JavaScript idea


I feel like this deserves it’s own topic, correct my if I’m wrong.

For anyone who doesn’t know, using *script in your game will make it so you can’t get it published by CoG, however you can still use it for games on DashingDon.

I have no experience with JavaScript (just Java) but I would imagine that it would be possible to read and write (or maybe only read) data from a published Google Spreadsheets using JavaScript.

If that’s the case, is there a JavaScript code you can use in CS using *script that would read (or hopefully write) data from(/to) a published (anyone with link can edit) Google Spreadsheets, or even just a regular (anyone with link can edit) Google Doc?

If you don’t see where I’m going with this; I’m wondering if someone could make a ChoiceScript game that used semi-live data from on free online source to essentially let players interact with each other’s games (or yes, full-on multiplayer).

I can’t seem to find anything online saying yea or nay about this.