Keeper of Day and Night (WIP - Updated 12/5/19, Post 1135)

Handing over money is not itself a crime *, in this situation the robber is the only one breaking the law. The mc’s situation is legal duress, they broke the law (knowingly or not) under imminent threat. In our situation the mc actually committed a crime themselves (which is required for legal duress, as opposed to what most people view as duress). It is up to the jurisdiction how duress is handled as a defence, we seem to allow more leeway with it than the Americans for example, which is bad for the mc. Duress can be bitch as a defence, it is often hard to prove (our mc for example would have only one witness to establish the presence of duress, which might not hold up to begin with) and in many jurisdictions it is not allowed for all crimes. Murder is most often excluded, but manslaughter is also tricky and that is what his crime possibly made the mc an accessory to multiple counts of manslaughter counting all the people the demon may have killed.

Still there is always prosecutorial and judicial discretion and if those fail a pardon, so it is indeed highly unlikely the mc would face criminal troubles for their actions, but then my mc would dread a civil suit much more and those are not so easily held at bay. :worried:

Civil suits have even less of a burden of proof to overcome and allow culpability to be split much more. Even if they ruled that Reyna and co are 90% responsible for the damages caused by the demon rampage in a civil suit the remaining 10% is probably still enough to bankrupt my mc for life.

All this to say that it seems to me the mc’s legal situation, at least on the civil front, looks rather grim if the truth ever came out.

On top of an already overloaded schedule, which doesn’t do wonders for learning either.

Yeah, but then we’ll never learn basic and utility magic before the midlife crisis as we simply cannot risk sparing the power to practice anything other than combat or healing magic.
And it still sucks big time that the mc cannot use minor magic, such as the clothes-resizing thing or the cat-ears prank. :disappointed:

He does but them broadcasting it to the world basically makes it impossible to avoid the whole Keeper nonsense. If my mc had his way they never would have made the announcement and my mc would complete his studies as a normal student for his chosen subject. In-universe my mc is likely to have tried everything he could think up to stop or significantly delay the announcement, including begging all his friends, pleading with the Secretaries, etc, etc. All ultimately to no avail whatsoever. :unamused:
Also simply being a keeper makes all our magic dangerous and much more likely to cause MOS if used frequently, so even if my mc avoids the specific keeper powers he’s still much more likely than the average magi to get MOS from simply using “normal” powers such as elemental manipulation and telekinesis and maybe even more minor magic.

Some treatment maybe, but nice rehab (of the kind Brant and most our friends in the magical world would use) is very, very expensive.Particularly in the US where medical costs are already ludicrous for normal treatment, but even here the state would only pay for basic rehab, which is exactly what is says on the tin, very basic and it may not be sufficient for people with complex problems. Which means they need to come up with additional funds to afford better and while that still wouldn’t be as expensive as it would be in the US it’s still not exactly cheap either. But the mc as an American will be absolutely price-gouged.

Yeah, we know that our mc’s don’t. Plus I don’t tend to play that way, otherwise my mc wouldn’t have tried the monarda in his test (which he failed at because he lacked the fighting skill required to shove it down the simulated monster’s throat but would have used ice magic, which would have yielded a much better result).


I was told by COG that a save system would be added around the time when the sequel is either submitted or published!

Someone might threaten MC with the knowledge, but let’s be honest—I don’t have the energy for more than one legal drama a book :sweat_smile:


Book three is just gonna be MC sitting in a courtroom isn’t it


That someone can practically only be Davina or her father, Reyna and Jaime are dead and Kol is in a coma, only Davina’s testimony against the mc in a civil suit could probably connect the dots of the circumstantial evidence well-enough to make it legally actionable and the mc liable even in a civil suit (yes you made me look into US liability law a bit). Davina’'s (or technically Kol’s but he is both a friend and in a coma) could legally connect the dots. Without it there is a lot of strong circumstantial evidence, but nothing a good lawyer couldn’t get the mc out from under. Of course the mc with our chronic lack of resources probably couldn’t afford even a decent lawyer, let alone a good one, but that is a rather different matter.

