Keeper of Day and Night (WIP - Updated 3/15/19)



The ROs would in one way or another try to help the MC. It just means more quality time with our favorite characters.


True, though that is somewhat offset by the fact my mc doesn’t really like obvious pity.

Coming back to the “what confrontation?” part. @daydreamsincolor I imagine being able to continue the cover story and denying everything would only a be a valid option for mc’s like mine who killed the demon and its host Reyna. Otherwise, if Reyna stands trial I imagine they’d want the mc as a witness?
Unfortunately also imagine Sera wouldn’t continue with the initial cover story if/when it comes to that and I’m afraid she won’t let us perjure ourselves and lie on the stand and all that is assuming the courts won’t just have a real truth serum or some other way to make “hostile witness” mc’s talk. :thinking:


Surprised about Thalia and Astrid, Cycy and Leo.

It’s kind of a credible fear. I mean you’re hung up about the attempt of control magic in the prologue and keepers are supposed to be naturally talented at it. Even without that a normal person is a walking weapon, and then with engineering, they’re probably made to be better or not for the outside world. And the genetic engineering in the drakina is using their gods and the keeper case is making someone naturally good at messing with your mind.


I’m more surprised that Astrid is in the same category as Sera and Yakov… She seems to be very clingy to the MC.


I think it’s less about level of upset and more about the four of them not being willing to show it, for one reason or another. Astrid says at the beginning that when something frightening happens, she just ignores it until it stops being a problem. Sera and Yakov also tend to repress their emotions. I don’t think Sera ever had a anyone model healthy emotional expression for her (I know Celosia sure as hell didn’t) and Yakov seems to feel like he’s not allowed to feel things. That’s probably why the 3 of them are rated so high on the list for likelihood of having a breadown—they have crappy coping mechanisms.


Sera is a tsundere :stuck_out_tongue:

*if seraphinarelationship >= 80
She understands now what it’s like to love someone and hate them in turn.
*if (seraphinarelationship < 80) and (seraphinarelationship >= 70)
Your existence is troubling. Why do you make her feel this way?

(blurred it just in case)


Oh no my cinnamon rolls!! :sob:

At least Sera will be more comfortable with expressing her feelings, though. I don’t know about Yakov…


Accidentally ended up dating Kol in one playthrough (usually I just romance female ROs) but I was not in the least disappointed. When the save open is a available I plan to do a few saves with Kol :smile:


It depends on how the announcement that MC is a keeper goes. At the moment, the plan is for Celosia to acknowledge that MC had a part in taking out Reyna but not go over the specifics (e.g. that they were kidnapped and forced to summon the demon in the first place).



Any chance to dissuade her of such foolishness and stick with Sera’s cover story, as modified by Leon?
Telling it this way will only inspire the media to dig deeper and then they’ll come to the facts that we were used to summon the damned thing in the first place.


Kol is such a sweet cinnamon roll but whenever I replay I can’t help but go out with Leon. He’s my OG RO, y’know? It’s hard to let go. But then again, all of the ROs are great and I’m gonna create 1000 different MCs to romance them and feel slightly guilty that I gave up on Leon :sweat_smile:


In terms of peripheral elemental abilities, will kitsunes be able to use fox-fire like it’s seen in folklore and popular culture, by maybe incorporating their illusion manipulation into the fire manipulation?


Honestly, that’s how I feel about Astrid since the game was a WIP :pensive: so hard to pick different romance options


What if that was possible by having high elemental and ritual magic? (Or whatever stats illusions are related to). Kinda sounds like a cool idea to me, though.


willpower iirc


What are the peripheral abilities for each element?


Willpower, same as control magic, as illusions are a weaker form of control magic in this universe.


Ah, been so long since I’ve done a Kitsune playthrough, even though they’e my favorite species.


Y is control illegal but not illusions?


@DontJudge I think it’s just compulsion—mind control—that’s illegal.