Issues with Downloading Choicescript

So I downloaded everything necessary for choicescript but when I go to run it an error message is in the runserver that says “error can’t run module”.

It doesn’t open up my game in the browser so I’m not able to start editing.

Any clue how to fix this?

What did you try to do?

The link at ‘make your own game’ is a zipfile that contains everything needed. or did you download it elsewhere?

I downloaded it from there. Right from the choice of games website. When I go to follow the steps in the instructions and I run the server it gives me an error. I am able to access the notepad and edit but it doesn’t give me access to play the game so none of the edits go through.


which browser are you using?

Microsoft Edge

edge can’t run it, sadly. needs firefox or safari

Therrreeee we go. Okay gonna try Firefox. Thank you so much!

godspeed <3

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