Is there anyway to add $!{name} and similar into the choice box? (SOLVED...suddenly works.)

As stated above, I’m wondering if there’s any way I can add the player’s custom name, along withe gender pronounce etc into the choice box?

When I tried it before, it gave me an error. :confused:

PS: I’m doing a choice script game in third person pov, so it would be really great if i could add the custom name etc into the choice box, when someone chooses their created hero’s response.

Right now, i’m very limited in the choice box. And can only refer to them by their class, or go for 'our hero frowned/smiled etc…) and I can’t even add in the pronounces. XD So it may come out weird even. Probably does.


Should work just fine?


Was the ! command causing an issue or…? O.o

Maybe I just typed it in wrong…several times…I’ll try again rn, if you think it should work.

Additional info: I update regularly on Dashington…will it work on there too?

It works now when i preview it…the heck??

anything that works on your personal choice-script copy works there too ( unless you have a modified version of choice-script )

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*input_text name

Then the player would type in the name for the character. Or,

*set name “Tanja”

… and then $!{name} would come up as Tanja.

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I know this. :slight_smile: Just when I tried to use the $!{name} command in my choice box, it didn’t work before for some odd reason…so i had to delete the commands several times.

…maybe I accidentally used it before the *nameasking label…? Could be.

Either way, thank you for your responses.

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Oh one more thing!

It may have been an issue, because I was using the commands too much in the choice box?

Making it look a bit like this:

!{name} shook {their} head, before responding to {their} {spouse),“ETC.”

Just an example that pooped up lol. I used 3 in one choice at times. Sometimes 4 I think…but if what you say is true, and it should work if it works in text then…I’ll go with it! :smiley:

Lol, added in the $ btw, but not appearing. xD

You’ll need to put the Preformatted text tag. You know, the </> button.

Anyway, I’d assume your code is
#$!{name} shook ${their} head, before responding to ${their} ${spouse),“ETC.”
am I right?

It looks fine. Nothing wrong with it.
And there’s nothing such as “too much code” as long as the code flows correctly.

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I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks! ^^

I assume this is a typo here as you both didn’t realize it should’ve been




And if you use it before the name is set, it will show up as whatever the variable is, wouldn’t give errors.


I can see that you have the eyes of a true coder :eyeglasses:


Thanks to my fellow helpful coders here :grin:

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Yeah. xD I usually just use the same code, copy pasting it while changing the inner text (the lazy/easy way i call it) …

But yeah, good eyes @needs-to-be-loved! ^^

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