Journey to the throne(Wip) Updated 10 feb



Yeah bro, about the Ros, Jeff is a Ro, then one male and female Ros will be introduced in female part in next update and in the male part one Ro may come in next update but I am not completely sure about it and one female Ro will be introduced in the capital. I am thinking about making Lady Amarda a Ro too, but I am still not completely sure about it.
Hey what do you think about it, you know making Lady Amarda a Ro.

Hey bro, thanks for the “I won’t miss you because I know I’ll see you again” option, it is great. I am going to add it and teasing one is great too.
and about the “I don’t mind bringing you the list.” sounds good. I don’t know if it just me but man it is also feeling like kind of you know mc is flirting with Lord Dorrick, you know like “No, Lord Dorrick I don’t mind bringing you the list.” and also if I put it there shall I directly go to the “Yes or No” thing or I shall make Lord Dorrick reply about it.


Will there be a female RO for males?


Yes there will be.
And all Ros will be introduced in both parts, it’s not like Jeff won’t come in the female part or The male and female that will come in female part will not be introduced in the male part.