Keeper of Day and Night (WIP - Updated 3/15/19)



I’m willing to give Renatus a chance.


Same. But I’m also nervous about the reveal that MC killed Reyna. What if he finds out? Will I lose my new best bro Ren??


It’s more will there be a fellow keeper out to butcher us in turn now.
Best the kid never learns and learns to stay away from my mc.


What? Is he a keeper or what are you saying?


Don’t know still just my hunch that says that he is and possible an illegitimate kid of the late Brant Delacroix to boot.

The first part of this is self-evident, of course he’d be upset, particularly in the case of my mc not only that we killed his beloved but the absolutely savage way he did it would be another factor.
As for the second part, how much is your mc willing to bet on that one? I mean since he entered the magical world there have been all sorts of people and creatures trying to kill my mc and with the keeper reveal that part is only said to get worse.


Oh, well, personally I don’t think Ren is that evil. He’d probably be very upset but I don’t think he’d kill anyone over it? hopefully???


It only happens if someone’s inconveniently disobedient (and viewed as unimportant). Leon’s neither of those.

I’d be happy to mention it but not really sure how it’d fit in…:thinking:

Her hair’s waist length before it’s in a ponytail.


I guess you could have them (aka Leon and Astrid) argue over whether Leon would look good as a blond. Since Kol was like, 100% of the impulse control in that suite, they’re probably going at it, like, twice as much since he’s in a coma/MIA.

Astrid: I can’t believe your fan club thinks you would make a good blond! You’d look terrible!
Leon: I would not!
Thalia has popcorn, Sera’s setting a record for most eyerolls in five minutes, Yakov is attempting an escape, and somewhere far away, deep within himself, Kol’s Only-Sane-Man senses are tingling.


Glad to see how Secretary Monroe regards the whole keeper business, or at least as it pertains to the (my) mc. It doesn’t suddenly make one more important it seems. :sweat_smile:
Since Leon told us about the mind control business any chance we might be able to tell Cy in the sequel?


interesting. Because if I recall correctly in our nephilim dream scene from the last game some creepy nephilim guy told us that his loyalty was faltering.

You can fit anything into a Leon vs Astrid argument. Those two fight over anything. What if a character complimented Leon’s hair and mentioned that it was blond and Astrid was like “no?? it is brown?? are you blind??”

Tbh Leon would look gorgeous regardless of his hair color

What if that’s what it takes to wake him up


Interesting. I assume all the ro’s still care. But Altair and Cyrus still easily seem to beat out Leon and Yakov who seem to care more about it. Guess good genes, working out and a good wardrobe go a long way.
If I had to guess from this my mc would probably fit between Astrid and Yakov on this scale, as he was getting seriously annoyed at having to be a dollar store version of Leon whenever he needed to go somewhere that requires been seen mingling with the magi high society and generally likes clothes and having his own style. But even with money to burn he wouldn’t shop as crazy much as Astrid and unlike Leon and Cressida his style is just that and he doesn’t aspire to become a fashion icon anything like that.


Huh… :frowning: Not where I’d have expected Yakov…

And now I’m wondering whether being a shifter is what made Kol not really care about his looks, or whether it was just a coincidence? :thinking:


Nope, to me it almost seemed like he and Altair were flipped. I mean on the vacation Alty does make a point of looking dapper. :thinking:

And Cyrus does have his own style too, and part of the “bad boy” style is often pretending you don’t care about it at all even when you very much do. :wink:

Alty and Cy are less aghast than I expected them to be and Leon more so. So what would it be exactly that Cyrus and Altair are so confused about, anything the mc can answer?

Ooh, now my daddy issues really want to know what Altair’s parents are going to say to him in private about dating a male nephilim “keeper” mc?

We’ve met the guy I’m going for this response. I mean behind the new “keeper” veneer mc is still a nobody in the magical world and it also seems like Secretary Monroe now knows we were a part of the Constellation project and therefore not a true keeper. So I don’t think anything would change really.


I think Yakov doesn’t personally care about his appearance, but he does care about the way he is perceived. First impressions can be important and since I feel like he’s trying to lie low/blend in (possibly due to his past), I think he would put some effort into his appearance. As in, he would attempt to look as unassuming as possible. Which could explain the discrepancy between the effort he puts in and his choice of clothing. Either that or his sense of style is truly uninspired :stuck_out_tongue:

Were the characters’ level of attractiveness ever officially rated? I think that’s currently open to interpretation (and not subject to bias at all :wink:). I personally think they’re all equally attractive, but in different ways. Like Sera and Leon are good-looking, but in a cold, unapproachable, statue-like way, whereas Astrid, Kol, and Alty have softer features and are more welcoming.

I don’t think Secretary Monroe knew about MC’s keeper status at that point. If he did, he may have been more inclined to lick your proverbial boots :joy: or he could have more incentive to control MC… :thinking:


To be fair, everything about Yakov is both surprising and not surprising. Like, he wears V-necks and jeans, which is unexpected, but also, can you imagine him in anything else? It’s kinda weird.


False, we all know deeply in our hearts that Cy and Alty are no match for Leon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Same. He seems to be busy… staying alive?

This dude literally got attacked?? And then he just choked his attacker without moving an inch!?

Like statues of greek gods

Yeah, maybe that. Maybe he’s very attentive of his looks to blend in with other students and look as bland/normal as possible to hide from something or someone


Leon tries and he probably does have the most expansive wardrobe thanks to his unlimited band accounts powers, but ultimately he can’t match the badboy attitude and all those gorgeously sculpted muscles of Cy (I mean depending on how much Leon works out he might not even match my mc, but then unlike his academics before Magi his body is something my mc has needed to put a lot of time and discipline into in order to overcome the fact that he’s not naturally inclined to be particularly athletic).

Nor can he match the charm and dapper appearance of perfect gentleman Alty, but then Alty probably has an unfair advantage if he is descended from an Incubus. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still feels like the author mixed up the order of Yakov and Alty as nowhere in the game is it particularly clear Yakov even really cares, whereas if you go on the wintersports vacation it is made clear Alty does.

And as far as Leon’s money super-powers are concerned Altair, Cyrus, Astrid, Sera and Cressida all share those too.


Huh, really? I thought Leon fitted that category more than Alty. Alty’s more like your boy next door.

Maybe the author was talking about every-day wear?


Could be, if you’re with him on the vacation as his boyfriend he might wear more impressive stuff then he does around campus. But that would go for my mc too, at least if he had anything more to wear than just several layers of black t-shirts. :unamused:
Maybe the order makes more sense if we really are talking about every day on-campus stuff. If that’s the case then my mc probably mostly wears sneakers, jeans and t-shirts of some sort too, with the occasional tracksuit (bottoms) pair of leather pants or (cowboy) boots thrown in now that he has more money.

The boys next door to me have certainly never been anywhere near that cute, handsome, charming or all-round fabulous as Alty. Nor have they ever been particularly gentlemanly.


It does make sense, kind of? It feels like Yakov’s under a disguise or something and that’s why he’s so careful with what he wears to not draw attention to him?

Nah, he falls into the boy next door category because you literally just described that trope, cute, charming, kind, funny. The kind of guy a MC in a love story would have a crush on.

Exactly, that’s why we have Leon!