Keeper of Day and Night (WIP - Updated 3/15/19)



It is frustrating, too bad we can’t to anything about it.

please let us have an option to get revenge

Except for being mind-controlled by a person she used to call her friend? But we don’t know when the mind-compulsion started. So you might actually be right.

Kinda out of touch with the younger generation?

Yeah, fair. But I still dont see a difference? Homesexuality has been widely accepted in the social media world. Sure, there’ll be homophobes and transphobes but those people always get witch-hunted or slammed by the general public. Homophobia is still a genuine problem but a lot of the people from the younger generation has accepted the lgbt community and the majority doesn’t really raise an eyebrow if a celebrity is a part in the lgbt community. Trust me, you’re fine.

Sincerely, someone from the younger gen.

No dude, that’s a power move

Then in what way?

Yes, it has. Some people have a hard time keeping up, though.

It’s your lucky day! Because the past is in the past, and the future is now. A lot of brands get shamed and slammed for being homophobic if they admitted to canceling a sponsorship due to the person in question being gay.


Increasingly so every single year it seems.

A “power move” my mc very much doesn’t want to make. He doesn’t want to become the fashion icon for “slob style”, as he hates slob style. Bad enough that it was “in” style in this country during the early 00’s as far as I’m concerned the bum look doesn’t need to be revisited any time soon. And my mc certainly doesn’t like being made to mingle among high society in basically jeans, ratty sneakers and a black t-shirt. :unamused: Or always needing to borrow Leon’s clothes to look halfway decent, even if they’re not his preferred style.

Hah! I’d say “homesexuality” is actually very 1960’s. You can be anything just so long as you leave it at home and act “proper”, meaning straight, outside of the home. :rofl:

It’s not me but my fictional mc who’d have to face it and he’s actually part of said younger generation.
Still doesn’t mean he’s at all cool with being a Kardashian expy of the magical world and in essence only being famous for being famous and having to be a vapid and fake media personality.

I guess it just creeps up on you, I mean I still have my young cousins, I chat up teenagers on this forum, but it seems there’s some decay we just can’t stop. :older_man:

I know, still surprised by it actually. Because the corporate world used to see itself as the self-appointed “guardian of moral virtue and family friendliness” before it has now appointed itself the guardian of acceptance, tolerance and (socially, not fiscally of course) progressive values. What is still true however is that it is all fake and in pursuit of profits, only now there is seemingly more profit to be extracted from pandering socially progressive things than family friendliness.
What has also not changed is that corporate sponsors want control of the life and image of those they sponsor. So they’d still be controlling what, how and when my mc wears things, should he enter into a sponsorship. It still wouldn’t be for him to surrender that much control over his life or sense of style in pursuit of fame he never wanted in the first place.


Random question - - when it comes to in-species dispute is a Keeper the apex authority? And what other positions in magi political system are of higher order than a keeper?


I’d say all of them. Or at least all of the elected ones. At least when it comes to our mc. We’re not Brant Delacroix. Seems like we’d just be a low level civil servant, who can make “suggestions” but no actual decisions whatsoever.


You do visit the blog, right? How many times were you confused when you saw a vine reference? :rofl:

But Mark Zuckerberg has certainly done it, multiple times.

Oh shoot. Misspelled a word. But that’s okay, people who are attracted to homes need representation too

So is the author and the characters. And since homophobia is basically a no-no in COGs, your MC is fine

Cool, then get famous for being yourself I guess? A lot of the younger generation love “self-made” artists since it’s very aesthetic and quirky.

We’re basically a minority :laughing:

It’s no surprise that celebrities live a fake luxurious life. You’d be surprised at how many people point it out and tweet about it.

We live in different times, it really shows. I grew up with this, so I guess I’m lucky.

Got it, you’re definitely not gonna play as a famous keeper.


How does one go about keeping the balance if they can just make suggestions tho! :disappointed_relieved:

Also regarding fame stat and jobs, you can try your luck at doing jobs other than keeper since your mc isn’t interested in fame or fighting other monsters he’ll likely keep a low profile and thus there’d hardly be a handful of people who would remember your identity after a couple weeks of the announcement.


Petition to just start a war between the cambions and nephilims out of spite


I wouldn’t consider Zuckerberg a stylish guy at all. Jobs at least had an iconic style, even if that is also one my mc wouldn’t want to imitate, particularly not when he’s still young.

My mc wouldn’t be self-made, he didn’t grow from being a Youtuber with 15 followers, most of who were his friends and family to a channel with millions of followers. His “fame” is entirely the product of the media and the authorities claiming he’s something that he’s not.

