Jacic: Looking for testers for a CScomp entry


Hi all, I was also hoping to find a few people who would like to help out by taking a look at my entry for the CScomp? I’m hoping to have something playable up at some point this weekend.

As with all the CScomp entries, I can’t give away any details on a public post which I know makes it hard to know if the topic will be about something you want to test, so if you’re interested please let me know and I’ll get a private thread going with some more details once the game’s up and running with more info. Looking for any and all feedback from what you like/dislike about the story and characters themselves, to typos, grammar issues and bugs. If you’re interested can you please reply to the thread?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I’m up for it. Whatever I can do to help


I’m interested in helping twst


Count me in. Probably can’t help much with grammar errors, though. :sweat_smile:


I’ve got a bunch of free time on my hand, so I’d like to sign up.


I would like to beta test please!


I’m up for it. Sign me up.


Thanks for the offers! Really appreciate it. I’ll let you know when I’ve got a link up for testing (Needs a few things fixed/finished which I should get time to do on the weekend.)
@MahatmaDagon I’ve always thought your grammar is absolutely fine :slight_smile: As much as I try to test my stuff, I’m sure there’ll be more than just grammar issues lurking in my entry though.


You’re the one who did the Sea Maiden right? I loved that WIP. If you’ve got a spot open I would love to join.


I would like to try to beta test


If you are still in need of testers, I would love to help ^^


Same as above, if there’s a room for it, I’d like to help as well.


@Tuhin_Subhra_Maity yes that’s my WIP, thank you :slight_smile:
Of course. Thank you everyone for the help. I’ll send everyone a message once it’s up and running.


Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help :slight_smile: I’ve sent out a link, if for any reason you don’t get it let me know. (For some reason adding names into the PM was being a bit glitchy today).


If you’re still looking for testers I’d love to help :grin:


count me in to typo hunting :grin:


If you are still accepting testers then I’d be more then happy to provide feedback.

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