Keeper of Day and Night (Update Post 1932)

Beta testing is finally here! I’m so excited, you’ve done a wonderful job, author. I can’t wait for the official release of the game to interact with my favorite characters and explore the different subplots.

I’d like to sign up for beta testing. I’ve been very active on this thread and followed the development of book two from start to finish. I have posted suggestions, feedback, bugs, and minor spelling errors on this thread and the Keeper of the Sun and Moon discussion thread. Not that much, but I hope I have been of help and that I can still help when beta testing starts. I’ve also been beta-testing another friend’s game/demo (To The Whistling Wind. It’s amazing, check it out guys!). So hopefully my beta-testing skills have been extra refined.

The KotSaM series was one of the IFs that brought me into the world of Choice of Games, I’ve followed the development of book one, and I have loved the game ever since it was a demo. I love the characters and the world building (to be fair, who doesn’t love a good story about a magical college?). Multiple replays later, I yearn for more content. Good luck on the beta testing phase!


I am also interested in the beta testing. It would be my first time but the instructions listed are clear.

A lot of Harry Potter fan in here, am I wrong?

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I’d love to beta test, I sadly missed the test for sun and moon last time.
I’ve also previously beta tested for Guns of Infinity and Choice of Vampire, and am pretty proficient at code reading so I can hopefully be of good use there. I’m a big fan of your writing and would love to help out in ensuring day and night is the best it can be!

Congrats on completing the game, Brynn! I’d love to be a beta tester, if you’ll have me :slight_smile:

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I would like to test the second book of keeper of day and night, and have played all routes in the book and I played the demo three times.

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I recently got into the series and, aside from being invested in the plot and characters, I have really enjoyed seeing how your writing has grown throughout the series! I would love to help test this game for you.

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I’m interested in testing if you still need more people

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I want to test too please! I have plenty of time!

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I’d like to help beta test! Thanks for your consideration.

I’d love to help test! I’ve been following this game for a while now but never got the chance to provide any actual feedback, so now’s a good time to make up for that.

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I’d love to be beta tester if you still have slots!

I’d LOVE to beta test this! I’ve been following this religiously after finished the first game a couple times and playing through the demos of this one. I’ve helped you a few times with some spelling and consistency problems before if you remember seeing me on your Tumblr and would love to continue.

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Would love to beta test this!

I would be happy to help if I can. I see you have a large following to help too :blush:

I would like to beta test this :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, thanks so much for all the interest! I think I’ll have to cut if off there!


Glad I made it! Will we be allowed to save characters soon?

I missed the beta test volunteering? insert Darth Vader’s NOOOOOOO:sob:


I’ve been following this game for a while and would love to beta test!