Its this time of the year folks


Its the holidays! And I guess this is the holiday threads? Yeah it is. You can tell what you planned to do or just have a regular christmas talk. Personaly I am off for an alcohol fueled fiesta with two or three friends. I have an old trafic cone we draw on when we’re drunk and we’re going to fill it up with festive scribbles.


Ohh…Celebrating topics and new year congratulations are officially started on Choiceofgames) What about making an event with the members?)) What ideas do you have. Ans it would be interesting to know where all are living?)


I admit events could be nice. This halloween felt a bit bland around here. I’m from quebec so we have pretty hardcore winters (though apparently this one is more of a wet winter than a white winter) and the holidays we’re alway pretty importent. At least in my lil town. Some people didnt even remove their decorations from last year.


:smiley: In my country I have 3 month of warm summer but some people also dont remove their decorations for this time :D Im in Ukraine now) It would be nice if forums like this will encourage players to free travel to the meeting :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what you mean by traveling to meetings but I can certainly encourage forum activities. I dont know what exactly could be done except a christmas thread though.


MMmmmm I was planning some good and calm meetting with family at the afternoom, sharing smiles and nodding, eating…

And… when the night comes… Things ARE going to happen…


Haha its pretty much the same here. My mom is probably going to cook something nice and once night come my friends are all going to come at my house with all the booze they can. And it will be legendary. I’m gonna get some greek wine or maybe a bottle of jaeger if I learn to drink like a normal person. Last time didnt end well. I got so drunk I followed my friend around town in the afternoon for no reasons and all I remember is puking somewhere on the mountain, staring at a gas station, puking in my sink and waking up on my bathroom floor at 6 pm with 6 pillows and a few blankets. Wouldnt do this again.


If it’s we have to talk about Dark Past Drunk Events. Then I can assure no one drinks like this guy… I never puke but I drink everything like if it was Holy Water :stuck_out_tongue:

Last time ended up in a stranger’s house and she looked at me like “You should get out…” + “Police + Father = trouble”

Saving details!!!


I was so drunk once that I fell asleep against a stop sign and a few day later my english teacher asked me if I remember when he waved at me from his bike when he made his stop. Apparently I wasnt very responsive. Of course I dont remember seing him at all. The class had a good laugh.


Don`t get puking in this New Year:)
Hate these things))
My last NY I celebrated with friends in their house so they bought unusual alcohol, so we drank 2 bottles for 5 people and…guess what happen then? …Nothing. Nothing happened at all… We all fell to sleep in 1:30 at night and got up about 11:00 in the morning =
Such was our new year…))
unbridled joy


Here comes the fun thing about my country, we have 2 days of Christmas for no apparent reason whatsoever but who cares right? An extra day off from work.

Probably going to spend it with family, eating things etc. Haven’t got a clue about new year though.


We usually do a big cook up of all kinds of roasts and invite all of our friends and relatives but this year we’re doing something a lil different. We’re eating out this year, all you can eat buffet. Just going to relax and chill this time :smile: We’ll do our rounds, and visit everyone else this year.


Well, I can’t drink since I have depression, so I’m afraid I don’t have any fun drunk stories. Instead, I’m going to spend my Christmas playing Xbox with my dad and brother. :slight_smile: Oh, and decorating and baking! I love Christmas decorations and goodies. And my mom and I are going to see a play. So yeah, a good Christmas all around.


I believe @FairyGodfeather had a “Santa Claus” game in production at one point. I wonder if we’ll see that finished up this year


I’m sorry to hear about your depression but dont worry about fun drunk stories. Its just stories that happen to take place when we’re drunks. I’m sure you have great sober stories.


I’m going to play PlayStation eat lots probably feel I’m going to explode after Christmas dinner and then finish the left overs on boxing day I don’t know if that’s commen in Ireland but my family doesn’t cook then so my options are limited


Thought I’d give this a bump if that’s ok? Considering it’s getting to that time again :smiley: think this is the latest topic of this category, so sorry in advance if that’s not the case. Has everyone started buying presents yet just out of interest? Bought all mine except for two people who I’m struggling with :confused: .


I give you permission to start a new thread! :slight_smile: :gift: (Preferably with a new and better title)