So if the mc is blackmailed it almost certainly has to originate from Davina or someone connected to her. In games where Reyna lives the burden of proof becomes far easier for them to meet as Reyna could just be backed up by Davina, but at least for my main mc that’s not the case.

Anyway it is not as if my mc has any money to give to the would-be blackmailers, as he makes at most $2000 as a summer camp counselor, which given his ridiculously overloaded schedule has to last him the entire year. That’s well below the poverty line, even counting the free room and board. The only reason he manages to still look somewhat decent is due to the ungodly amounts of borrowing from Leon.

Are upperclassmen only seniors in the USA or do Alty and Cy as juniors count already?
If so what sweet rides if any do Alty and Cy have? (And I guess we get to see Leon’s in book 3 maybe. Sadly the mc’s shoestring budget and minimal resources only allow for one mode of transportation, walking. :disappointed: Which is too bad because my mc really misses having his own car.)

Between various ways of “exercising” with Alty and going to the gym I think my mc has that covered. :wink:Like I said he really misses having his own car. :sob:

Also at this point my mc has trouble even affording decent shoes (unless he “borrows” those from Leon too), so even the mode of transportation he can afford may not be all that comfortable or luxurious. :unamused:

Having no transportation of your own, particularly in America means having very little freedom as you always need to depend on others to literally get anywhere. While my mc was never rich he also wasn’t poor until he was forced to enter the magical world. It’s even worse now that we’re also forced to be a “celebrity”. :unamused:
In a very literal sense no longer having a car of his own means my mc is both poorer and less free than he was before even while having to mingle with the upper crust and pretending to be a “celebrity”.
Thus far the magical world has only caused a steep deterioration in his material circumstances to the point where he gets by only in large part due to “borrowing” from Leon.

Hey, daily exercise is vital!! Hm, maybe public transportation if you’re lazy like me :laughing: Or you can rely on a trustworthy bike


My understanding was that MOS, while painful, was something you could recover from/work with (one character’s reaction to the MC getting it was “you’ll just have to be more from now on”), and not so different from playing a human character. In either case, it sounds more like, say, pulling a muscle than OD-ing.

I agree with @Fay that it’s probably difficult to get.

I go to a college on a hill. It’s not so bad, and he’ll have very strong calves!


My MC: So, let me get this straight, Celosia wants you to interrogate Davina, Davina refuses to talk with you no matter what you do and she wants me to be present?
Sera: Precisely.
My MC: ME?.
Sera: Yes! You.

My MC: …Ok I’ll do it, on two conditions.
Sera: Conditions?
My MC: I need everything on this list and most important of all, no matter what I do, do not stop me.

My MC: Hey there Davina! Haven’t seen you around much, but I understand you’re probably very busy nowadays, but you’re looking good since the last time I saw you! Got over that whole mental breakdown really smoothly.
Healthy and all that, have you been eating well? And you seem to be very comfortable sitting on that couch eh? Tell me, ever heard about a place called Guan Bay? No? Oh well, never too late to learn something new about the world, right?

In case no one noticed, Davina wouldn’t be alive if I had my way.
Reyna and Jaime already kicked the bucket, you’re next Conti.


MC: I’ll do it because I love you more than I hate Davina

Seraphina: Seraphina.OS has stopped working. Please reboot system; if error message occurs again, contact support staff with detailed description of the bug


That was a good one :rofl: but seriously Conti has to get it, you don’t plan demon world domination, tries to kill me and my friends and walks scot free buddy, not on my watch. Gorlami?
It isn’t hate, it’s principle.

There’s only one court scene currently planned, and it’s for book two :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

They don’t. Neither of them particularly likes driving, and public and university transport are convenient. (Altair also gets anxious driving.)

