Is there an 'Intro to tabletop rpg' choice game out there?

The world of tabletop rpg’s is well documented and parodied. There are as many tropes about the players as there is about the games they play. But is there a game that serves to introduce the “new instant gratification tablet video game playing noob crowd” to the slow down of the tabletop game. The game where people auctually meet together and play a game.

I envision one set in the early 1980’s with teen players. Your character is a little too young for the game and is drawn along due to babysitting. The tropes about players and the game itself are aplenty and the fourth wall is broken a lot for comedic effect. There would be a little inner game of a standard dungeon crawl and there would be of course choices for the player character. Scripting would include that this new player ends up as the party leader and gets to choose for much of the group due to one thing or another. Consequences of this would play a level up between the players as well so you technicaly have two intertwined games going on at the same time.

Perhaps give the player character of this game a set of rpg like stats that affect how he interacts with other players. Stats such as body language (the unspoken cues and acting), speech craft (speech impediments, speed, accents, language etc) , appearance (physical, style and cleanliness), perception (both mental and pyshical) and logic (remembered knowledge and critical thinking). This in turn affect their ‘in game’ characters. How I have no idea. But its just an idea and ideas are a dime a dozen.

If such a game already exists, point it out. I posted a similar question to the “Interactive Fiction Forum” and they came up with blanks. This might be something to go for because a dice rolling Choice game is a step away from a solo rpg so it seems as if they are literaly made for each other.

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So, basically “Tabletop RPG Simulator”. I like this idea, it is pretty original, but the problem would be finding someone from the 80s who wants to write it.

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a “Tabletop RPG Simulator” ? When it comes down to it, not really. It’s really about the social aspect of the game how its about storytelling and interacting with other people. Throw in 1980’s references and the ‘inner’ game is where your asked ‘as a random element’ from the DM’s pov to help steer the game in directions the players cant predict.

It’s all about fun, story, and immersion into a setting that’s so different from todays modern games. Today you turn on the game and blamo ‘your a hero from the 13th century spain, lets fight!’ etc etc. Nope. Lets take that back a notch. Your drug along to a D&D game by your older brother. Sorta like that scene right out of the movie E.T.

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