Keeper of Day and Night (WIP - Updated 3/15/19)



So how would that affect their opinion of the mc, particularly if we’re dating them? Would they suddenly start viewing us as a freak of nature or something like that?

Imho, they’re all attractive, but Altair and Cyrus are totally the cutest and most handsome. Followed by Leon I suppose. In all their cases being wealthy certainly helps.

What about the mc, now that we’re going to become a (brief) media obsession? :thinking:


Ah yes, sweet ol’ angst.

Maybe it depends on the relationship stats? If we have 40-30 or lower relationship percentage with a certain character then maybe they will? I don’t think any of the ROs are that judgemental, though.

You got it in the wrong order!

Briseis >>>>> Leon = Altair = Cyrus

In my opinion it should be left to the reader to imagine if you want your MC to be on a brant-level of attractive

Will we ever encounter him again or was it just a random dream?

I like this one. Because you’re not too specific, y’know. You left it to the reader to imagine what “attractive” features are.

Will they be presented as options that the player can pick? Or are they unavoidable parts of the plot? Because I really like the ideas you presented (just my opinion) but will we be able to pick more than one event or will it just be limited to one?


Or for those of us who don’t like it and choose not to pursue it can we also attend none to hang out with our actual friends? Or even Briseis, my mc would rather be cooped up with Briseis than attend a political dinner as prop for the table settings.

Sure it would be less work but you know as well as I do media, particularly the celebrity and gossip focused varieties like to obsess over it. In any case I guess it’s up to the author if this will be purely our imagination or we get to pick. Of course I’m really in it to have Alty call my mc handsome. Whether the media does or not doesn’t really matter.

How would my mc know? He was just walking home with three of his suitemates when Astrid was attacked by a stray hellhound. If that host really asks that question his story would go a bit like this:

“I don’t know why you’re asking m, sir/ ma’am, I’m just a regular college student. All I know is that day we were tired of being cooped up so we defied the quarantine and went out, just for a stroll and a bite to eat when suddenly out of nowhere one my suitemates, miss Adtaz was jumped by a stray hellhound. Anyway, in the commotion that followed we apparently we all sustained minor injuries somehow and it seems mr. Dalton killed the mutt and saved miss Adtaz in the process. I don’t know anything more than that as when I tried to dodge that hellhound I miscalculated and landed in a pile of glass shards that hurt like hell. Honestly, it was not my proudest moment of the year. But I guess we were all a bit on edge that day, fortunately, mr. Dalton kept enough of his wits about him to quickly and decisively deal with the situation. Your station has already interviewed him, I believe. To continue, when the hellhound situation was over we finally got a good look around and saw a woman, who we now know to be miss Moreno lying there dead in a pile of her own blood with the stolen artifacts close by. Shortly after the paramedics and other emergency services arrived and you know the story from there. We were foolish students acting foolishly and put ourselves and the emergency personnel in danger needlessly that day and for that, I wish to apologize. But that is all I know about the events of that day and I did not even know I was what you call a “keeper” at that time.”

There the absolutely truthful story as my mc would tell it in the least interesting and most boring way possible, backed up by Sera.

Why don’t they get Sera to do that, that would be the real coup! My mc is just a regular boring college kid.

The only way my mc would agree to go is if Alty would go too and agree to his funny Secretary Monroe impersonation again. :rofl:

What confrontation? :confused: I mean when my mc “found” her she was already lying there dead in a pool of her own blood. And my mc is not going to get scared by a hellhound and “dodge” into a pile of shattered glass again. I mean that really hurt and he was lucky it didn’t get into his eyes or something! :face_with_head_bandage: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Aww…look at Cy being all cute and nurturing when he thinks we can’t see or hear. :hugs: I would have put Leon in the “tries not to think about it camp though”.

Of course. My mc would be really worried about this one.

Hmmm…I suppose once we get big fluffly kitty cat it’ll be: Big fluffy kitty cat (let’s not kid ourselves about who is going to be the boss once we become its butler-> the evil dragon -> Altair = Cyrus = little kitty cat= male mc (if the player wants) =Yakov (but only if we ever get the kid to actually try to look good and dress his best, instead of toning everything down like he usually does).
Kol is a separate category since he can be anything or anyone.