Coming back to this I also know that once you become known for a certain iconic thing, even if that is bum style, then later changing it to what you actually want is likely to be seen as fake and inauthentic. :unamused:

As am I, at least on the forums. Most of the regulars seem to be 20 somethings, which isn’t all that surprising really.

Your guess is as good as mine. I suppose if you want to be famous you can try to make the media your footsoldiers of persuasion, but you still wouldn’t have any formal authority.

I don’t think the other monsters take our level of interest into account, so we probably need to fight them anyway and if word gets out about that we’d continue to be somewhat famous at least. They’d also continue to use us as props during the solstice ceremonies and my mc would still continue dating known society kid Altair.

And the mc is still a publicly known keeper and a danger magnet, not many employers want to take on someone like that if it meant dealing with regular terror attacks, kidnapping attempts and other mayhem on their places of business. In addition, any business we apply to for a job might still be tempted to somehow tout the fact they’d have a known keeper on the payroll, unless we take jobs in the human world where keeper status means nothing. But then human world employers would likely not recognize our degree, meaning we could only get shitty jobs like janitor or burger flipper, like Buffy.

I know that Vine is one of the “social media” apps and apparently the platform of choice for younger people who are not in tune with the current corporate values of tolerance, inclusivity and social progressiveness. Hence it is often used to spout hateful nonsense, of the racist and homophobic variety. Other than that I know nothing.



Yet he’s the CEO of Facebook

He is a keeper, he is known for being a keeper, he couldn’t help but be born as a keeper. Even if he was created in the constellation project, he couldn’t help but to be born like that, could he?

Most of them are in their mid-twenties, I think. I don’t know how old you are but I guess you’re out of that range?

Keepers can affect public opinion. What if one day famous Keeper!MC was like “Pineapple pizza is good” and now everyone eats pineapple pizza? Power move of the century.

Unless MC is famous enough which gives their corporation a good image which means more customers.

Oh yes, you are too out of touch (unless you were being sarcastic). Vine shut down in 2016 unfortunately. But seriously, I’d love to hear you explain how the phrase “It’s an avocado, thanks!” or “Hi, welcome to chili’s” is racist or homophobic? It’s a platform where users could share short video clips. Kind of like and tik tok but way better. Hmm… But maybe the flying grass cutter was too controversial?


Only half, I mean my young cousins tell me something and mostly I just nod along and then occasionally I remember some of the bullshit “controversies” like this and that my younger families mostly don’t like a celebrity I’ve never heard of called Logan something or other. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
As with most other things I’m sure it’s the bad kids ruining the fun of the good ones, but generally I’m not much of a social media guy.

And due to his neglectful magical family a rather poor excuse of one apparently, which is hardly a badge of pride.

Nope, but without Davina’s stealing of his confidential information he’d probably never have known and so would the world and he could have remained just another “ordinary” nephilim, something he was just slowly coming to terms with before they sprang this on him.
He can certainly hate his asshole sperm-donor for it who neglected to do just about anything to make sure he’d have been even remotely prepared for this whole shitshow.

Which again would mean cultivating a personality where you at least pretend to like being famous for being famous.

I’m, unfortunately, out of that enviable range to the other side of the bell-curve than you are, I would venture.

Nitwit sellout of the century, Pineapple pizza is an abomination.

And my mc would like looking stylish, not like a bum, except he can’t afford his own style. Yet they’re making him attend all of these events where he has no choice but to borrow from Leon or look like a bum.

What I do know is once we become known as a “celebrity” for “bum style” trying to move away from it to what mc might actually want to wear is the thing that would be seen as fake and “inauthentic” and therefore corporate sponsors might even demand a move back to bum or Leon’s sense of style. Just with much more expensive ratty jeans and sneakers this time around.


Logan Paul?

You’re blessed to have never heard of him before.

I think it is. Think about it, the former keepers were from wealthy families, they had a good start. MC didn’t. MC is different. Yet they came this far.

And there’d be no plot…

Which means :sparkles: ~ money ~ :sparkles:

Let me guess: 30-something?

Pineapple pizza is actually good and no one can change my mind :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Didn’t MC have the option to choose their style in this game though?

So I don’t really know why you’re stuck on this whole financial thing when MC could in fact buy the clothes they wanted?



Cheap, fast fashion imitations of the ones they wanted. Which means, ugh pleather my mc’s case. Decent leather is expensive as are suits that won’t stand out in high society or the nebula variety.
While fast fashion can look decent at a glance, it falls apart if you’re the center of attention at a society event or simply stand next to people who do wear stylish quality clothes, like Altari, Cyrus or Leon for prolonged periods of time.

We’d still be a magical kid at magical university, just no keeper stuff. So there would still be the plot of mc adjusting to the magical world.

Not before my younger cousins told me anyway and yes I was blessed for a long time in that regard I guess.

