Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale

Ahh!!! Congrats!! I’m really excited even though we have to wait for a while. 2020 is a good year so far with all my favorite titles coming out this year.


November can’t come fast enough… :face_with_monocle:


Damn, I read the upcoming games list and got 2 bad need. Cakes and Ale will only come at the end of the year and Tales of Two Cranes will not come this year :pensive:.

It took me a bit to find the listing – @Gower – you hid it with the “Jolly Good” part of the title …

Maybe, edit the Thread’s title to reflect the full title, so those as slow as I am are not confused down the road? Just a thought.


I remember that just before playing Tally Ho I had watched the film Remains of The Day with Anthony Hopkins. I tried to do a butler like Stevens, no emotions or personal values to thwart a servant’s job.

Can’t wait for November!


Just before writing Tally Ho, I read The Remains of the Day, and that story was very much in my mind as I wrote it!


Hooray for reaching the end goal, Gower! Take your time doing as many revisions as you want on the game before launching it (or taking a break after writing more than a million words); I’ll wait for it until whenever, and I’m sure the everybody else on the thread would too.

It it setting up to be one of my favorite years, too. Ironheart, Mask of the Plague Doctor and The Aegis Project are definite purchases, I think.