June 2021's Writer Support Thread

I’ve never really thought of writer’s block as a writer’s enemy. Sometimes (for me) it means you’re not ready to write that part of the story–I’ve revisited things years later. So, writer’s block ends up being a placeholder for a building block.

Sometimes, I force my way through and then have to send things back to the chopping block, which is much worse. Of course, you have make sure that what you have is writer’s block. I think sitting is just part of the process of getting things out. Like . . . toilet activities–sorry. For me, anyway, 90% of the work is forcing myself to put my ass in the chair. Show up, day after day.

Great job everyone! I’ve been making goals with you but not announcing them to spare myself embarrassment. And this month would be especially embarrassing. I got kind of sidetracked with the book giving thing. I think one thing writers do is invent things to do to get out of writing. Go team!


So my goal to avoid late month rushes to meet my 10k word goal like I had last month was to make it to 5k halfway through the month on the 15th. And…I made it! Yet, it does feel like a bit of a Pyrrhic victory. I wanted to avoid situations like the end of last month where I made my 10k at 11:00 PM on the 31st after lagging behind until a few days before. Instead, I lagged behind early, got a 1,800 word day on the 13th to help get me back in the race, and ticked over 5,000 at…11:50 PM on the 15th. So I kinda just had the exact same experience except now I get to do it again before the month ends. Still, there are worse things than constantly just squeaking by and meeting your word count goals.


Whelp, I met my goal for this month. Scene One of Chapter Two is finished and out in an updated demo for my game, bringing the total word count for the book so far to just over 200,000. 120,000-ish words in just over a month ain’t too shabby, so I’m gonna leave the new demo to simmer for a bit and for people to find the bugs in it that I missed in my own testing, then start on Scene Two. Keep up the good work everyone!


So… I’m almost done with my last, last assessment task. An anthology/collection of work for English class. Alter I submit that, then I’ll get back to my story! With no assessments to stop me!

Now I’ve submitted my assessment! Wooo! Now to start writeing, tomorrow, I need a brake from my laptop tonight.


Finished 2/3 of the 1 Chapter of my thesis, 12 332 words in 20 pages.
Just sent to my professor


I was hoping to be writing again by now, but life stuff keeps getting in the way and draining my energy… :weary:

Oh, apparently it’s my anniversary here, today. The last four years feels like forever and no time at all, all at once.


Same here.

Just hit training process in my job and I’m like ‘where did all the time go?’ and I haven’t written anything for my story. Bits and pieces of writing for other creative works, yes. My story? No. Sometimes I think I won’t ever publish the thing, but then I remember that I have my whole life ahead of me.

Which you know… I already have roughly a quarter of it under my belt, so if that’s not some existential dread for you in the morning right after breakfast then I don’t know what is! :laughing:


If I did not make it clear in my original post, I do not see my version of writer’s block to be an enemy or something to stop me from writing completely.

I’ve learned to focus on what my subconscious is trying to tell me to allow me to write in a productive and forward leaning way.

Personally, I can write no matter the day or time, but the quality and quantity I am looking for is another matter.

@LiliArch – I am sorry to hear about your decade long struggle. I am not sure I would be able to handle that, so I am proud of your bravery and determination in working through that tough decade +.

@hustlertwo – It looks to me like (at least to me) you are a pressure-writer. I think that is ok, as long as you can deal with the stresses involved.

I understand you here, very much so. In fact, the reason I have the “write something everyday” self-discipline is to establish the daily routine.

The voicing of goals thing… I feel as embarrassing as it may be, in general, it helps reinforce your inner discipline. Which is why I always try to put my goals down here. Of course, there are exceptions, and this month being one for myself, I also understand forgoing doing so every time.


Since the latter half of my school day was study periods, and that I now have no assessments to do, I have spent most of the later half of my school day writing! I haven’t got much progress with the fight scene, so in addition to editing stuff, I have been rewriting Extinction’s description! I’m not done yet, but so far, I’m pretty proud of my writing so far.

Has for what I wasn’t doing when I was writing: I was watching Critical Role!


I finally had a good writing day, yesterday. The new trick that I am trying is not just to make lists of what scenes need to be written next, but to literally schedule each scene for a specific block of writing time. Yesterday, I wrote a scene in which the MC’s dad is very disappointed in them.


:partying_face: I’ve finished chapter 4!!!

Hahahahahaaaaahhhahaaha! Now to chapter 5 where we - by we I mean the audience/readers - meet the secondary antagonist. He was originally supposed to be in chapter 4, but that was originally an interlude that became chapter 4. Plus it’s more fitting to who the secondary antagonist is for his introduction to be chapter 5. Because The assassin, or rather his dead body was introduced in chapter 5 of his first appearance in the game that my story takes influence from.

