Jig-Saw Project (WIP)

A pleasant day everyone,

My name is Antoinne.I’m new here and I’d like to share a little bit about myself.
I’ve always been interested in creating COG type of games and I’ve always wanted to have a career in creative writing. I’m a full-time worker/student and I’ve somewhat put this dream aside till recently. I stumbled across COG and my passion for writing and creating was rekindled. I haven’t had the chance to properly introduce myself and get involved with the forums yet but I hope after this introduction, I will be more involved as a participant for other aspiring writers as well.

Anyhow, I’ve been recently working on a project and would finally like to share what I currently have.
Title: Jig-Saw
You play the plot of a confused character trapped in an unfamiliar place with most of your memories removed. To get out of the place, you are forced to answer puzzles that lead and open clues to getting out. Eventually, you run into people in the same situation as yours and the goal is to not only get out but figure out what exactly is going on.
Links: https://dashingdon.com/play/antoinnesommeil/jig-saw/mygame/

I don’t want to provide too much information and opinion on it as I’m not sure how the experience will be on your end. The spelling and grammar will most likely be choppy as I did not have too much time to edit. There’s currently 30k words in the document and some choice lines are not established yet.

Any feedback, comments or suggestions are welcomed. But what I really desire is an initial assessment if whether this project is worth pursuing further. I thank you all for reading and I will be seeing you all in the other threads!


Antoinne Sommeil


Dropbox can’t be used to host .html files anymore, unfortunately. Try dashingdon DOT com.


beaten to it :stuck_out_tongue: yeah: http://dashingdon.com752

but the idea sounds great :slight_smile: how gory will it be though? I don’t always shy away from gore, but in my opinion the saw films have gore just for the sake of gore :frowning: . So excessive descriptions would put me off…

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Thanks, Cecilia. Just edited the original posts and added the dashington link.

Hi CreepyPastaKitty,

Thanks for the link as well! It’s not that gory. I don’t I’ll expound too much on the gore. The focus is on the complexity of the puzzles. It’s meant to somewhat stimulate the brain through puzzles. It’s basically one gigantic puzzle torn up in pieces through chapters. There are deaths but it will not be too hung up on it.



Wow I dizzy now :dizzy_face: how do you even make this?

Hahaha, it was a labor of love. There’s plenty that needs to be modified for sure though.

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Does this game have any story branching or is it all just about doing the puzzles? I don’t actually like the SAW series or horror movies in general because the characters are always railroaded into stupid choices that get them killed, but playing a game where you could subvert that could actually be fun.

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Hi Shoelip,

There is actually story branching. Different angles, different character endings, and heaven endings available later part on the game.

Thanks for the feedback,


“heaven” endings? What like your character dies and goes to heaven and that’s the ending?

I meant hidden. Sorry. Difficult to type on mobile and a busy place.

I like this idea, it seems very similar to the 999 series of games.


Hi Brainsoverbrawn,

Thanks for the input! I’ll try to rehash this work when I have the time.


Antoinne Sommeil