Keeper of Day and Night (WIP - Updated 3/15/19)



I mean, look at it like this: we know from the blog and a few clues sprinkled throughout the first (honestly, Brynn is pretty awesome at pacing) that Mr. Adtaz and Mr. Vasilyev here have hidden depths, yes? So, Altair may seem like he cares about his clothes on the surface, but we don’t actually have much to back that up, other than the winter break. Like any can look good within a lot of effort if your parents are rich as hell, and Altair keeps a lot of secrets. If I remember correctly, he only says he was late because he was getting dressed. He also says he loves the statue garden, but we know from the blog that he hates it.

As for Yakov, what everyone above has said sounds right. That boy is the personification of I Just Want to be Normal. I agree with @Fay—the narrative frequently points out how quietly Yakov exists, from slipping out of rooms without saying goodbye, sneaking up on people, or deflecting personal questions like a champ.


This is a skill every introvert is born with.

Wait what? So is it possible that every answer on the blog reflects what the characters truly feel?


The post in question:

I don’t if it’s necessarily what they truly feel, but it is a different perspective of them than they show in-game.


Yeah, I know, I was re-reading everything on the blog to find it. Thanks for sharing the post though!

Thanks, now I’m gonna start comparing in-game scenes to blog asks :laughing:


i see you are working fast, thats a pretty good aptitude brinn :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


i guess i not going to read this thread until the next update because i don’t wanna any spoilers and i already know about marcela so until the next update


Nah, it notes that he does look really dapper there, so he really did get changed, now did he also do something else that is very much possible.

Yeah, but not everybody can have fashion sense not even if they’re “rich as hell” I mean look at Leon, right? (Cyrus even says so if you’re dating him and offers to let you borrow from him instead. I mean Leon’s fashion sense is apparently bad enough it evokes Cy’s pity. Sadly, even so, we can never actually borrow anything from Cy. :disappointed: ) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That being said Alty probably does have a very enviable wardrobe and he also looks naturally cute/handsome.

I know! Finding out all of Alty’s secrets is becoming something of a hobby of my mc. In any case he does keep secrets himself, from Renatus and the world in general that he butchered a girl for example.
He may now also have to keep the Constellation project secret from people who don’t already know, except ironically Alty as I can’t envision my mc not telling Alty eventually.

Leon is quite rude at the beginning and very arrogant throughout, so…


He’s very charming if you have him as your RO. And so adorable too! :two_hearts:

Don’t know what you’re taking about, he seems to be fine imo?

So does the MC’s when you’re going shopping. Everyone knows that Cy is very snarky and cynical but actually very sweet on the inside. Does it actually surprise you that he’d make a comment like that?

I’m ready to expose evey secret just to have a taste of the sweet angst. And the MC might be able to reveal why they’re a keeper to the ROs and that’s like angst city right there and im here for it


Yes, and that’s something my mc doesn’t really like. But then it is very much true the poor boy doesn’t have a high society proof wardrobe and in the beginning no wardrobe at all. So Cy already starts off with the wrong impression of mc’s fashion sense when they first meet, as does Alty for that matter since they’re all meeting the mc when we’re still wearing our torn, dirty, bloodstained and smelly outfit from the Gorgon fiasco. :unamused:
After that whenever he must mingle with magi high-society he looks like a dollar store version of Leon, which is not exactly his style but unfortunately literal beggars can’t be choosers, except for the Nymph ball where it is indeed bad enough that we become Cy and Leon’s charity makeover project.
In subsequent chapters there remains the fact that the mc due to being everybody’s favorite target sustains a whole lot of outfit damage.
So, in short, we don’t meet the ro’s on the best of terms from a fashion standpoint and the circumstances and our lack of resources for most of the first game does nothing to change that, nor does buying more crappy “fast fashion” junk at the current start of game two for that matter. :unamused:

I expect the first few fluff articles after the reveal to be about how bad the mc’s fashion sense is (when it is just their bank account that’s even worse. :unamused: )
The worst thing is that this can then trap you in the situation where upgrading your wardrobe to what you might actually want after becoming famous is the things that will be seen as “inauthentic” with some possible corporate sponsors even mandating a change back to our old, crappy look and (lack of “style”. :disappointed: :angry:

Unlike Leon though who simply has bad taste in clothes and has no further excuses the mc lack of style in the magical world is mostly a product of their unique circumstances and the magical parts of their families being absolutely worthless (even in the case of the last set of parents no other magical relatives, such as grandparents or aunts and uncles ever attempted to reach out either) for all of their lives. With the result being that, to the magical world, the mc probably looks and acts like a complete idiot.


What’s up with all the high society brands and clothes? You realize that you can look good without wearing expensive clothes, right? Unless you’re very bad at putting together outfits.

I think he’a just being his usual snarky self. Nothing to think much about really.

Crappy fashion can look good depending on what you wear it with, sometimes you’ve got to improvise, and sometimes (since this is a textbased game) you have to use your

If you’re really uncreative, then yeah

What? So celebrities in the real world can get face lifts, nose jobs, etc but this is what you think the media will be worried about? I hardly doubt it. If it ever was revealed that MC stopped Reyna I think the media would latch on to that story first. And MC is a keeper so the articles will probably be about MC’s newfound keeper identity because it relates more to the story, gameplay and plot.

