Just wondering


Hi, I’m new here after seeing your games and was busy wondering what happened to this


Everybody seems to be on board and be willing to pay for games like choice of politician which could lead into choice of president. Or Choice of prophet which can lead to a spinoff, Choice of God. And it affairs of court can lead to the spinoff, choice of monarch. Let’s go over it

-Cash Cows
-people been asking for them for centuries
-could gain a ton of new fans/accounts, which could lead to more games

Why not COG staff? @jasonstevanhill

And what do you say COG forum?

New idea, Choice of high school could lead into choice of university!


i think a sim would be much better just like the sims (the game) so we can add some hella options in but that will also require some hella coding. and you can also add high school and university in it


@akatsuki9344 yea, I think this and the other games would really interest everyone, with the last couple official games not really living up to expectations that cog has risen them too, and it feels like the forums are also becoming predictable, boring, and uncreative when it comes to the newer games. I have not seen these games done in the forums or the web (except alter ego, which is also old) so why not try it out and test the waters?


For whatever it’s worth, the official game that I’m working on (Choice of Rebels) will be posted here to “test the waters” before it’s finished.

But it’s not taken off the blog list you linked to – because (like all of the recent official game authors) I’m an independent writer, and am writing the story that interests me rather than basing it on a vote CoG took three years ago.

CoV and AotC came out of that vote, and sequels to those games continue to absorb the CoG partners’ time. I hope when they’re done, they get around to some of the other ideas on the list…

I’m interested that you think the newer games on the forums have been predictable/ boring. I think we’ve got some fantastic hosted games up and in progress, including Sabres and Zombie Exodus which are written blow-by-blow on the forums, and Paradox Factor which was extensively playtested here.


@Havenstone Its not the hosted games, I really enjoy those, I feel like i seen it kings, monarchy, and fantasy start to be very predictable and when a simmer of hope breaks through it is usually on hiatus or ended. This even turns me off from the forum, and its not the older more built games or the ones like Sabres which general break away from the rute of the forums and Paradox factor, thats a new untapped idea altogether.

Also im kinda intrigued about choice of rebel tell more?


Epic fantasy, so you may find it predictable. :slight_smile: You lead a rebellion against an oppressive empire, which may have infiltrated your band with a traitor from the very outset. I’ll save the rest of the blurb until I put it up here…


Did you not like Slammed! ? I love Slammed! It was something I haven’t seen before either, what with Wrestling and there was a fair amount of fun twists in the plot.

If you think one of the games on the list should be made you could always try writing it yourself.

@havenstone Put it up! Put it up! :slight_smile:


@FairyGodfeather It was good I played through it it was very impressive. I would code if i could but dont have access to an internet, also games like choice of god and a life simulator are better left to the professionals and


Do you realise that there’s very few actual professional coders around? There are professional writers who make choice games, but choicescript was designed so those with little to no coding experience can still make games.

My own coding is so ugly and clumsy but I get better by trying and I know if all else fails I can just ask for help. The only way to get experience is to start at the beginning.

A life sim could be made like Alter Ego. A God game could be made like Sandbox of God. Those wouldn’t be too tough to do I don’t think.


@FairyGodfeather As far as I’m concerned, clunky and clumsy coding is just fine! That’s what all of my codes are! As long as they work as you intend to, why does it matter if there’s an easier way or a much more complicated but shorter way to do it? I have one code in particular that I asked about earlier on the forums, just about a week or two ago, I suppose, that I have working in my game that used 54 lines of coding that I later found out could have been done with one line. For me, it was an incredibly clumsy and repetitive code that took SO many lines (even though each line is tiny), but it does exactly what it needs to do!


@Galador Aww thanks! That helps to know I’m not the only one.


When I mean experienced I mean like Jason or Vendetta, not even them like a group of experienced coders. Alter ego is a very old game, it also doesn’t have many critical choices like gay/lesbian, being a single parent, any many,many, occupations, and choices that can be related to today. While it is a good game, I believe it needs to be learned from and built on. Furthermore, it would take more than me or even one experienced person to be able to essentially build a proper life or even worse a God game. @FairyGodfeather



Form a team, if the project is too large for one person. Multiple WIP games have a team working on them.

As an Alter Ego fan, I’d volunteer to help in both areas, but I’m not quite sure where I stand in the eyes of the community when it comes to writing/coding ability.


@ADNox, I dont really have the resources to really be able to start anything. I cant assist in anything but mere thought, but it would be cool if guys like Jim,Vendetta,AllenGies and CJW eamed up for a big project.


For me I’m an awesome writer IMO but I can’t do any sort of thing with computers coding wise. I dont know if this counts for coding but for me a middle school project once was to create your own website and no matter what I seemed to do even if I put in the exact same code the exact same way as the person next to me, it would turn out mashed up while theirs turned out perfect. And no switching computers did not help. Writing however I can go on for eons coming up with ideas and stories.

And since I’m obsessed with dragons I’d love to see Choice of the Dragon Rider.


@ADNox You’re a good writer and your coding seems to work. I’m sure you’d do great.

@Scrivener Whee! Dragons! I suppose you mean people riding dragons, right? You should write it yourself. The project needs someone passionate about dragons.


u don’t need to be a pro coder to make a sim but you do need to code alot the one thing i most dislike so the likability of me making a sim is not a lot.

so as long as you are willing to get a headache then you can create a sim


The coding for a life-sim wouldn’t be hard at all (not unless you really want it to be, anyway). It’s the writing part that sounds tricky. Too many different possible directions for scenarios to go in if you want to make the game interesting instead of repetitive and annoying.


true, true



I’d love to try my hand at coding but I myself have no computer to speak of just trips to the library and snatched moments of wifi. But I’m saving up for one so hopefully soon ill give coding a shot. Ever heard of The Dragon Knight Saga? And I’ve been writing a story about a dragons for a few years now. So tough without a computer… Handwritten is much more personally fulfilling though.