His bumbling in the final battle and especially the going berserk at the end is not a moment of pride.
Anyway, keepers are supposed to be able to protect themselves and in America largely pay for themselves too, my mc very clearly can’t on both counts.

Anyway, Sera stole the artifacts and was the overall leader of the whole thing. Leon did surprisingly well during that battle my mc, by his own assessment, not so much.

In exchange for a fake pretend corporate scam of a “personality” that would make even my himself puke every time he’d see it played back on tv.


Remember that it’s all in your imagination. It’s a text-based game, and the author has said multiple times that the player is free to imagine the characters and the world as they want. If you imagine that your MC wears cheap clothes, then yeah, it is cheap. Because not once in the text has it been stated that the clothes are cheap. Or what material they are made out of. It is not written in the text.

So you don’t wanna be a keeper… in a game… that’s about being a keeper… and has the word “Keeper” in the title? :confused: And the keeper thing makes it more exciting. Magic school stories has been done before.

Then why did you choose to kill Reyna?

He saved a city and killed a demon.

You wanted money. Do you have any suggestions on how the MC can make money?


Our money supply is tracked in the text and no way is it anywhere near sufficient to finance those things certainly not on a consistent basis given how much clothing damage the mc seems to incur. In the new demo another pair of shoes are ruined by werewolves.

He meant to kill Reyna and the demon alright, after being roped into it by Sera but not to lose control of himself while doing it.

Besides the standard part-time jobs that are going to be hell to do now that we’re “famous” and outed as a keeper not really. I do know how the mc can save money, which is by not attending society functions where he is on camera or the center of attention. In addition by strolling through the thrift and second-hand shops and garage sales, which is what I used to do not that long ago. Unfortunately, while that allows you to be stylish for pennies on the dollar as Americans would say that amount of money you don’t put in you make up for in time spent going to all those places and trying on all those things because there are no returns policies either. And doing it while being a celebrity and caught on camera would be another not so proud moment.
With the mc’s super-overloaded schedule we’d hardly have the time to take on a second part time job or go bargain hunting.

Actually, in at least two of the three cases the mc technically is too, both Roxana and Lysander were or are wealthy. One didn’t add the mc to their will because apparently she wanted us to be a nasty surprise to the late Anetha Delacroix at a time of her choosing the other is a complete and utter deadbeat. But you can bet the talking heads in the media are going to say the mc is super wealthy anyway. :unamused:


It does? I mean yeah, in stats it does. But the clothes didn’t have any price tags. And the money count didn’t go down? So maybe the author hasn’t implemented that yet?

Didn’t MC pack with them any clothes? Maybe we should have an option to pack our clothes before leaving.

So no suggestions?

Just lower the fame stats bar

Does the public even know who MC’s father/mother is?


Lysander seems like the kind of guy to announce it. After all he only wanted something to do with us after the keeper reveal in the first place.
Even if he doesn’t it seems like that’s the thing gossip rags might hire private investigators “investigative journalists” for to ferret that out and our info is not that private.

Time turner like Hermoine in Harry Potter maybe, in our case so we can take second and third “part time” jobs as well as another resting period? Running a criminal enterprise somehow? Unfortunately, we’re rather high profile and lack underworld connections. Even if we had good loot we couldn’t fence it and certainly not at reasonable rates. Plus there’s the issue of undeclared mysterious income that we don’t have a connection for to launder it too. Which is actually even harder than finding a decent fence.


What if MC lies and says that he’s not their father?

Lysander: Hi—

MC: I’ve never seen this man in my entire life, next.

Honestly we’re just gonna sell lemonade and deal with it


Depends on what evidence they have against us I would think?

If it’s a DNA test plus a confession from our mom to back it up we’d pretty much be screwed. If we insist he’s not our father then the media are going to think that’s a juicy story of “trouble in the family” which is always good for reality soap ratings.

Very 1950’s and very embarrassing for a grown guy. At least sell something that takes more than a token amount of skill to make, unfortunately, that would take time we don’t have.


God, you’re a genius. And if MC gets their own reality TV-show they’ll be rich. Now you can finally buy that leather jacket you so desperately wanted.

Do you want that leather jacket or not

Uh, magic lemonade?

Well, you better start selling those lemonades then.


And have a contractually obligated sex change in season 20. We’ve been over that one :unamused:
No way my mc would ever consent to those sorts of controls on his life and that kind of invasion of privacy.

Not if the corporations behind it want a PETA endorsed image then we get to stick to pleather or shiny waxed denim. :unamused:

The simplest way to save money remains to not attend expensive society events or make sure they pay him an appearance fee for it that actually covers what he wants to wear and not what some corporation wants him to endorse.