Journey Into Darkness *fully playable*

The central building was very interesting, especially what’s behind the doors. I enjoyed how it ties in with everything we’ve seen throughout the journey. I also like how those mysterious poems are used for this section as well, although unfortunately I was vaporized by the eye right at the start. I’m not entirely sure why, either, as I had used the kerosene so Lady Jane could translate the tablet and obtained the three poems.

I also noticed during the cliff scene there are two options that have *goto temple which leads to *label temple instead of *goto_scene temple like the other options. That *label temple only has the word Test before ending the game.

Looking forward to getting past that puzzle and seeing the ending!

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Soni have no dynamite, and can’t climb up the walls because I keep dying. Is there anyway to get past this point or do I have to start all over?

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Hi and many thanks!
I can’t believe you got unfairly blasted you have done everything right, you see that the tablet has translation on it and this is where I “set tablet true” in the code. This makes Lady Jane say “Wait I recognise this writing”. As you used the kerosene this then sets “monkeytablet true” and she says I did have enough time to translate it. There is obviously an error in the code, I have been through it and cannot find it, so I will be playing the game from the start this afternoon to get this sorted. You must be frustarted - apologies. I have been testing it a lot but I think I have reached the point where I can’t see the wood for the trees!

Thank you for spotting the errors in the cliff scenes.

Thank you for persevering too!

I will post back when I think I have fixed the error


Edit- the error is fixed, I had missed out setting monkeytablet to true when using the kerosene and other options

Edit - I have now rewritten and uploaded the section that places Lady Jane as the damsel in distress for a second time

Edit- The cries from the West error is now fixed

Edit - Aug 27th feedback I also realized that, when you are following the Fish Man : I have now provided a clue for the reader when they decide not to buy the necklace

Edit - July 27th feedback, all non winning paths now contain clues and/or additional information

Edit “Would it be possible for the “eat provisions/don’t eat provisions” options to not appear if you are at full stamina?” - I have created the code that will enable this and am currently adding it to all the relevant scenes

Hiya - thanks for playing and getting that far too!

You need the dynamite, it is not possible to get in without it