Chapter 5 will/is also something of a lore dump for one of the heroes of the story regarding a certain secret. I have an idea to make it like the characters asking the other character questions. Is this a good way to do an info dump, because literally no one knows of said secret… save a few people. So anyway to make a good info dump that works for the story and the ramifications of said lore dump?


June is going much better writing-wise than the last few months. I’m getting towards the end of Royal Affairs Chapter 4 and I think (knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc) I’m going to get it drafted before my deadline at the end of the month!


Guess who broke the 10’000 world mark today?

Me! That’s who!


Finished the first half of my Chapter 2 rewrite. Scenes expanded and reshuffled into a more logical order. No one’s biting yet, but I hope that means that no one’s found any game-crashing bugs to instantly report.

Also made some progress on solidifying a character - just “cast” an actor for them. This time it’s a near-instant “that’s the guy I want”, and it’s the first time I’ve seen that actor on film. That’s how strong his performance was. Usually it requires a bit more thought.

I like to do this because everyone moves differently, so I can base my character’s movements on that. They stand different, they walk different, they react and interact with the world different. Their physical descriptions may or may not match, but that’s not an issue. It’s the movements that matter.

I’m not the only one who does this, right?


I’ve written my first 10 or so words of June!

Progress is progress…
Considering I started the month feeling like I was putting writing down for some time, it’s nice to come back to it so soon.


Pounded out 2,000 words in an hour and a half, which is a good pace!

Trying not to overdo each scene. I’ve got one more “subscene” for this scene – the gang plays a fun party game – and that’s it. All done. No more. Next scene.

Easy for me to get carried away otherwise.

Of course, I still need two things:

  • need a scene for a subroutine where the MC can perform an action at one of three opportunities presented in the game, and need to somehow acknowledge when they chose to do it
  • thought of a cool little mechanic for the MC’s downtime

For the latter, the idea is that the main character can sit and think about the events of the story while they go about their regular boring day job. They can follow one of a few “trains of thought” and reach three interesting secrets about the game just by thinking hard enough, but it comes at the price of losing focus at work. The lower their focus at work gets, the worse they perform and the lower their confidence gets. You need confidence to be reasonably high to do a lot of the fun stuff in the game, so it’s a trade-off between a healthy work-life balance and an understanding of what is really going on behind the scenes.

A bit inspired by Disco Elysium!


The “fun party game” ended up being 3,000 words long.

I mean, in actual fact it was an introduction to a new location, a montage of getting drunk, an initiation into the game, a whole heap of options based on how you answer the game’s questions, and a denouement in your apartment as you reflect on the day, but come on, Will.


Three weeks into writing, I’ve started to develop that pesky little voice that’s saying, “Is your story really worth writing? Is all this branching necessary? Are your plot and characters even good enough?”

Most of the time, I do have the resolve to tell myself that my story is worth it. Even if no one reads it, even if I stop halfway through, writing this story makes me happy and is genuinely one of the only things I look forward to every day. But sometimes, it does get to me, and I try to step back before I start hating the words I type.

Since it’s my first time writing non-academically in quite a while, I thought I would re-read some of my favourite books by my favourite authors to reawaken my senses to what I perceive as good writing; writing that I wouldn’t get bored of even on the worst of writer’s blocks. Currently, I’m reading Your Republic is Calling You by Kim Young-ha.

Now I’m wondering, should I re-read some of the books that I didn’t like to pinpoint what exactly I don’t want in my story/writing? I’ve also been listening to book rants on YouTube, but I’m interested in finding and taking a note of components of a story that I dislike on a more personal level. Who knows, maybe the ideas that those YouTubers presented would be reinforced in the books I didn’t like, making me even more aware of potential pitfalls.


My attempt to get to 5k by midmonth paid dividends; I had only 1,000 words needed by the beginning of today. And I had a couple hours after work while the girls were at my in-laws for dinner (I couldn’t join like usual; my car is leaking again so it’s back in the shop), and I promptly got to 10k! And then 11k for good measure. 2,000 words, my best writing day probably in at least a year and a half. Felt good, especially since I also finished the murderous chapter that has plagued me for nigh on three months. Onward and upward!


After tossing 20k words of trash-quality writing for my old project, I’ve recently managed to finish the first 2,500 for the new one (same idea, better executed). I really think that I’m a better planner and a better author with a more driving work ethic this time around, and I’m really motivated to eventually have something to share.