July 2021's Writer Support Thread

I finished one. Woohoo :tada: The short 4000 words one, but it’s a start. I’m making good progress on the longer one too. About 18.000 words and counting. Will have to really edit that one before posting.


Failed at making 5k by the 15th. Sick with a cold for the first part of the month and slept too much to write, then I got caught up in a cooperative run of Death Road to Canada with some of the crew on the Parenting Simulator Discord channel. It was quite fun, admittedly, but I wish I had used some more of the time to keep from getting so far behind on my 10k line for the month and a little less looting grocery stores and swinging baseball bats. That’s the curse of writing; because you can always do it when you have a free moment, all the times you don’t end up feeling like missed opportunities.


Here for my mid-month check-in goal. :partying_face: I was originally planning on doing my check-in on the 15th, but I had a few mental health breakthroughs since the 14th and wanted to focus on those for a bit first. Still mid-month, though!

The first two weeks of July have been mentally taxing to the point that I’ve pretty much just been in survival mode and constantly engaging with my coping mechanisms. I feel like I might finally be coming out of it, though I might fall back into it as I continue facing my anxieties instead of ignoring them–but that’s okay. Progress is progress. I have been struggling a bit with feelings of guilt and shame for not working on any writing projects, though. I’m finding that I’m having to remind myself quite frequently that I would never shame anyone else for focusing on their mental health or even simply failing to write anything.

Continuing on for the second half of the month–I’ve been getting the urge to write every now and again for the past few days, so I hope to do something with that. I plan on utilizing the technique I’ve been working on in therapy to recognize and change the unhelpful thoughts that arise, so I’m hoping I can come back at the end of July or beginning of August with some positive updates. :sparkling_heart:


Roughly 700 words and a bunch of editing. Instead of writing, I watched season 2 and 3 of Ash vs the Evil Dead over the course of three days.

Interestingly, in an interview with Bruce Campbell, I found the following quote which I cannot agree with more: a plan to refocus on low-budget movies in the Hollywood studio system.

I would convince each studio to give up one $200,000,000 movie. Give me the $200,000,000 and I’ll make 100 $2,000,000 movies. Half will suck. Another 25 percent will be just OK. One will be a timeless classic, and five will … make the rest of the money to pay for everything else.

fuckin amen brother


At the halfway point I’m a little behind on my goal, but I lost a lot of time earlier in the month to planning/outlining. For the last couple weeks I should be able to flat-out sprint. We’ll see how this goes!


Over the half of the month already!

My goals and I are doing and going well! :sparkles:
I have been writing every day (minus three or four days XD) And though I am not yet halfway to 20K of words, I don’t mind (: I am getting into it and that’s what is important to me (needed some time to find the right pace).

Hope you all are well and staying healthy! May the words flow from your fingers to the paper/screen :grin:


Once again I am here to say all my writing plans have been dashed to pieces as my PC charger got burnt due to high voltage the other day,:confused:

Guess my plans of improving my programming skills will have to wait
So until I get a new charger I’ll be reading and improving my art skills and posting on IG et cet era so I guess that’s it

Good day to you all​:blossom::sweat_smile::snowman:


Hopefully, you get a new charger soon, but you can also use this downtime me to contemplate on and flesh out your story.

I can personally kind of relate to this myself. I was reorganizing a folder in my computer full of my various drafts, and it led to me accidentally deleting some of my old drafts, some of which were a few months or years old!


Wrote a really nice 8,000 word short story. Neglected to save it. Unrecoverably lost.

Took a day to grieve and then wrote the whole thing again from scratch. Hammered that save button every ten words.

You’d think I’d be better at backing up my work by now.


It’s taken me a long time (most of the month) but today I did a tiny bit of writing in my story! A few words for someone’s dialogue, but it’s something, and something is better then nothing! Since writing the current scene is proving tough, I’m thinking about doing what I did for chapter 3, and moving on to a later point in the chapter. Is this a good idea?


School is finally out.

I haven’t written a single thing this month, but that’s alright. I’ll be back on track in August, I think. :white_flower:


Damn thats painful

But yes I will take this time to work on the story
And possibly draw the cover art or characters
Thank You


in my opinion, anything you do is good. as long as you keep on writing (: so if skipping a difficult part and later coming back to it helps you, then you should definitely do that! (:

what works for me personally is writing the basics down. in only a few words, or emotions, etc. i want to be able to read what happens in that scene/chapter.

when that is done i fill in the rest, but that happens in several rounds:

the first round, i generally just keep on writing, not minding any grammatical errors or thinking too hard on words.

the grammar comes in the second and third round, in which i read over the part again and again to see what works and what not.

but again, each has their own process! :sparkles:
edit: i do hope you find the energy and inspiration! (:


Barely written anything. A few words here, a few words there, maybe just a tiny handful in a day as I try and figure out how I want a particular sentence to sound like… Over a week and still trying to hammer out this one scene.

I look at my outline that keeps growing and I get scared. This story is getting too big for its own good.


Woooooo! Wrote around 300 words today!


I submitted to Hosted Games!!! I guess that means I hit my July target.


You are having a good day in your favourite café, you are finally writing something for your thesis… and then theese guys
come and start talking

Politic wizardy and LGBTQ ideology

The movement is named “Sturm und Drang”, one of thoose obscure and unknown student movement


Attempting to hit this goal has made my writing sub-par and stressful, and worse, i’m feeling grumpy. so as to not dig myself an early grave or get fired from my day job, i’m going to call it a month at exactly 59688 words (on this project, i have other stuff to write). Let this be both an inspiration and a cautionary tale lol. I’m going to review what I have, see if i can squeeze anything useful out of it, edit & bugfix, and see if i can get a WIP thread up by the end of August. See y’all then! :slight_smile:


That is very cool, but I don’t think this is the place for talking about politics still Rad poster. Sturm and drang was a german XIX artistic movement inside romanticism, mostly in music. I think it means storm and impetus


It wasn’t my intention, I just wanted to let go some frustration.
PS You are right about SUD, why an Italian far right movement chose a German name of an artistic and cultural movement is beyond my comprehension