Issues with stats

So for some reason only one option of question stats response is taking effect. Like i have otion 1 which when picked a persons stat changes but when they pick option 2 the stats say the same. What am I doing wrong here?
heres an example

#At the playground when I was 8.
*set Optimist +5
You had been playing with another kid, and had gotten into a small fight and you ended up with a bloody nose.
You had run to your parents crying hoping for comfort but what you got were matching looks of disdain and a
simple phrace of “Stop causing trouble for those other parents and children. Behave for once would you?”
Still you always had hope things might get better.
*goto apple
#In my room when I was 11
*set Pessimist +5
After having a rough time at school you had come home hoping to get some comfort or at least some quiet.
Instead what you got was shouting and glares of dissaproval. They said they were dissapointed with your lackluster
attitude towards my schooling. Shouting and shouting about how you should be grateful they even put you in that school.
They grounded me for the night and you found yourself all alone in your room. You knew they would never be true parents after
*goto apple
The first one changes the stats but not the second

If you are using Optimist opposed_pair Pessimist, then Pessimist might not change if you don’t add it’s own value so if you want to add 5 to Pessimist then instead you should do Optimist -5

If the problem continues then it might be something else.


You are a literal angel thank you so much

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