Up to the player, I hope, not every mc can sing well, or at least well enough to want to do so on live tv. I guess my main one is decent but nothing particularly special, not like Alty or Thalia and he’d be better off doing backup vocals for either of them. :thinking:


The MC could sing or perform a recital at a memorial concert.
They could do some type of charity work like helping the homeless or picking up trash.
Maybe becoming a big brother or big sister to a child.

This is all I can think of now. I might think of more later if no one else has anything to add lol


I still fail to see how that is relevant to the actual story, though. It probably won’t get added.

“You’re so right, he really is boring” Is probably what Sera will say if you ask her to back up your story :rofl:

I guess we’ll have an option to either be quiet or tell the media about our fight with Reyna.

Cyrus fits that “tries not to think about it” category more than Leon, I mean, Cy is so cynical and snarky. Totally different from our charming little kitty-cat :two_hearts: And if you think about it, it kind of makes sense? Leon has been troubled by his mother’s and sister’s death even after almost two decades. So is it really surprising that he’s also troubled by the fact that his significant other is stuck in a coma?

Cy leans more to the ice prince personality. But after reading this ask it seems like he actually has a soft spot :blush:

Kol is in a separate category because he’s superior


His sunny disposition just shines through no matter what.

It does say, specifically, “for those seeking fame,” so I assume so.

  1. She won’t. It’s briefly mentioned that she rebuffs attempts to contact her for interviews/comments. I doubt they’d get her to do something she sees as frivolous (and perhaps offensive).
  2. You aren’t a just boring college kid, that’s the point. Your MC is a Keeper, potentially an unexpected one (kitsune, magician, etc.) who fought a demon and won at the tender age of 17-19.


That moment when you didn’t read the post close enough

Honestly, relateable

Are we just gonna ignore the fact that she would start a cool hair club with Leon because of something as petty as the MC being proud of their hair

Y e s E x a c t l y

Although some people want to play as a MC who shuns the attention and fame, which I understand. But there’s no going back from fighting a crazy snake lady and getting kidnapped by a demon in high heels and a party dress.

Yeah, it’s actually impressive. Imagine, you’ve never had contact with the supernatural or magic before, you’ve only known it for a few months. And yet you beat a demon.

Hell yeah, MC is a badass.

edit: so i read your “mom plays kotsam” tumblr post and i just wanted to say that your mom is awesome and an icon for chaotic MCs


Again what confrontation? :confused: My mc doesn’t know how Reyna ended up dead lying in a pool of her own blood. I mean we have a cover story you know, the rest of us panicked and Leon fought a single stray hellhound. We know nothing about a demon nor how Reyna ended up dead. Maybe they should ask the known keepers about that, if there was a covert op maybe they were behind it somehow? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But, really, neither my mc nor any of his suitemates were part or party to any confrontation with a “demon”, any source saying different is obviously “fake news” not to mention lies and slander. :wink:

Ugh, sorry, yes.
Hope those of us who don’t get more and different scenes with the characters instead. Like being able to devote more time to the subplot of our RO, for example. :persevere:


Are you sure it wasn’t kool-aid? I mean, blood? Seriously? What blood??

No one: …

Leon: Oh, haven’t you heard? I fought a hellhound.

Totally gonna devote 100% of my time on Leon’s subplot because he needs to be loved and treated right.


Sure, my mc only knows that because it was on the news, but if the fake news media is lying about him maybe they were lying about that as well. :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Which means boosting your fame rating and income because Leon seems to be a really high maintenance guy, so if you want to provide for him…

Indeed! I mean he has only given what a hundred interviews about it by now? So y’all know that story already. :wink:
I mean my mc may have produced the first hit on one of their many keeper investigations in decades but he knows nothing about fighting a demon, he has never done that and hopes to never have to do it either. The celestial beings are all sealed away anyway.
So maybe he will do that one late night interview and that one only and only to set the record straight once and for all.

