Jason Wood Wizarding World WIP

I would want to create a world that can match HP and game of thrones but you must understand that also is. It’s self so here’s how it go’s Jason is the character going into a battle school and has a magical enchanted but here’s the catch he was stolen from his kind aunt and uncle by a his stepfather who is trying to take down wizards. What would you want to see in a wizard world in america centered around Jason, 13 and book is Jason - return of the lord and battle school? is vonnac battle school is great now what do you want Sex blood what?


To say it better what would you want in this Erie’s and Jason is 13

dude lmao what
i feel like the storyline could use some work. your grammar too, just sayin. no offense tho


So is Jason’s stepfather making Jason hunt other wizards or is Jason trying to escape? Has he already escaped since he is going to a battle school for wizards? Is he hunting wizards at the school? I agree with @wonderfulcarpet you kinda need to work on your storyline and grammar. Where do you want it to go as an author? I will still answer your question, I would like to be able to hunt wizards with my stepfather. I think that would be awesome to have fight scenes with other wizards. Of course, it would be cool if we could escape and train to fight him since I assume he would be the murderer of our mother.

  • the name of the book will be- Jason: Return of the lord and battle school.

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Jason, 13

the 13 is Jason’s age? or the number of books you want to do?

Jason is a 13 year old.

Sorry for grammar mistakes I’m on tablet but the storyline is a evil Wizard
Lord who killed only your father but your mother tries to give him to your
kind uncle and aunt (like peter parker) but your stepfather finds out and
gets jason instead raising him along side his secretly wizard mom (Jason
nor his stepfather know) and then you are brought to the vonnac battle
school by James the new greatmaster.

So do you guy’s wanna have another playable character who hate wizards for
killing his parents and he hunts them down in a secret government society
which allow this.

Spoiler’s: They fight a epic battle humans against wizards and comes back
to life

Guy’s I might make this into a game but I really want you guys to tell me
what you and thanks for telling me about the grammar as I said before on
tablet. Now Cloris (Spell)

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you should edit the first post and put this instead

Wait so is our mother that is secretly a wizard not the mom that tried to give us away? Because if she isn’t why wouldn’t she be like “Wtf husband I gave him to his aunt and uncle.” Or are you having him lie or something? Also hella yes I want a character that would be able to hunt wizards as a wizard, but why would we fight humans? I mean as long as you make it believable than I’m fine that my attention switched.

Dude so she can’t do that because he’s a abusive asshole. (Sorry for language).
The wizard hunter is not a wizard that’s stupid but if you want I can make a twin brother who is a wizard killing human kind. The final thing is yes they will fight humans but you see it’s not Harry potter where no one See’s magic people do see it and they start to call the government now it’s a new witch and wizard hunt.

…“Witch” and “Wizard” don’t mean the same thing.

I don’t know what else to tell you. Time to just write. I mean you didn’t really ask questions for us to answer. I guess an evil twin brother would be cool.

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