I've been working on a game in Javascript

After playing Life of a Wizard, I wanted to make my own Choicescript game. After making my own Choicescript game, I wanted to make one in a language that allowed a bit more freedom. Unfortunately you can’t make a browser text based game in just one language, so I ended up learning 3. I’ve finally (after about 14 months) come up with this as the base product. It’s just an early demo, and about 4K words of text (excluding code) and about 8K (including code).

I’m hoping to extend this until a full browser game, and possibly convert to mobile devices.

Very early demo:
NOTE: not designed for mobile devices. also the names at the start are generated from a list of 20. try refreshing to see.
NOTE#2: feedback on how it runs from mac users is super useful, as I only possess windows devices.


Being like a cat and thus likely to get killed by curiosity I went to take a look.

So, first a technical issue – some screens, when having a lot of text, went almost beyond my screen (1920 x 1080) and no scrollbars appeared. Shrinking the text/page worked, but still, something to look into.

Second, I assume you keep the gender out of everything? The names seem to suggest that – or maybe the names merely might be considered used by a female, given cultural influences on the reader and so forth. Otherwise I get the impression the gender might be male. To me, choices like that tend to be important for me to feel more part of the world. Make the character mine, so to speak. :blush:

How, LoaW isn’t my favourite game to be honest, I feel somewhat removed when playing it (more like an ‘after the fact’ observer than ‘there and then’) so the style I cannot say much about, but so far the writing is fine, I think, with plenty of choices on where to start and such.

That is about all I can think of at the moment, apart from saying bravo and well done to learn new programming languages to create your vision. :smiley:

I couldn’t play this at all. My options of a name all said “100% success” under them (I guess because it’s impossible to be wrong about your name?) but all of them were unclickable.

First we start with bad news, I insist, as already stated by JTAL, I could not scroll down to any other choices on my iPad. And there was no choice for scrolling.

Second as much as I can forge through in the case of being called strange names, I would prefer the choice to choose my own name, but this is minor.

Third just a random suggestion…the game…does it have a name? Officially via humanity…if you care to or for, changing the topic name alongside JavaScript to please that thought and get a better understanding in what the topic actually is (wasn’t actually expecting a W.I.P.), but this is minimum…minorish…

Anywho! On to good news…

WOW, way to bring it to cog =p, I mean I’ve seen layouts and the likes like this, but they were…to the most extreme of basics and not very well made. Even at this stage I can see the potential for the game. I specifically love the percentages of success underneath each choice. The game itself, although I don’t quite understand the storyline, though perhaps because the game is very open worlded is why, which makes creation and development all the more difficult, yet all the more pleasing in the end. That layout just makes me wanna watch, of course I desire more to look at, but haha that light brown and icon, rpg brought into cog mode, makes me pretty jealous =p

You have a nice inventory, relationships, and moral compass layed out and all separated, which in its own is unique in its layout and organization. When I first click the link I was wondering what all the hubbub was about when you meaning changing script and languages…I understand. places hand in shoulder trust me.

Now I’m sure there was something else I was going to add…but it’s about that midnight hour and just finished late night coding, hopefully you got something out of my rambling, I look forward to seeing further development and hopefully some input in my part along the way, cheerio mate.

I played using the Google Chrome browser and didn’t run into any technical issues.

The game certainly has potential and is impressive even in its current state.

I’m thinking the name of the game is Defender of Humanity.
I’m just going by what the tab says in Chrome. :sweat_smile:

@Packet it’s practically midnight, I can’t think straight under these conditions >.<, though I already knew the name when I played through it…and prob read in the intro…makes me feel dumber for not thinking before typing XD, I’m sure I’m going to be slot more embarrassed when I wake up and read my posts…

sigh to bed I go.

The above link cannot be used on mobile devices; perhaps this needs clarifying. It’s a browser based link fitted for my screen. I suspect I’ll need to implement scroll-bars, though I’d like to do so in a non-intrusive way.

There is no gender in my game. The names randomly generate for each game. Refresh and they will be different.

What device are you on?

I started programming a couple months ago so all the technical feedback is really useful! Thanks everyone!

So the todo list is:
-Add non-instrusive (I think dark brown, rounded) scroll bars
-Make all buttons disabled after you click and option (click 2 fast and break the game)

Rodger dodger that, @Ayzkalyn. :grin:

(I am on PC, by the way, and scrollsiesess are indeeded needed…)

As @Arcania said, though, nice layout. :blush:

I’ve been having some trouble implementing custom scroll-bars, as they are not supported in Firefox or Safari. I think for global support I’m going to have to implement something that looks like a scrollbar, but isn’t. Which means a lot more scripting.

The joy of a custom ‘engine’, eh? :neutral_face:

MacBook laptop, Safari or Firefox are my goto browsers (I try Firefox first with game demos here.)

If anyone’s interested, I’ve left an ongoing development log on Imgur. It goes through the things I’ve added day-by-day, and I think it kinda inspires me to keep working.


When you choose: I hated my uncle, or something like that, its loops around and doesn’t go forward until you choose, we were good friends.

Loops also when chooses I sorted through the “Alchemical Texts”. I can get infinity potion + :smiley: