ok fujin and random letters don’t know your name srry
you can discuss the japenese here


@Fujin was most correct with their Japanese suffixes, to the best of my knowledge.
And it IS a big deal to get these things right, or you could really end up offending and/or confusing someone (particuarly the Japanese). @ScarletGeisha might be able to give you pointers?
If you’re not sure it might be best to leave the suffixes out though.


Yeah you don’t really have to use suffixes if you don’t want to… I just didn’t want you to use the wrong one’s if you chose to use them.


Okay guess I won’t use them




??? wat??? i guess that is japenese, is it???


Yes it is Japanese


But it is in hiragana letter


wat is that ??


Japanese basic letter seperated into 2 1.hiragana ひらがな and 2.katakana カタカナ。the another letter are called kanji かんじ it’seperated into 2 kind


oh ok


To read or write it you use romanji.the Romanized of reading or writing create by two letter for example ね ne


From what I learnt for past 2 year the Japanese language I can shared you some of what I learn


i know i use that like for masata in my ninja game


So I need some help with memorizing kanji letter for it have about more than 1000 letter


I’m more familiar with kanji, but not completely since it is based on traditional Chinese. I studied simplified. But I can still make educated guesses.

And yes, it is not necessary to include the suffix. And I personally think it’s better that you don’t if you aren’t familiar with the nuances. It would be embarassing.


what do these mean?






I think there are other titles but I think i know what those are but ive never asked to make sure


Sama- lord or liege lord

Sensei- teacher
That’s about all I know Lol


asdfghjkl BLEH:

sama = a greatly respectful honorific. Ya see this translated as Lord/Lady, Sir/Madam an’ stuff usually, dependin’ on the time period set an’ uh, the difference in social standin’ between two people - it can be seen as a bit of a suckin’-up act, y’know.
kun = used with a boy’s name to show familiarity or close friendship, an’ also can be used when addressin’ someone younger or of a lower social position than ya.
chan = an informal, sort-of close diminutive-thingummy. It’s like when I’d use “Kat” for my old friend, instead of “Katarina”. Mostly used between girls, but kids use it a lot an’ sometimes it ends up being used for pets, too.
senpai = ya upperclassman, or someone older than ya in ya line of work, for example. Pronounced “sempai” (no matter what Persona will have ya believe), and that’s ‘ow you’ll find it written sometimes. The opposite is “kouhai”, but it’s a bit, uh, ya wouldn’t use it as a honorific, it’s a tad rude.
sensei = used to refer to teachers, doctors, or “masters” of a certain trade, like scientists an’ stuffs like that.


@Bagel thank you!! :3