ISIS serious or no


Is anyone else unable to take Isis seriously due to the fact an ISIS appeared in Chuck as well as archer? I hate saying ISAL but it’s the only way I can take them serious at all…


I just don’t think they’re as big of a deal as everyone is making them out to be, because terrorism is seriously a miniscule issue when you compare it to things like global warming. I’m not saying that what that terrorist group is doing isn’t wrong, but it just frustrates me that everyone freaks out over it but acts like climate change, which is probably the biggest issue all Earthlings face, isn’t real. Or if they acknowledge that it’s real, they still don’t do anything about it.


I personally feel it is a big issue not from a place of fear but the fact people believe that they would need to be so extreme to get the point they want across. Most people should, guess I should emphasize should, be able to know that being more moderate and cooperative would lead to a bigger change than extremist.


“Terrorism” is just war played at an amateur level usually by groups other than nations. The damage it does is real, but minuscule compared to what a national military can do.

EDIT: I realize that’s a simplification, but i’m trying to point out how disproportionate the reaction to terrorism is (at least here in the USA) compared to war itself


In most countries, statistically, you’re more likely to die from a peanut than terrorism.


Unless your in Iraq or Syria.


I think they’re an excellent detective agency. Not a single bad word about them.


What?detective agency?


It was a joke on a Georgia-based detective agency named ISIS.

The militants don’t really warrant discussion. They’re no worse than the Taliban, who for whatever reason aren’t considered a “threat” anymore or any other of the hundreds of militant groups that also operate in Syria and surrounding countries. It’s all coming crumbling down due to mistaken western policy and arbitrary borders anyways, it was just a matter of time.


Exactly. It’s like when Americans freak out about Ebola.

Scientists: Seriously, don’t freak out about Ebola.
Americans: AHHHH!!!
Scientists: Freak out about global warming.
Americans: LOL, pass me some coal and liquid dinosaurs.


Mmmm… Liquid dinosaurs…


Global warming will kill us all. Coconuts will kill us all. Isis will take my cats. We will fight back when this happens. When this happens we will unleash the dinosaurs. Godzilla will be born. He will destroy everything. We will go back to the stone ages. Global warming will stop. Penguins will be happy. We will fight dinosaurs. We will evolve. WE WILL BRING TECHNOLOGY BACK. repeat forever. Oh and uhm no comment to the subject at hand