Just asking for opinions on a future story


So then I was wondering on what you guys would think about a story that I plan on writing. I intend the target audience to be teenagers yet I plan on including a lot of adult material, working on the idea that teenagers know all about everything anyway. I know this since I am a teenager and go to an all boys school.
I plan on making the story on a small group of 16-18 year olds who become gods and I plan on including creatures from all sorts of mythology. Also I intend to write the story in first person but changing the character who is speaking in each chapter.
Also I was wondering if you think it is too early in a book to introduce a fair bit of violence in the first ten pages?
So please let me know what you think. Thanks.


By the way I will try to answer any questions you have about my book.


So what your saying this the the MC changes with each chapter?


MC changing every chapter doesn’t seem like something you’d find in a choice of game, though not saying its necessarily doomed to fail. I’d like to see how this turns out.

Also, f*ck yeah! MYTHOLOGY!


Sounds pretty cool to me. Interesting, too. And I gotta agree with the comment before me, mythology is always a great aspect to any sort of story!
I’ve written/thought about writing very dark stories with violence/insanity (literally) within the first couple pages, so…I wouldn’t say there’s a problem with it…
But that’s my opinion.


Will this be a book, or a choice script game? Either way, violence is a sure way to suck in your target audience at the beginning. People who aren’t your target will stop reading there.
If this is a book, go ahead with different perspectives for each chapter. But as a game, it could get really confusing, so be careful.
Why and how do these teens become gods? What is their purpose? What is the conflict in the story?
It sounds interesting, I’ll keep my nose in this one


After re-reading his first two posts, I think it will be a book (making my first comment seem rather foolish). If it is I fully support it 100%


Sorry for any confusion but I plan on turning this into a series of books.
In answer to some of the above questions by incrediblejonas the teens are gods simply because of their ancestors. This is because I have decided to include most religions saying they are the ancestors of the main characters.
Their purpose is to become full gods by, first meeting every other god of their generation and then by defeating their enemies. For the enemies I plan on including most evil god-like figures from all religions (ancient and current) and then by creating a new evil to be a lot like their opposites.
The characters cover a wide variety of personalities and have a wide variety of powers. It ranges from the god of animals or the goddess of plants to the god of gambling and tricks or the goddess of beauty, love and lust.


In case anyone is still reading this I wanted to see what you would think about me turning this into a game. Granted it would take a lot of time and I would need a lot of help but I think I could do it so you have an array of characters each with different powers in different places. The game would be quite different from the basic plot for my story yet would share some very common features, one such difference would be that I could make it so the enemy would be other people with powers vying for the chance to be the new gods.
My main idea is that you could tailor some of the characters and then have a chance at using each of their powers in enough situations to know which power you prefer. Then I could make it so all of the characters meet each other and form one group that is trying to become the new set of gods. After this meeting the player would get to choose one character to devote themselves to and carry on the story as this character. Some of the powers and suggested tactics in terms of them being gods could be:

God of creation: the power to create entire new lifeforms or existing lifeforms from different items e.g. a humanoid figure forged from water, being very quick and agile. The suggested tactic for this character would be to stay back and let their creations battle it out for them.
God of the mind: this character could be able to manipulate people based on their emotions. They should probably stay out of a fight and be quite diplomatic or if not get the enemies to kill each other.
God of the Body: this character would be able to charge into a fight using powers like the forging of swords or other weapons as well as greatly enhanced strength and speed.


i would like to highlight this would take a long long long time for me to make. But I just want to know people basic ideas on it.


This sounds like a cool enough idea. But one question:
For the character the player chooses to play as (or “devote” themselves to), would they be able to create the personality, in a matter of speaking, of the character or would the character have a pre-made personality whereas the player would simply choose what to do/what happens in the game?


Sounds awesome but the MC switching thing is kinda wierd but looking forward to how this turns out



I only skimmed through his post but I think he means you will use multiple characters, not just one.


@jacobb21 If you’re doing a mythology based game then a good place for information would be Mythology by Edith Hamilton. It gives a very informative look at greek gods and I believe others as well. Hope this helps.


Thanks for all the advice everyone and @LOR you would get some choices for their personality when you first be each character as well as their appearance, then you get to do the choices for them in some short scenes to start with and then you carry on as you normally would with one character throughout the rest of the game.