January 2023's Writer Support Thread

Well, that sounds like a reasonable reason to me.

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  • Found a job in surveillance in a supermarket, the paycheck is a penny and I have to deal with some people… on the bright it’s near home and I have the morning free;
  • Finally talked with my cousin, speaking helped with stress and reorganize;
  • Rewriting what was supposed to be the first chapter of my fantasy series, sometimes I’ve the feeling that, no mutter how I try, I’ll always write lengthy and verbose.



I’ve written about 30 thousand words so far this month, yet Chapter 2 is still nowhere near completion. Maybe I’m in over my head.

As a side note, what’s this cake next to my username for?


It’s your birthday! :tada:


Oh yeah, I completely forgot. :no_mouth:


If it’s any consolation, it sounds like you’re still doing pretty good, even if you didn’t quite make the goal you set out to achieve. I didn’t even manage my word count goals, as small as they were - rl was pretty crazy, and my plate seems to just keep piling up and up.

On the bright side, though, I did get a lot of background work done (fleshing out character backstories, etc.), so that’s something.


I am very happy that Royal Affairs has gone to copyedit - it’s more than triple the size of the last public demo! it’s approaching the size of the Lord of the Rings books combined! playthrough is longer than Frankenstein! It’s been a long and strange journey - mostly because of the pandemic; partly because of living in the UK while writing about royalty for the last 3 years - and I have a lot to talk about when I eventually do a retrospective.

Speaking of, I am going to start drafting a Noblesse Oblige retrospective sometime soon, as we’re coming up to 6 months after release. I’m also getting my ducks in a row for what comes up next - I’m keen to make something new, and for that something-new to have a shorter production cycle. I hope both those things end up happening!


Hi guys, do you prefer writing everyday, or on specific days?

  • Specific days
  • Everyday

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I chose every day, but there needs to be “rest days” for my health and sometimes to allow me to think on my writing without actually writing.

There are days when I will spend more time writing, and some days that I will work on research or other such tasks…

The key for me is to keep building on my momentum somehow.

If you have follow up questions, I’ll be happy to tackle them @122B :revolving_hearts:


If I wasn’t in school, I’d probably try writing most days. But by the time I’m done with classes and homework, I just want to watch tv :joy:


What I wish… Or what actually happens?


I am happy to announce that I have written every day since my last post. The meditation therapy is going well and my therapist is very impressed with my performance, now I am learning to edit better without anxiety.

Volume wise I am not doing big numbers, but I don’t care; I think that they will come eventually. Hell, in 2019 I wrote an entire 100k game in a month. So, I can write fast and I have almost twenty games finished, so I have proven myself that I can. Now, I have to learn to polish, and my big issue with grammar; I don’t feel engaged or like it. write giant games or sagas. and that is the only type of games people even look at.

So, I probably have to accept writing a game in a scope I directly hate to have a chance as nobody will even gaze at anything less than 200k.


My advice, don’t even think about how long the story will be. I have zero estimate or goal for how long my projects will be. Just write the story you want. And afterwards, if you really want it to be longer, then you can do something about it


if I write the story I want it would be about 40k to 50k and no matter how I advertise that nobody on the forum would even care to try the beta.

I am a writer a plot quest based, Like a game master. I resolve the plot or adventure and that’s it. Maybe in the future another story of the same character. my influence is from kid serial authors like Agatha Christie or Sherlock holmes.

I am not a fluff content , I am a direct writer so I basically would have to add 100k of filler I don’t care for the story I want to tell.

edit’ I will try to focus on the story I want to tell, and then see how I can make it look bigger.


I’m a full-time student and inspiration usually comes really sporadically for me so I’ve been really shocked that I’ve been able to at least get down 500 words everyday when it comes to my WIP, it’s kind of amazing feeling like this for once. Generally though I usually have lots of little lines that pop into my head over the course of the day and I jot them down on my Writer+ app on my phone, then it’s a task of figuring out which line goes with who and how to fit them all together.

Anyways, hi! I haven’t posted on this thread before :smiley:




I am from the posh tea variety.


I feel personally targeted :sweat_smile:


Yeah I’d say being a writer makes me kind of like a vampire!

  • Pale
  • Weirdly old fashioned
  • Doesn’t understand human beings
  • Drinks the blood of innocent victims

I wish the fast typing was guaranteed… Does being quick at hand-writing notes in cursive count?