Keeper of Day and Night (WIP - Updated 3/15/19)



So I guess it’s safe to say Dominic isn’t a part of Frostbite, but as far as Leon possibly siding with Monroe, does that have to do with whether or not he told Monroe he was done with him at the end of the first game?

Also curious if they’ll be any antagony over the MC being the Keeper that wasn’t meant to happen as opposed to Marcela.


Bring back Kol as Thalia roommate. Also that means he’s back in the dorm for those ROs him.


He got mindcontrolled and brainwashed by Monroe. So yeah, I can understand why he wouldn’t support him.


My mc was rather hoping Altair and Cyrus were with him actually? :sweat_smile:

I’m still expecting that Renatus brat to turn out to be one too, but that’s not mentioned in the code because if he is that will probably be a book 3 reveal.
I also don’t see why there needs to be antagonism between us and Marcella .
If they want the job and actually seem to know what they’re doing, as opposed to the mc then as far as mine is concerned they’re welcome to it.


I mean, if we treat him like a criminal because of something his sister did, then yeah, he’d probably be pissed.


Oh man, I’m sorry :pensive: no more code reading for me


Kind of the same opening the mc gets in the first now, don’t we? Treated like a criminal because of something our magical relatives neglected to do.
Anyway not wanting to interact much with the kid is not the same as treating him like a criminal, it’s just keeping your distance.

When he finds out my mc didn’t just kill her but butcher her I think that will happen anyway.


I still have high hopes for him. It’d be pretty predictable if he turned out to be one of the bad guys. I don’t know if MC’s actions can affect him in some way, but I hope that all the pacifist choices I’ve made pays off y’know, except for that one time i killed reyna ahdkskflgjs


Leon siding with him in the beginning is based on whether MC is a nephilim or not. It’s possible for Leon to still side with Monroe even if MC is a nephilim, he just won’t at the beginning.

Just want to clarify—that happened to MC, not Leon.

The factions only really start to matter in book three for people other than MC, and character allegiances can change before/during book three.

It’s cool :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’ll just have to remember to be more careful until the private beta starts. (And I thought I was doing so well with not writing what any of the secrets were in the achievements, too!)

@idonotlikeusernames @Fay
Would it be a spoiler to say that Renatus is actually a good person? :thinking:


Why just MC? Is it because they’re new to nephilim society?

Imagine if your boyfriend started siding with the same dude who mindcontrolled you


Yes, I knew it! Time to make Renatus my new best friend.


Okay so someone just posted art on the blog about the blond hair/brown hair Leon debate and @daydreamsincolor can this debate be mentioned in-game? Like if his hair is really on the edge of dirty blond??


I always had a problem knowing the difference between light brown and blond so whenever I see my friends I somehow always end up asking “wait… i know you told me this like 2 years ago, but are you blonde or brunette?”

And I’d totally love to see the hair debate mentioned in-game pls make that happen. What if like MC had the option to choose between blond or brown and then there’s like a third option to choose black in honor of this anon:


But Cyrus is a professional athlete, I imagine keeping his muscles supple is more important to him than most other people and a good massage is one of the better and very commonly used methods.
Or is that Cyrus does avail himself of sports massages but doesn’t trust himself with the mc at this point?

So my main mc is the only male member of the gang wearing his hair long.

And we’re going to have to work with or even for him as keepers, eh? It’ll take quite some doing for my mc to get over Reyna though. Again not so much the killing, that was a rational decision he made the moment Sera dragged him into it. If he was likely getting himself killed over it at least he’d make sure to kill the demon as well. But losing control over himself at the last minute, going berserk and butchering a girl, that was a very nasty surprise and that’s what’s going to take so damned long to get over.
Since Renatus can’t help but remind my mc of that moment and relive it time and again is it any wonder he likes to keep his distance from the kid?

Now it makes total sense the friction between Tiras and my main, Nephilim mc, they both have this ice in their veins. :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But he’s also the type guy who values privacy. So I can kind of understand him. And there are lots of other ways to relax your muscles that doesn’t require physical contact with others.


True, well maybe witch-boy can get Cy to try his brand of sports massage sometime. :wink:


Now I want to do doggy tricks with him.

I want to see this waist length ponytail.

Anyway Thalia once again proving she’s the bestest girl since she has the shortest hair.
And Altair is clearly the best boi with untidy hair.

Ooh, ooh.

I’m guessing Sera is in the “no thank you category”, Cyrus is in the “please don’t touch me group” and Yakov is in the “is this some weird human thing alliance”

I’d understand them on a purely “I don’t want to be touched” perspective, although I’d probably be able to blame my birth more than the average person, I’m sure it’s not that weird of a standard.

Leo’s into S n’ M


Not that long, I was thinking a bit below the shoulders, not waist length.


Imagine an MC asking Leon if he thinks his hair is black… he’d be soooo confused :sweat_smile:

MC, did you hit your head out shopping with Astrid?


Into what?

Funny thing is that the reader can imagine him as they want to so what if MC asked if his hair was black and he was like “yeah are you blind?”

And then the entire fandom is confused


Hahahhaa, feels. Need to add “and help the author catch bugs” into the first panel as well.

:heart_eyes: Cressida who???