Starting college on a hill in two weeks! :smile:


Starting on the college life? Good luck, author! :blush:



Wha!? :astonished: Okay I can see Alty not liking to drive in hindsight :thinking: , but Cy, come on a cool vehicle or two is part of the whole “bad boy” appeal.
So once we get to the last book which one of our suitemates will have vehicles, or would that be limited to only Leon?

My mc misses driving, particularly if the magical world still has those cool hoverbikes or even hovercars. :persevere:
At least on the positive side if my mc does ever manage to obtain another personal vehicle there would be no ceaseless bickering and arguments with Alty over who gets to drive it.

I wouldn’t call it soaring, considering our mc’s have an overloaded schedule and are likely chronically sleep-deprived by now. Which means they could learn even more and better with a less overloaded schedule. On that account I think the author should at least consider adding an extra book for the “normal” four year college experience. I mean since this magical university has disrupted all of my mc’s plans for his normal life anyway he wouldn’t even know what to do even if he graduates early, making early graduation effectively worthless for him (it saves the magical world some money on the scholarship and means we get even less time to prepare ourselves with extracurriculars, so all in all for my mc it is kind of a bum deal).

good luck! i loved every minute of college, it’s a great experience


I just died on the inside realising that it’s back to 8 hours of classes in 2 weeks
Best of luck to you in college though


I’m fine with MC & co doing college stuff, and my MC is literally soaring through her classes with that huge intelligence stat I’ve raised. I just wish it applied to real life :sweat_smile: oh well, gotta work hard!


Not worried about my MC either, he’ll do fine, however me actually putting in the effort for anything? No thanks I’d much rather be irresponsible and do nothing all day

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Awkward is an understatement and I’m still eagerly awaiting my mc chance to punch the jerk for real.
We could punch nearly anything in the first game…except for our asshole sperm-donor. :unamused:

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She’s literally soaring baby :sunglasses:



Dunno if this has been reported yet, but I was reading the beta for KoDaN and stumbled upon this:

“You redo your in a ponytail before entering Lab Four, looping the hair tie an extra time just to be certain.” Clearly there’s something missing here. This takes place as we’re about to start brewing the potion for Kol.

BTW, I have to say I enjoyed KotSaM immensely. It’s one of my two favourite CoG games. Just finished my second playthrough. I especially love the way the secondary characters are given personality through frequent, humorous descriptions of what they’re doing in the “background”, all the bickering and stuff. With such a large cast, it can’t be easy to make the reader get attached to more than a few focal characters, but somehow this is doing it (though some of the romance options you barely even meet on some playthroughs, so I’m not really getting the desire to try their romance routes - heck, I don’t even know how to start them).


Seems like in spite of what @Havenstone said this Heroes of Myth might not be a game for me then.
Part of why I still like Altair the most in Keepers is exactly that while he is a super-cute demon boy his relationship with the mc is not always the most honest and forthright and in the case of my mc that comes from both sides (though of course Altair has more, juicier and bigger secrets on account of already being rich and powerful while my mc at the moment has only one truly big secret, being the identity of his “dead” magical dad).

Cross posting this in the keeper thread because I love Alty’s little “Garak” moments (and also that just like Garak Alty is funny, witty and for the most part genuinely friendly and helpful) and I have the feeling that excepting perhaps Yakov he probes and “tests” the mc far more than the others. Either that or his answers at the sculpture garden, to name one example, were just so he wouldn’t have to admit to a silly cutesy sculpture being his actual favourite. In any case omissions, strategic “technical” truths and misdirection. I like it and of course my mc does much the same albeit not yet in the same league.

Back to the original point. Even when not playing evil I agree with Mara that the truth is not always a virtue in and of itself and there are good reasons both villainous and not to not always volunteer the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
And with that said the best lies always have a sprinkling of the truth somewhere in them as well but the almost childish insistence that only the unvarnished truth will make you happy or set you free is overblown at best.