He’s been mentioned as the RO who’s the most attentive about his clothes and looks. Before the nymph ball it was mentioned that Leon would take the most time to prepare himself. So if we’re gonna compare Leon to Cy then we know Leon will win because it he puts more effort into it. When MC saw Cy in formal wear for the first time they were pretty surprised which says a lot about Cyrus and his sense of fashion (although a lot of people are into that bad boy look, not gonna lie, it is tempting)

I don’t know about the idiot part. High intelligence stats changes the gameplay a lot. And intelligent!MC even bested Sera at math!


You can get better value for money over the brand and designer names by just finding a good custom tailor, but it still isn’t exactly cheap and the mc hasn’t had the chance to find a magical tailor jet anyway.
It’s less about the brands than the quality, top brands are often just as exploitative of the third world as “fast fashion” but good higher quality fabrics that are well put together (and at least semi-custom) will look and feel better than a fast-fashion item you buy cheap off the rack. Of course particularly when it comes to leather you get what you pay for and synthetic leather does not look or feel nearly as good as the real deal and unless it’s perforated (which looks ugly and feels worse) it won’t breathe and you’ll sweat like crazy.

Plus my mc generally cares about clothes, fashion and how he looks so he’d take it worse than somebody who didn’t.

This is the operative statement, if you have a quality “eye catcher” piece you can most often get away with lesser quality for the rest of your outfit. However this does fall apart when you’re mingling among gorgeous people who wear their best with their best being out of your reach. Which is the situation our mc’s find themselves in. Sure we can still look decent, but we’ll also look like a dollar store version.

And they often get lambasted for it too. The media loves and wants fluff and clickbait, particularly if it is formulated in a way that makes the average reader feel morally superior and thus better about themselves.

Queue endless comparisons to the late Brant, because that’s what that will be. The Americans have this ideal image of what a keeper should be that they’ll be constantly comparing the mc to and that includes appearance and perceived (lack of) fashion sense, even if that is not the whole story.
Though for mc’s such as mine who will refuse to (frequently) engage with the press on their own we can probably expect more nonsense, idle speculation and sensationalist clickbait of every sort than some of the others, at least while the fame lasts.

I, of course, meant not attuned to the culture, an outsider who doesn’t know all of the social cues and customs, not that the mc is dumb, which my guys aren’t either but no matter how intelligent we are it is very evident that we, like John Snow, “know nothing” of the magical world and its customs or even magic itself. And we are still particularly lacking in subtle manipulations and useful utility magic.


We’re college students. At college. With other college students. As far as I know, MC hasn’t participated in many extravagant events except for the nymp ball and winter solstice.

But MC won’t, because it is completely irrelevant to the story and plot in so many ways.

Hmm, that’s something I can imagine being brought up in the game.

MC is kinda new in the 1st game so it makes sense. At least we were powerful enough to beat Leon in the exam, and he has known magic for years.


Mine was comparable, yes he beats Leon in the first round and from reading the code I know he could have done the Drake better if he had tried elemental manipulation instead of the Monarda. My mc doesn’t though and since it was a simulation and using his “powers” never feels completely comfortable to him he does prefer ritual magic or potions whenever possible. Sadly in the Drake exam to do best with those two you also need physical fighting/martial arts skills that he lacks.

Yep, and Brant was super rich, super good looking and probably had an awesome wardrobe. So queue the comparisons with mc. Oh and lastly Brant seemed to have liked and wanted the fame, whereas my mc very much doesn’t.

But this is why my mc, not being a code reading player does worse than I know he could have there. So he ends with a performance comparable to, not better than Leon’s on that exam.


Same. Never really focused on that stat either.


Out of curiosity when will we be able to load saves?


Usually once the final product is released only, sorry. Neither we nor the authors really have access to CoG’s current, server-side save system I think. Which is why I asked to be able to input stats and relationships directly as it sort of allows us to approximate both our mc’s and test the greatest variety of possible characters, including some combinations that were not actually possible in the first game.
The only thing we cannot set right now are minor variables, such as having participated in the first few rounds of the duelist tournament that are nevertheless present in the code and will show up for true imports.
I hope that if she ever writes a truly divergent scene (instead of just the few lines it is now) for new or imported mc the stat selection will at that time allow us to set the appropriate variables to be able to beta test it.


I think when the entire sequel has been released. Right now we can only choose our stats, personality and important plot points from the last game.


Thank you both.


No problem :blush:



Creepy nephilim guy wasn’t acting on Monroe’s orders.

They’ve always been told that keepers are sacred—the idea that someone would try to create keepers is baffling to them.

It’s too subjective for me to really comment on. (IIRC, Leon and Davina are the only characters specifically mentioned as being attractive in-game.)

I do have a few possible events planned for MC’s seeking out fame, namely

  • Attending a political dinner with self-deprecating comedic speeches given by Secretaries Monroe and Patil
  • Guest starring in a sketch comedy show in a sketch parodying their confrontation with Reyna
  • Being interviewed by a late show host about being a keeper/what happened with Reyna
  • Presenting an award to the cast of the Delacroix miniseries at an awards show

Any thoughts? :thinking:

Only once it’s released, sorry! (The current plan for private beta testing is to upload the code for both games as one game, so testers can choose to play through the first and then second with the same character)