the update is supposed to drop today. Our timezones might be different but I’d stay up to 3 AM just to play it.

Oh! You mean like the little flame ghost/spirit in Fox Of Sunholt?