Is there a way to send characters to do a task and then make them unusable?

If your characters have unknown abilities and you send them off to a task like a job based on their ability, how would you do that? And, can you make the characters unavailable to do other jobs once you’ve selected one for them?


Eh… inhales.

Like this maybe.


((Excuse the…amateurism.)) Is that even a word? :thinking: Anyways.

I reworked it for your “ability” thingy.


Choose a character to send on a task.

*create character1 0
*create character2 0
*create character3 0
*create unknownability1 0

*label hmm
    #Character 1
        Okay boss.
        *set character1 1
        *goto meh
    #Character 2
        *set character2 1
        *goto meh
    #Character 3 - Unknown ability.
        *if ((unknownability1 = 0))
            Sorry boss, you need special ability for this job.
            *goto hmm
        *if ((unknownability1 = 1))
            The character goes on a job, with UNLIMITED…POWER!
            *set character3 1
            *goto meh
    #(Give Character 3 Special ability for the job! :O)
        *set unknownability1 1
        *goto hmm
*label meh

You can send one more character on a job. Which one?

    *selectable_if ((character1 = 0)) #Character 1
        *goto okay
    *selectable_if ((character2 = 0)) #Character 2
        *goto okay
    *selectable_if ((character3 = 0)) #Character 3
        *goto okay
*label okay

Yay. I sent em on a job!

Here, happy toying with it.


The way I do is rather silly. I have a variable called “characterNameIsHere”, and I check if it is true.

If it is true, the character is here. If it isn’t, then he’s away doing something.

Like, if the character is named “Peter”, I check if peterIsHere. If he goes away, I set it as false. When he comes back, I set it as true again.


Thank you for responding. That looks complicated but I will attempt it tomorrow. Also, what I mean by characters unknown abilities is the stats which will be based off your main character’s stats. For example: Lets say your created character stats are Strength, Durability, Swiftness, Charisma, and Intelligence. Your other characters specializes in one or more of those abilities and do bad in others. Those characters stats are hidden from the reader who will learn about them through interacting with them. But if there’s an easier way to assign any character to a task and only a certain one will be able to complete it, then I won’t have to worry about coding in the abilities/stats.

I realized that I didn’t explain my problem as I intended. I use scenarios similar to what I’m writing so I don’t spoil the story. So I’ll try again.

Is it possible to eliminate npcs from a tournament based off hidden stats they have but the reader don’t know about?

So say you have 6 characters including yourself and 6 tournaments. 6 of the tournaments are only winnable by your mc, (if your stat is high enough) and two other npcs. And whoever you choose can’t be used more than once.