It's Killing Time (Spoilers)

@Fellow The game will be released on the site once it’s up on Apple. It’ll be up on Apple once they approve it. I think the current date is this Friday, so fingers crossed.

Found a bug/typo. The options suggest that a question was asked, but no one’s actually asked anything. It seems like something’s missing.

@FairyGodfeather What are you talking about?The game is already up on the Appstore.

What ^ said, I bought it last night.

If the game has finally been published on Apple then clearly it will be available on the main cog site soon.

Also, how do I cheat on my LI, apparently there is an achievement where you stay faithful but I don’t see any way not to.

Faithful actually has to do with going to church or something.

@jasonstevanhill I had an achievement for staying faithful to my love interest as well. The description was something about sticking to only one love interest

@Daniel_Xie I believe the only way to cheat is choose one of the love interests at the start and then when you choose to save Phoenix and let her go, she’s ask if you want to be together. (That scene made me laugh bc one moment you’re killing her and the next she wants to be with you forever. It felt way too abrupt.)

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Are you able to romance Boris? I’ve been trying to, but I can’t seem to be able to forgive him at the end.

I was a bit put out that I couldn’t take a side trip to Japan, but I see that in the credits, so what’s the trick?

@Stsword According to the game files. You need respect > 80 and money > 110000 If you have that then the Japan trip will be unlocked in the last chapter.

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Okay I’ll try that, thanks

Sigh, now I’m having trouble getting more respect- I can succeed in all my missions flawlessly, get through the entire game uninjured, and dominated all my opponents.

So whatever I'm doing wrong I'm finding it unintuitive.

I found the easiest ways to increase respect were to pick more “psychotic” actions and do “extreme kills.” I think when I tried going through the game without picking the psychotic actions I still couldn’t get enough respect at the end, but I also haven’t discovered all the extreme kills (I’ve only found 2).

I actually have an easy time with the respect part without being a psycho. I just had my character be a quick thinker, more loved and righteous than hated and feared. I’ve ended the game with at least an 85 in all of those playthroughs, having a smidge of trouble with the money bit though

Yeah I actually remembered that when I played a similar character (quick thinker, loved, righteous, disciplined) I think I did break 80 or 85 on respect but also had trouble with money.

any chance someone here knows what the level of respect is needed to threaten diaz to give the information about the fallen angels for free?.. i can only manage up to 65 with 3 extreme kills but surprisingly 70 without doing a single extreme kill before talking to diaz…

Respect actually isn’t involved, you either need your loved stat to be under 35 or your psychotic level to be over 25.

thanks for the reply… so theres no other way around it?.. im up to 124k at this junction and hes asking 25k though, and i really, really want to get that japan chapter but someone said i need 110k to do it…

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Well that’s a bit counter intuitive.

After all, presumably, after all, the loved trait is mutual.

So the more your coworkers are family, the easier it should be to believe the PC is going to get their smite on.