July 2021's Writer Support Thread

Chapter 1 got approved and I updated the demo :partying_face: :balloon: :cake: :confetti_ball:

I am what the cool kids call ~le tired


Okay, so I posted this one on AO3, and am really nervous now for some reason. Doesn’t make much sense since it’s not exactly the first time posting something there. Oh well.

Also reached this goal. The longer fanfic is making good progress too. Only some stuff from ME3 and the epilogue left.


Is being le Tired, related to being le Fay? :wink:

I think this is the best thing to do in this situation. Put whatever you decide not to use in your file… who knows what use you will find for it years from now.

It seems you have “leveled up” to the next growth phase in your writing, so nervousness is natural… at least it would be for me, in your situation.

Congrats on getting your story up and posted!



Hi everybody!

I see many of you are doing great! WONDERFUL! :heart_eyes:

Sorry if I was a little “absent” lately, but our Coronavirus Hospital department needed more dedication!

Anyway, I am happy to share with you a little “achievement” which means A LOT to me: I signed a contract for my very first Hosted Game!

This is too good to be true! :partying_face: I want to thank everybody who helped me so far :love_letter: Thank you everybody, your support worked miracles!

This makes me want to support everyone the best way I can. Never stop dreaming! Keep writing! This is a wonderful community, together we will make wonders! :gift_heart:


Finished the bigger fanfiction story too, which ended up at a little over 22.000 words before editing. Definitely the longest fanfiction project I’ve written up til now. And that completes my writing goals for this month.


Congrats! :partying_face: So happy for you.


With 3 and a bit weekdays of the month to go I can report that I managed to hit an average word count of about 1900 every weekday of this month with a couple of hiccups here and there.
Still no where near to finishing Chapter 2, reckon that will eat up August as well…
Haven’t found a good flow chart program that really suits me yet.

But I’ve increased the overall count by 49,645.

That is not all fresh text, a hefty amount of that is copy paste text due to how I structure my if branches
Do NOT take that as a typed word count.


Cleaned my entire room top to bottom today to procrastinate writing.


Progress is not looking great on all the projects I have due in the next few months.


I’ve got bad block so that’s been sucky in all honesty


Are those self-imposed deadlines or is this an edict from on high?

I decided a few days ago to pull a switcheroo. I was allowing myself three 5,000 word months as a little break from my normal 10,000 word goals. The first was in April, so the next would be August. However, given the speed bumps I hit this month, and how next month I have a lengthy vacation that should allow for some good writing time without as many distractions, I’m making this a 5k and next month 10. As such, I already hit my goal with the 5,100 words I did for the early end states subroutine on Day After Ever After. Hooray for too much spread again!


Some are self imposed and others are edicts. A deadline is a deadline.


When you finish the first chapter of your thesis (37 pages, 17.222 words) :exploding_head: :partying_face: and then you remember that according your schedule you should have already written chapter 2 :cold_sweat: :sob:
Wrote that short sci-fi story (17 pages 8.114 words) and I’ve waited feedback since 3 weeks.
My first sci-fi (somewhere beetween Mass Effect and Futurama), without previous worldbuilding and with my first LGBTQ character (not counting gay, bisex and aroace (do the latters still count as LGBTQ?), I’ve already cover them) what’s the name for someone who can change gender depending on the mood?


I keep waking up each morning, thinking that this day, I am going to write on my games.
But somehow i never do…



Perhaps you are thinking of genderfluidity of some nature. Congratulations with your thesis and c.w. progress!


Got my priorities in order it seems.



Month’s End Reflection

Finish the second draft of my WIP’s second chapter. This is a beefier one, so I’m looking at >10k words this time.

  • I actually managed to reach the 10k threshold before putting that project on the back burner. So, I think that counts as a goal completed :ballot_box_with_check:

Keep maintaining a writing streak with at least 500 words a day, with a day off each week to try and prevent burnout again.

  • I did write a lot more this month (a little over 30k in total), but there were days when I didn’t write a word. I still want to get into the habit of writing a little bit every day, so I’ll have to adjust that goal for August.

Properly outline chapter 3’s scenes, characters, motivations, etc. etc. to hopefully make writing easier and, once again, try to escape from the grasp of writer’s burnout.

  • Didn’t get this one done since I put my project on hold before I started that chapter. Didn’t suffer from writer’s burnout too badly this time, though.

Basically, July was a good month for teaching myself to take writing more seriously. I hope that I’ll be able to learn a lot more in August.

If I could rewind time to go back to the start of July and tell myself something, it would be to not beat myself up over not reaching word count goals. Sometimes quality is better than quantity.

Also, I should’ve spent more time reading books that I actually liked. Re-reading (read: slogging through) the books that I disliked just to see whether I could pinpoint what I didn’t like was a painful experience. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else.


I actually managed all of these things, though the Diaspora goal only counts if I can include my cowriter’s writing, as I only managed about 5k myself, heh. Still, I managed about 35k on Asphodel, and about 25k of that was after the release of Chapter 3, so I consider my month to have been successful!

I’ll probably wind back my goals a little for next time, though, as a bit of fatigue and stress did kick in, especially in the back half of the month.


I can’t say I wrote as much as I wish I did, but I do feel like I did what I could every day, and that’s what I really wanted to be able to say at the end of the month. Some days I gave all 100% and some days I could only give 20% but I know I did my best. And I feel like I had several breakthrough moments across a few different projects and that’s a nice feeling.


I (kind of) reached my goals! :heart_eyes:

I worked on something for the game every day—but that might have been editing, planning, coding, or writing. Not 100% happy with that, but as I feel I’ve started getting back into a good writing grove—that sort of slumped a bit after posting the demo—I’m content with that :slight_smile:

I found one person, @Cecilia_Rosewood, or rather she found me after I posted the first July post. And she was very kind and helpful, which gave me the courage to post the whole demo! Thank you, Cecilia! :heart:

Which I did! And it went really well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I only posted the demo this early because I needed beta readers, but the response and people have been so amazing! I’m still a bit shocked, but I think I am finally finding my footing again :sweat_smile:

Thank you, everyone, for a really wonderful welcome of game/WIP :heart:

See you in August! :wave:


I’m here to share my July’s results:

  • I wrote every day, except for the day after accomplishing my other goals for July… so I’m going to count this as achieved as well.

  • I not only finished manually testing project two, but I released the demo to a handful of people for review and feedback. So, goal accomplished and a little further too.

  • I accomplished my goal for project two as well; although as I finished the intro, I started to work on the next scene of the Act.

I’ll be opening the August thread shortly; I know there are those of you in August already, so this will give you a chance to record your goals, etc.