It's Killing Time (Spoilers)

Can someone help me get these achievements ?
1: Happily ever after
2: Island Time
3: Trusting
4: Philantrophist
5: Bookmaker
6: Welcome to the dojo
7: Artist

Happily Ever After - Have Passion >50 and be in a relationship by the end of the game.

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For island I recruited Miller and love interest. Respect 75, righteous, and u seem to only get the offer if u have enough discipline I think over 65 is enough…o and I had about $97000 and was loved and spared the p Phoenix but turned him in.

M still having trouble r u sure it’s passion greater than just 50?

Ever come up w n e thing?

Can anyone tell me what i need to do to romance Phoenix? I save her but she doesn’t say anything.

Does anyone know how to romance Dante? I thought I had it, but then when I call him, he said he was seeing someone?

How do you romance Phoenix? I tried it three times already and I still fail :sweat_smile:

I have romanced her every single time. I don’t even know how. Did you try beating her one on one?

Yes, then I’ll save her from the ray but all she does is thank me and then she’ll leave

What are your stats?