Keeper of Day and Night (WIP - Updated 3/15/19)



Make him wear cat ears in public

That makes sense. I’m gonna screenshot this in case you’re actually right.


Hmmm…gotta take the boys out for human halloween sometime and this is exactly what little kitty cat should wear, genius!


Funny thing is that he’d actually dress up as a cat for Halloween. Or to be more specific: He’d dress up as a lion :cat: :lion: (confirmed on the blog, yes)


Alty, alty, a werewolf is very unimaginative, besides my mc would want to do a couple outfit with Alty, an Angel/Demon thing only flipped obviously. Alty would make the perfect Halloween Angel and now that we actually might have money for a decent costume I’m sure my mc could pull off the sexy demon thing.

And Cy, I’m betting that "mummy costume: of his would actually be due to him not having one and borrowing all the bandages from the first aid kit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Which is a shame because Cyrus could effortlessly nail the rockstar rock with some of the more extravagant things from his wardrobe I bet.

@daydreamsincolor is Cy’s “mummy” costume actually the result of him not (bothering to) get(ting) one in advance and just raiding the first aid kit at the last minute? Because I could totally see Cy doing that. :sweat_smile:

As for Leo(n) gotta talk him out of the Lion and into the cat ears costume.


A little code digging revealed quiet a bit of foreshadowing (I’ll blur it for those that don’t want to be spoiled)

(Hint 1. Appears during the train scene and hints at a greater historical context to the situation)

The Three Secretaries, a TV drama set during the Captivity, the show explores the political intrigue and hints at the growing threat of Frostbite at the time

(Hint 2.)

If Reyna is alive, and has escaped the news will note this about her disappearance: This possible sighting comes at the heels of another in Scotland last month. Some have theorized that Moreno may be attempting to meet up with the anti-nymph group colloquially known as Frostbite.

(Hint 3.)

*achievement petrovafaction visible 20 Endless Summer
You’re ready to take down Frostbite


Oof Hint 3 is a dead giveaway lol


Yep. Makes me almost sad I’ve read the code…almost. :grin:


On the topic of strange things found in the code…

*if dominicrelationship >= 80
He’s never considered changing his loyalties, but for you?

I guess one of our new ROs will be more interesting than we thought.


I see, so there are some minor spoilers hidden in the code :thinking:

Changing loyalties? Is he supposed to be an opponent?


Born in the month of the constellation Leo :ballot_box_with_check:

Name literally means lion :ballot_box_with_check:

Will dress up as a lion on halloween :ballot_box_with_check:

Is called “little lion” by his sister :ballot_box_with_check:

Canonically had cat ears at some point :ballot_box_with_check:


Or both, perhaps?

*if marcelarelationship >= 80
Keepers shouldn’t care, but she does, and she’s so tired of the word shouldn’t.


Wait, is Marcela a keeper?


Guys, gals, non-binary peers. If you go code lurking for the love of god, blur your spoilers.


So Marcela is a keeper and Dominic belongs to the new antagonist group Frostbite? I guess it’s all speculation for now but it’s nice to see that the new ROs are worth ditching our longtime faves.


Nah, I’m good lol. Also considering the older ROs will be getting more character development compared to the new ones who will be getting last books treatment.


I know how you feel, but it seems like the new ROs will have a much larger importance to the plot than the original ones (sans a few of them).


Maybe, but last books ROs will pretty much be getting branching paths for them. It’ll interesting to see these new ones, but for me no one’s beating Seraphina, Astrid and Thalia as my favs.


Let me present you to this meme:

I’m going to stick with Leon forever :two_hearts:

Honestly, we’ve all been coming up with conspiracy theories lately. What if the author decided to change everything just because we couldn’t keep our mouths shut :rofl:


I wonder when Kol comes back will he get to kick out Thalias new roommate.


Nice sleuthing re: Frostbite :+1:

Eh, Dominic’s isn’t really a spoiler. There are a lot of conflicting loyalties in book two, between personal loyalty and faction loyalty. Sometimes being loyal to MC will go against what a character’s respective factions wants.

Re: which faction each character is part of: Astrid, Altair, and Marcela are with Patil; Cressida and Cyrus (and possibly Leon) are with Monroe; Sera, Katia, and Dominic are with Celosia.

Oops. Marcela’s was a spoiler. Guess I’ll have to move up the reveal ¯\ (ツ)


I can’t believe this fandom actually found a canon spoiler just like that… We’re sorry D:

we’re simply too curious for our own good