If she really does consider it that then my mc won’t Sera is his friend, even if she has an evil dragon and it is in poor taste to ask him. :unamused:

Maybe my mc has something in common after all, they’re both normal, boring middle-class college kids. Nothing to see there, now move on folks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Exactly! Even my mc will have to buy Leon something nice if and when he has money for all the “free” stuff he used. The more important thing is treating Alty to a nice vacation. And if my mc is going to be in the public spotlight, wanted or not, he should still do something about his wardrobe too.

Seriously, just make a bet/dare with him. Leon is apparently competitive to a fault. Then you just need to win it and presto! Blond Leon. :grin:

Hmm…depending on mc the suitemates can already have a seriously high representation of Blond(e)s with Astrid, Yakov and possibly mc all being blond already. Add Leon and we’d have a Blond majority.


Oh my god

Killing two birds with one stone

Look, Leon paid for all of my stuff and bought me a custom-made chocolate egg, it is about time that i pay him back.


They’d think it was strange.

It’s nothing the news reports would mention (in universe, they might, yeah, but it’s not really plot relevant/entertaining enough for me to write about in the news reports for MC to read)

If I need another minor villain :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the ideas!


Imagine if MC encountered him again at the grocery store and was like “hey, wait a minute, you look familiar.” but never really thought much about it and just bought the avocados they came for.


“It”? Or the mc? Or would the mc suddenly become a sort “it” to them? :worried:


The situation is strange, not mc


Y’know, I wonder if Leon just likes the attention or if he said that in hopes of impressing his father? He seems like a “Well Done, Son” kinda kid. Maybe it’s why he’s so competitive.


I’ll bet 50$ and a box of froot loops that it’s actually both of those reasons.

He does. The author said that after the death of his sister and mother his father threw himself into work and distanced himself from Leon.

Leon’s dad is distant but he tries to be a good father. He threw himself into his work when Leon’s sister and mother died to try and cope, and Leon never really forgave him for that.

I couldn’t directly quote it from the thread because it was locked but here’s the full post:

And it’d make sense that he’d try to make his dad proud because the author said that he actually cares for his dad. And he seems like he wants to break free from living in his step-sister’s shadow, he wants to be noticed(?).

We cracked the code guys


Just voicing my worst case scenario angst and fears there. We know Draikana as they have their origin in genetic/engineering and magical experimentation are not the most well-regarded of the magical world to put it lightly. So to find out the mc is essentially an impostor and to go a bit Hunger Games there a genetically engineered mutt, I can certainly see how that comes as shock to them (I mean it did to my mc as well). I don’t think Alty or Cy would immediately end it over that but I am more curious about the smaller changes that may nonetheless have long term consequences. Would they, for instance, become more hesitant to touch or be intimate with the mc? :worried:
Intellectually they’d know the mc is still the same one they have known for the last year and not to blame for their “condition” besides. But a young lifetime of near-religious indoctrination and possible subtle biases and prejudices are hard to dispel with the mind alone.


Why? I dont think MC imposes that much of a threat? I think they’d see MC as a victim.


Pity and being viewed as a helpless “victim” can be a consequence in and of itself that can deprive people of agency and make them feel trapped and diminished.
Anyway, we already know the magical world apparently never considers “keepers” the victim of anything as they are supposed to protect themselves and in this case they already consider Davina to be the victim of this whole affair, not even a word about poor Jaime. :unamused:

Possibly delicious relationship angst potential around there. :sweat_smile:
Maybe my mc will keep Constellation secret after all and make Alty promise to never to tell his dad as on further reflection Tiras is the last person he’d want to know that story who doesn’t already.

Which begs the question for all the celebrity bullshit magical 'Murica surrounds them with, how dangerous are “normal” keepers supposed to be? Now add the stereotypes about genetically and magically engineered beings/people/species to that for our mc.

That’s actually really sweet! :crying_cat_face: And we know his dad cares about him too, compared to mc Leon is lucky.

Pity we can’t hand him the keeper gig as he actually seems to both like and want/need the fame.
Still, he was the only one who courageously kept his wits about him and saved Astrid from the hound while Sera and my mc were apparently stumbling around disoriented, dazed and confused, so that’s a point for Leon I guess, eh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: